The Wisdom of Astronumerology


Volume 1

by Samantha I. Samuels

Malavya Books,, 2015.

Paper:341 pp.

Price: $29.95

Astronumerology is a combination of astrology and numerology. The author suggests that it can be used in personality analysis and to better define life purpose. She uses a number of case studies — Bruce Lee, Amma, Caitlyn Jenner, and others to show you how this works. Not all case studies come with charts; the ones that do are Tropical Placidus.

The book is divided into two parts: Part 1 introduces you to key concepts and theory in astronumerology, while Part 2 gives you an overview of the 108 astronumerology combinations.

Samuels begins at the beginning with what amounts to a crash course in astrology symbols and concepts, followed by a crash course in numerological concepts and basic keywords for the numbers 1-9 plus 11 and 22. She then shows you how to calculate your life path number, birthday number, soul urge number, and more. She has covered all the bases here, which suggest to me that her target markets are both astrologers who wanted to learn some numerology and numerologists who wanted to learn some astrology. She then goes on to discuss astronumerology as a tool for living life consciously along with discussing karma, fate and free will. Transits and pinnacle numbers are also covered.

Unfortunately, things bog down in Chapter 5, which is about stepping into your personal power. The author accounts a personal experience of discrimination that is definitely both sad and awful. I suspect it was also very raw, as the terrible tale goes on far too long (18 pages) and the resolution remained unclear, at least to me. Additionally, the author, a Gemini, wanders around mixing Western and Vedic astrology with the numerology. She does this with other case studies as well. Given that this system is based on Western Sun Signs as far as I can see, the Vedic is both superfluous and potentially confusing. And while it’s lovely that her court case was settled in a Venus-Jupiter dasa on a 9 day, if this system is geared to Western astrology, the Western significators needed to be given more emphasis. Moreover, all though it is clear she won her case, it remained unclear to me whether or not she had actually managed to pursue and obtain her graduate degree. Good editing could have made a world of difference to this chapter.

If you manage to wade through that chapter, however, you will definitely be rewarded. Part 2 contains the 108 Sun Sign/birthday number blends — and yes, they are geared to Western astrology. The material here includes character traits, possible career aptitudes and interests, a little romantic profile and more. Mine fit well, as did most of the dozen or so people I guinea-pigged. In the couple of cases where it didn’t fit, the chart would have been a tip-off that a bit of this needed to be fine-tuned. And this IS supposed to be a synthesis. She said that you could additionally try reading your Moon Sign and birthday number and/or your Sun Sign and life path number. In my case, these have some relevance, but less than the birthday number.

As this is Volume 1, we can suspect a Volume 2 to be forthcoming. I would certainly welcome that, though I would strongly encourage Ms. Samuels to get an editor. While Volume 1 is a decent book with something to offer, good editing would have probably moved it from the realm of “decent book” into the category of “excellent” or maybe even “superb” book. More charts and index would have been nice as well — but I suspect an editor would have told her that.

Despite my complaints, I would say this book is worth looking at. Much of it is worthwhile.


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