Zdenek Bohuslav – Engrams in the charts

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The birth chart shows a large collection of dispositions that we have in an incarnation and we astrologers are reading them. Astrologers can understand a chart as the picture of the result and chosen cut of our karma for this incarnation as well. Some of the dispositions we have under our control – some of them we are developing to the better state, some we are suppressing, some we are leaving away. Yet some dispositions look as standalone active elements of our personalities, which have power to manage us in spite of our wish or effort.

In process of controlled time regression therapy, we are able to re-experience special moments from our memory. This has healing power, especially by re-experiencing those moments and records of actions and stories called engrams. Engrams are stored in our memory during times with suppression of consciousness by strong pain or delight.

Using chart examples, we will see how engrams are mirrored in structure of figure and how geniture have changed after regression on them. As important point, we will discuss how reading of chart could help in regression therapy.



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