The Houses


Temples of the Sky

Deborah Houlding

(Revised and expanded edition)

ISBN 190240520X

The Wessex Astrologer Ltd

PO Box 2751




Price: £14.50


In the words of Rob Hand, this revised and expanded edition by traditional astrologer Deborah Houlding seeks to offer a “discussion of the issues of house interpretation along with a good summary of the evolution of their significance through time”.

Starting with a the proposal that “none of the current theories on signs and psychological wheels can be regarded as historically correct —or as offering a full and reliable insight into the fundamentals of house meanings” Deborah takes us back through the traditional history of astrology which she weaves through the house interpretations. Each chapter summarizes the core meanings of individual Houses in a clear box outlining the significant meanings through history including those of Manilius, others (classical), Firmicus, Al-Biruni, Lilly and the Modern interpretation.

Having gone through all the houses in detail, Deborah brings our focus to “House rulerships in practice”  in areas including Horary, Medical and Mundane as well as colors, lawsuits and commerce. Part II of the book focuses on the inherent difficulties of house divisions including the difficulties of ecliptic-based space division . This section offers a helpful and thorough insight into the history of the various house systems as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Deborah completes this excellent book with a chapter on Ptolemy’s Powerful Places, concluding that our problem with houses exists “ because there are so many valid frames of reference and it is impossible to fully recognize the symbolic potential of them all, within one technique”. Hence Deborah, who is the owner of the School of Traditional Astrology, returns to the importance of remembering that our work as astrologers “extends from, astronomical principles, rather than resting on them entirely”.

This book is very interesting for experienced and new astrologers alike and does not require a knowledge of traditional astrology. In fact, it offers all astrologers the basics of traditional astrology in a simple and concise manner as well as a depthful journey through the numerous meanings of each of the houses. It is very likely to remain a classic reference book on our bookshelves together with “The Twelve Houses” by Howard Sasportas.


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