Understanding Karmic Complexes


Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy

Patricia L. Walsh

ISBN 9781902405438

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Patricia Walsh’s first book is a thoroughly researched, deeply insightful exploration of the potential effect of unresolved past life issues, on our current lifetime, from an evolutionary and regression therapy perspective. The author’s interest in past lives began in 1995. Whilst working with hands-on energy healing techniques, Patricia became increasingly aware of images from other times and places, that appeared in her mind during the healing. She began to notice recurring themes, which were mirrored in the client’s current life and started to explore them through the individual’s natal chart. Patricia continued her astrological research over seven years and following training with Jeffrey Wolf Green she completed training and an apprenticeship with Roger Woolger Ph.D, in Deep Memory Process. Patricia is now the chief US trainer for the Woolger school of Deep Memory Process.

Patricia accurately describes her book as “a journey through the archetypes, from the depths to the heights of each” with the purpose of understanding unresolved past life, mental, physical and emotional patterns, that potentially inhibit or block our soul journey in this lifetime. The purpose is to heal them and find new creative ways of living them out. In Patricia’s words: “through the transformation of the negative, we reach new frontiers, of the individual expression of free will”.

The Introduction to the book gives an excellent, clearly outlined overview, of Patricia’s astrological premises, based on the Jeffrey Wolf Green school of evolutionary astrology which she very effectively integrated into four main stages, in her approach to past life regression therapy. The first stage involves inducing the past life memory that is relevant. The second involves reliving the past life, which Patricia believes is necessary in order to “unfreeze” segments of that life that may be “stuck or split off from the whole psyche”. The third stage involves exploring death and the afterlife and the fourth enables an overview, integration and review to take place.

The remainder of the book, offers an in-depth detailed exploration of the archetypes of the Planets, signs and houses from Mars/Aries and the First House to Neptune/Pisces and the Twelfth house. The final two chapters give a very helpful overview entitled: the left brain approach to reading past lives in the chart and the right brain approach to reading past lives in the chart, with helpful practical suggestions for both.

Each chapter contains a vast, rich and expansive wealth of information, including keywords, descriptions of the archetypes in their natural state and useful practical examples of the planet/sign/house archetype as part of the karmic axis in the charts of clients, including an exploration of common themes which arise with these archetypes, which are usefully summarized in the Appendix at the back of the book.

This book is an absolute work of art, as well as of the mind, offering readers at all levels rich food for the soul, regardless of astrological training or spiritual beliefs. Patricia’s description of the planets/signs and houses at the archetypal level is one of the most comprehensive I have ever read and will illuminate our paths for many years to come. 


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