The Astrology Sourcebook


Your Guide to Understanding the Symbolic Language of the Stars

Shirley Soffer
(Revised and updated 2010 edition)

ISBN: 978-0-615-32336-7

Self published by the author and available via or through contacting the author at
$20 (+ $3 postage through the author)


It is my great pleasure to review the revised and updated edition of Shirley Soffer’s Astrology Sourcebook, which was first published in 1998. Based in New York, where she has a busy astrological practice, Shirley has been an active member of the NY NCGR branch, richly contributing to their courses and participating on their board of examiners.

This truly is one of the most outstanding books I have come across for anyone embarking on astrological studies. It is also a wonderful refresher book for astrologers at all levels.

The author’s passion for astrology as a tool for self awareness and soul growth is evident throughout.  Weaving her depth knowledge of Jungian psychology throughout the text, Shirley guides us clearly and easily through the core building blocks of astrological knowledge. Starting with the ‘ancient beginnings’ including the rich impact of ancient civilizations on modern astrology, Shirley takes us through an overview of the basic components of the horoscope. We are then introduced to the signs, the elements and the planets which are all richly illustrated by their mythologies. The overview of different branches of astrology, offers readers fertile ground for their own explorations.

There are numerous things that make this book stand out from other introductory texts. One is the author’s skillful ability to present depthful and soulful content in an easily readable style. Information seems to flow at all times in a manner that is easily digestible and appealing on a mind and heart level. This truly is the imparting of astrology at its most expansive, offering information as a creative suggestion, thereby encouraging the reader to explore their own chart and psyche. Fulfilling the purpose of teaching at its best, this is an ideal book to recommend to clients who are seeking greater insight into their own chart as well as to astrology students. 


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