The Book of the Moon


Discovering Astrology’s Lost Dimension

Steven Forrest

ISBN 978-0-9790677-4-7

Seven Paws Press

P.O. Box 82

Borrego Springs, CA 92004-0082

Price: $24.95


From the first page of his new book, Steven Forrest invites us on a spiritual, mental, emotional and psychological journey into familiar yet previously “uncharted territory”. The world renowned author and teacher of Evolutionary Astrology, introduces the concept of 8 lunar phases ‘rooted in pre-Christianity, pre-Aristotelian Europe’. Stephen’s conclusions are presented in his usual clear and easy to read style, incorporating an exploration in Chapter 5, of previous systems of lunar phases. These include the 28 phase divisions used by W B Yeats, the  24 phases of Busteed, Tiffany and Wergin, the 28 phases described by Goldsmith and the 8 lunar phases envisioned by Rudhyar. Merging the latter’s work with Celtic and Nordic mythology, as well as his own extensive research, Stephen introduces us to his concept of 8 lunar phases.

In setting the context in Part One, Steven gently expands the boundaries of the more familiar astrological descriptions of the Moon, acknowledging as always, in his usual generous style, the work of other astrologers and authors. The author ends this section with a practical and very helpful table, describing the Moon by sign and house, including its: Evolutionary Goal, Mood, Reigning Need, Secret of Happiness as well as Healing and Shadow. Steven then proceeds to explore the astrology and astronomy of the moon in a very clear and reader friendly manner. Explaining in simple terms the Parallax moon, as well as the fast/ slow moon and the out of bounds moon, Stephen skillfully illuminates the value of these often forgotten tools.

In Part two, Steven introduces his theory of eight lunar phases, explaining how he came to this conclusion and outlining in detail each phase, with the final part of the book presenting the ‘bigger picture’. This includes integrating the Moon’s phase, progressed lunation cycle, planetary phase angles and the nodal phase. Stephen offers us a very comprehensive list of famous people born at each phase, using Bruce Springsteen as a case study, to integrate our learning.

One of the many great gifts of this book is the simple and practical explanation of useful skills and techniques related to the Moon, which can be applied immediately to our astrological work, such as the charting of the Out of Bounds Moon.T he immense value of working with the latter  was first brought home to me by declination expert Leigh Westin at a conference in Boston and I found Stephen’s interpretation of individuals who are born with the Out of Bounds Moon, very useful. Stephen’s interest and exploration of Celtic and Nordic mythology also offers readers an interesting variation from Greek and Roman mythology and of course appealed greatly to my Irish self!

This is an excellent book for astrologers at all levels, as its easy, yet depthful style, engages the reader in what feels like a creative conversation with Stephen and beyond, on a mind, heart and soul level. 


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