The Astrological Moon


by Darby Costello

Raven Dreams Press, 2017. 

Paper – 240 pp.  

Price not marked.

This is a reissue of a book first published in 1996. You may have missed it then — especially if you lived in North America- — because CPA books (the original publisher) were both hard to find and expensive here. If you did miss it, you’ll no doubt welcome this reissue. And rest assured that the material is just as relevant now as it was then.

Part One of this book describes the natal Moon. Costello says “The natal Moon describes the physical gateway through which each of us must enter if we’re to have a life on this planet. To spend any time here, as far as we know, you have to enter through a woman’s body. And that woman’s body will contain traces of every event that has happened since the very beginning…” Why? Because the woman will have a mother who will have a mother who will have a mother. We can take this right back to the beginning of time. So we’re all made of stardust and moondust as well.

Costello discusses the natal Moon in the signs, in the houses, and in aspects to other planets. And yes, I DO mean discusses. This book is based on transcripts from an actual seminar. The material is reasonably well edited and definitely coherent, but some placements get more emphasis than others. Still, I don’t think anyone is really left out. It may just be the nature of the writing to make us want more. Or, she says bemusedly, maybe it is this reviewer’s natal Moon in the Third wanting more in some spots.

But it’s really when she gets too the progressed Moon that Costello totally comes into her own. Again, there are descriptions of progressed Moon in the signs and houses. But better still, there’s a very thorough chapter on the progressed Moon as it interacts and interweaves with the transiting Saturn cycle. This is both funny (thanks to the audience and a discourse about onions) and insightful. It also contains some descriptions from Steven Forrest, again courtesy of an audience member. Good stuff and an enjoyable read!

Part Two of the book discusses the Moon and its cycles, notably the Sun-Moon relationship and lunar phases, but also the progressed-to-natal Moon aspects.

There are a few charts — Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, the chart of South Africa, among others, all in tropical Koch. There is also a very brief bibliography. No index.

All in all, a worthwhile and enjoyable read!


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