Western Sidereal Astrology for Beginners

by John Savarese
selfpublished, primaries8@gmail.com, 2015. 
Paper – 78 pp.
Price: $12.95 US.
This is an introduction to Western Sidereal astrology. It is clear and easy to understand. It explains precession, right ascension, declination, in mundo aspects, and how to read a speculum among other things. He also shows you how to calculate primary directions using a Casio fx-260 Solar Calculator. I am a Luddite so I must admit that I didn’t try the latter at home. However, the instructions appeared to be quite easy to follow. 
There are charts. These appear to be from the author’s files. No names. There is a very short bibliography and a very short resource list. However, there are new interpretations of signs, houses, aspects, or anything else. One book is listed in the bibliography that gives that kind of information.
If you want to learn calculation and understand the rationale behind Western Sidereal as opposed to Western Tropical, or if you are a teacher of Western Sidereal, this book is a good resource. If you want the nuts and bolts of what the signs and aspects mean, well, you will need more than this little book. Still, it’s a good starting point and worth looking at if Sidereal interests you.



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