Tracking the Soul


With an Astrology of Consciousness

The Astropoetic Series, Volume One

Joe Landwehr

ISBN-13: 978-0-9747626-16


Ancient Tower Press

230 West First Street #119

Mountain View,

Missouri 65548

Price: $24.95


Joe Landwehr has a rich background in Astrology, Kundalini and Siddha yoga as well as Marriage, Family and child Counseling. He has had numerous articles published and this book is a sequel to his first book entitled ‘The Seven Gates of Soul: Reclaiming the Poetry of Everyday Life’. 

In his preface, Joe informs the reader about the meaning of ‘astropoetics’ as “a modified form of astrology which can potentially serve as the basis” of a language of soul which is less based on the rational mind and more on “a subjective fusion of sensory input, feelings and imagery unique to the individual”. The author’s overall purpose, is to “outline a system for approaching the birthchart, as a multidimensional template for tracking consciousness through life experience”.

In blending astrology with his spiritual learning and experience, Joe combines an understanding of the Chakras with the Hindu Koshas, described as the “levels of penetration of spirit into matter”.  Chapter 1 – 8 focuses in some detail on the individual Chakras and Koshas, particularly on their spiritual, physical and emotional function. From Chapter 9, Joe begins to integrate an astrological understanding of the Chakras and Koshas, including many helpful case studies.

Without a doubt this is a very creative piece of work, which has been prepared with immense dedication and passion for the subject of our evolving consciousness as souls. This is an intense book, which would benefit from being read as a sequel to the first book. It is likely to appeal to more experienced astrologers and also to non-astrologers, who are interested in spiritual approaches to Yoga and healing. 


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