Titi Vidal – The relationship between major conjunctions, the Spanish flu and COVID-19

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Jupiter and Pluto, who meet approximately every 13 years, were together in the sign of Cancer in 1918. At that time, a type of influenza virus, which only existed in birds, suffered some mutations and started being transmitted to humans. It was a catastrophe. This so-called “Spanish flu” killed more than 100 million people. A flu so lethal and, because of the First World War, went to Europe and thereon spread to the whole world. In addition, Saturn and Pluto had met in the sign of Cancer shortly before, in 1915 and many tensions had been happening in the world since then, such as the beginning of the First World War.

In 1918, when the Spanish flu took over the world, Saturn, who was already in the sign of Leo, was opposed to Uranus, was in Aquarius. The structures of the world needed to change and this would happen in a very significant way, albeit, unfortunately, at the expense of mass destruction and death. The world was being rethought at that time and much was yet to change.

The Spanish flu lasted two years, although 1/3 of the deaths occurred in a short period of time, between September and December 1918. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the entire young population died during the pandemic.

Some of the same aspects of the time are repeated in this very intense year of 2020. In January, Saturn and Pluto met again, this time in the sign of Capricorn, a sign opposite to that of the Spanish flu season. Jupiter met them both, for three exact conjunctions with Pluto throughout the year. Mars joined the trio and between March and April. Now, in the second semester, in relation to the development of these great cycles, there are squares that intensify and reinforce certain events and effects.

A new type of coronavirus has now spread across the planet and in just a few months has already caused millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. While predictions related to a major conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn pointed to a possible Third World War, the world went to war against an invisible and very powerful enemy that, at least until now, has no prediction of extinction.

When Saturn and Pluto are together they usually bring a series of remarkable events and, among them, we have diseases and pests. Pluto, which usually rules everything that is very small and powerful, including fatal and devastating effects, still had aspects with Jupiter to the detriment of the sign of Capricorn, spreading its effects throughout the planet. We are facing intensely complicated aspects that are happening simultaneously.

Most of the victims in 1918 were young adults, while in 2020, the older population has suffered the effects of COVID-19 the most. That is curious, thinking about Saturn in Leo before and Capricorn at this moment.

Aspects between Saturn and Uranus, which call for new world configurations, including in terms of production, consumption and the capitalist system in itself, in both periods in fixed signs, really forcing a change of posture in the face of the events experienced. In 1918 Saturn in Leo was opposed to Uranus in Aquarius, now Saturn arrives in Aquarius, while Uranus calls for urgent changes in Taurus, so that the economic model and collective values ​​undergo essential changes.

Another important point about the 1918 and 2020 aspects is that they are important aspects for scientific and technological development and that includes medicine. Journalist and historian John M. Barry, in his book The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History, says that the history of the Spanish flu is not just “chaos, death and desolation of society in a war against nature superimposed on a war against another human society”, but also “a history of science, of discovery, of how one thinks and how to change the way one thinks, how, in the midst of almost absolute chaos, some men sought the coldness of contemplation, the absolute calm that precedes not philosophy but, rather, severe and determined action”. According to Barry, the Spanish flu was “the first major clash between nature and modern science”. I think that, in some way, we are experiencing something similar at this moment. For the researcher, between 1918 and 1920, during the strong presence of Spanish flu in the world, medicine advanced more than it had for centuries.

Currently we see important advances in medicine, such as the emergence of new hopes for the treatment of the HIV virus. For the first time, Brazilian researchers managed to isolate the virus in the body of a carrier. It is worth remembering that HIV also appeared during a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, in 1981, in the sign of Libra, which would have a great impact on relationships. Uranus was in the sign of Scorpio, intensifying the changes also in terms of intimacy in relationships, since the HIV virus is transmitted, among other ways, through sexual intercourse. The following cycles, when Jupiter and Pluto returned to make aspects, as well as some transits of Uranus by the fixed signs, brought important advances in this matter, as it has been happening during the current moment.

Scientific advances such as these studies on HIV treatments, somehow, fill us with hope in the race for one or many effective vaccines against the new coronavirus that, depending on the promising astrological aspects, should appear in record time. And, in this sense, we are following the progress of research and tests, in the hope that this actually happens as soon as possible.                   

It is important to note that while the sky of 2020 points to great tensions, this is precisely what leads us to rethink everything. With aspects that develop from the sign of Capricorn, while Uranus also transits through Taurus, we have an emphasis on the earth element, pointing to structural changes. This includes how we care for the environment, how we produce and consume anything.      

It is worth noting that throughout 2020 we have even had eruptions from more than 15 volcanoes, as if the Earth itself was about to explode, calling for change.

It is worth remembering that the effects of a great conjunction remain for a certain period of time and that the fact that Mars is involved in all of them, should take its effects until 2022, when part of the cycles are closed and life must continue with new challenges and opportunities.                                                                                        

Not only the 1918 Spanish flu, but also many of the previous great pandemics and pestilence had an interval of up to two years of chaos and tension. I imagine that it will be no different this time. In addition, the development of conjunctions between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto also continues to develop over time and it seems important to take advantage of the moment’s lesson to avoid future pandemics at other specific points in such cycles.                

In addition, throughout 2021 we will have the development of the great cycle between Saturn and Uranus, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This is an aspect that is usually present in times of economic crises and especially linked to the development of capitalism. It is also common in times of reconstruction after crises and wars and, it seems, can point out the costs to be paid after a major pandemic.

Changing economic models include new ways of working, relating to money and people. The emergence of new virtual banks, the increase in work from the home office, the increase in digital services goes through these aspects. And they are still consequences of all these aspects that we are experiencing.

We also have to remember that Saturn and Pluto jointly generate a general state of panic and tension, an aspect related to fears and collective outbreaks. In this context, we still have Neptune in Pisces, emphasizing fantasies and collective outbreaks, potentiating the spread of a great pandemic and, at the same time, confusing us about the excess of information and, in a way, bringing a certain wave of collective alienation, that Saturn and Pluto often also bring. These are darker periods, where the possible end of humanity comes to discussion, since they always bring an increase in deaths in the world, although for different reasons.

We can also highlight the more conservative movements and coercive politics, which have also been very evident throughout the world crisis that we are experiencing. Border issues are also being discussed, and this time the issue is the virus and the need to exterminate it.

Personal relationships are also on the agenda in quarantine times and forced or voluntary social isolation around the world. From absence to excess of presence, relational dynamics are being revised.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the pandemic, the North Node pointed to the sign of Cancer, as opposed to the great encounter between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Somehow, while new threats came to take over and frighten the world, the stars asked us to go home, literally. We were forced to be at home, to be closer to our home, which still represents our deepest structures. It is no wonder that the Moon and 4th House are both representatives of the home and of our emotional structures. We were led to discover how to be at home, to know our deepest limits and fears – yet another issue related to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We were led to experience losses, mourning, internal changes, which continue to happen. We are still in this process.

It is certainly one of the most difficult moments of our lives as a society. But we are in this together; all countries, all continents, and all human beings. Connected by challenging events, unleashed and brought up by an invisible enemy, a virus that threatens the lives of many of us, reminding us to look at what is essential, to learn about history, to look to the past and to rewrite the future.

This is still a great opportunity, whether we understand that we are together, each of us, as an individual and each of us as nuclei and cities and countries dealing with the same sky according to their own natal chart and internal structure. A real-time Astrology class, how much the sky is reflected on Earth or, at least, it narrates the events we are going through, also pointing out paths, while offering resources and possibilities for each of us.

Many are thriving during the crisis. Many others are rethinking their individual and collective lives, including understanding how much social responsibility will become something more and more important, since the giants are moving towards the sign of Aquarius. We already had an important preview of this with Saturn’s first entry into Aquarius in 2020. What each of us does has never had such an intense impact on the lives of so many. Neptune in Pisces was already warning us: we are all one.

From now on, it is time to become increasingly aware of everything that is happening and to take seriously the idea that we can rewrite our history, now, at this moment. For this, we also need to follow the lunar nodes that are now on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, to also rethink how we inform ourselves, how we consume information and knowledge and how we communicate.

We will have new times ahead, when all the planets migrate from Earth to Air. But that will be another story and, in order for us to actually fly with the air, we have to build more solid structures within Earth. And for that, we also need to learn to respect the time and limits that have been imposed on us. This is another strong question related to the encounter of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.

That’s why there’s no use running. It is necessary to understand the dynamics of each cycle and event, reconstructing life in slow steps, but firm and structured, consistent, towards a truly better future.

This is the great beauty of Astrology, which, in the end, is this study of the celestial cycles and their relationship with terrestrial events and which teaches us what is behind each one of them, trying to guide us through the infinite paths of life.

So, we need to look at this moment as temporary, like all others, it is cyclical and has consequences from previous times, while taking us to new contexts, like an eternal transition and a life in constant movement.

Furthermore, we need to understand that it is precisely in the great crises that great advances happen and that are why we must continue doing our part to understand how to take advantage of this moment as a chance to rethink life and create a healthier world in every way.

And how life has brought us opportunities for this rethinking and starting over, including the intense presence of retrograde movements and repetition of cycles throughout the year. Among them is the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, which will make exact aspects at three different times throughout the year.

The Spanish flu killed a considerable amount of the population amid the chaos of the war; so many things happening at the same time. But it was also one of the historic moments of greatest scientific and technological advancement, of themes related to science and medicine, in addition to other developments that came as a result of the chaos. In the same way, this moment must follow the same line and that is what we need to learn to look at.

May we know how to live through this phase in the best possible way and that it may serve as a learning experience for us to live better from now on, with the help of our Astrology.



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