R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation report for March 2019


What do current planetary configurations say about the times we live in? A messy New Moon!

The dreamer new moon on the 6th of March markedly gets our attention to look at Neptunian energies that could surround our atmosphere in these days. As a collective planet, Neptune is both elusive and tricky. In mundane terms it highlights elements that rising in the global psyche, cultural trends and subtle currents both in spiritual and material matters. Pisces is the utmost universal sign which always call for collective actions and suffering. The matters relating to the poor, underdog, despairing conditions but also unbounded inspirations, spirituality in arts and all kinds of human endevaours can come to the fore in this period. As Neptune and Pisces are closely correlated with oceans, uncharted waters and generally chemicals in liquid form, we may expect natural events regarding such matters like poisining, massive contagious ailments and events pertaining to the sea and deep water creatures. 

The 6th of March is undoubtly an important date for astrological reasons, as Uranus hops into Taurus on that day. In the ingress chart, Mars/Uranus midpoint in Taurus is just seen on the IC for Washington, DC. (Chart below) Could these have some relevancy in the ongoing political chaos on the presidential side especially during the investigations into Russian meddling in American elections ? The Libra fulmoon in the second half of the month which we study below might say yes.

Pisces period would be a time for feeling unison at large in global terms as well as much yearning to mystical, spritual matters but also uncertainties and chaotic devleopments. Especially, this new moon is seen to be angular for Eastern European countries bordering Russia, such as Poland, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria and the Aegean coasts of Turkey and down to Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa. The folks in these regions and countries may experience apparent messy situations and chaotic events both in physical and moral levels, such as vulnerabilities in health, organizational failures and perhaps scandals or insufficient conditions in their immediate environment.

Meanwhile, Neptune/New Moon conjunct MC would bring certain chaotic conditions for leaders and governments for several countries in Southern America, like Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The leaders in these regions, both local and general would suffer from indecision and ignorance. On the other hand, Eastern cost of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Western parts of Australia might be targets of natural disasters stemming from the quakes in the sea, like tsunamis or floods. Indeed, this new moon is closely conjunct Mars/Saturn midpoint in Pisces. Ebertin indicates that this midpoint is related to harmful or destructive energy, inhibited or destroyed vitality. (COSI, Ebertin)

Being retrograde at the latest degree of Pisces, Mercury has also a strong say in this period. All types of communication might suffer from poor judgement and muddled information. Around this new moon, we may come across with false or misleading news and unstabile prices in commodity markets. The media, journalists and the trading activities in the countries where Mercury ruled signs Gemini or Virgo are on the horizon, like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan might suffer due to confusion or misplaced faith in others. 

Furthermore, in March, Saturn-Pluto and South node are getting closer in each day, hence misery of the masses and common suffering can be more discernible in many corners of the world.

Full moon at zero degree Libra, 21 March 2019

This year full moon in Libra closely falls around vernal equinox which also marks the first day of Spring. Indeed, equinoctial times are powerful predictive tools to understand arising conditions and seasonal trends in mundane astrology. A full moon at the time of equinox reminds us that things at handneed to be balanced, smoothed with diplomacy and care. The Moon at the zero degree of a cardinal sign also means people’s voice are to be heard and a strong message would be delivered by advocates of justice and equality. This could be reflected by a woman figure or somebody who carries strong feminine but upright manner in her/his speech and actions. Additionally, Moon in such a marked position might indicate that certain needs and care of people and crowds are on the front line in politics. In Libra, the Moon will also be related to art and aesthetics, importance of good manners and diplomacy. 

Moreover, this full moon chart has Venus and Mars in partile square, from Aquarius to Taurus. Hence, aside from the expected strife or collision between men and women, financial or monetary issues would be high in our agenda. As the Moon also has a sextile from Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Venus/Jupiter midpoint falls exactly onto Pluto, strong attraction and massive popularity or may be a power issue regarding Women’s stance in politics might come to the fore. As Moon will be angular in Las Vegas, Nevada and some parts of California, as well as western corner of India, (Ahmadabad) throughout Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, above mentioned issues and topics would be more visible in these regions.

Venus also being angular, around MC in western China, Shanghai, Taipei, Taiwan, Manilla, Philippines could produce more news about women’s issues and especially their rights and freedom. 

This full Moon also brings Jupiter in Sagittarius on Ascendant for London, UK. As Brexit has been scheduled for 29th March, it is not surprising that Jupiter occupies such a prominent position for London. As this is a full moon, we might expect some concessions, adjustments, further evaluations or diplomatic maneuvers between UK and EU countries. (Chart below)

As for Moscow, Russia, we gravely notice that infamous Saturn-Pluto-South node combination are seen on the horizon line, on the East. (Chart below) This sounds like more restrictions and political pressures in state matters and this well might be related to Russian meddling in the recent USA elections. Interestingly, newly ingressed Uranus in Taurus is just seen on the Descendant point for Washington, DC. Lastly Saturn-Pluto-SN cluster also be effective especially in Chicago, mid-east regions of America and New Orleans. These regions might be more vulnerable in real estate matters, issues related with construction, buildings or some other forms of land problems. 


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