Tapan Das – Cosmic Energy Controlled by Planets and Zodiacs Affecting Human Life



Cosmic energies from the outer space are the nuclei of theatoms (protons) from supernova explosions in the galaxies.Scientific researches have shown that our own galaxy, the MilkyWay, has supernova explosions once every 50 years. Records show that there have been supernova explosions in the constellation of Sagittarius, Scorpio, Gemini and Taurus. The rays of cosmic energies are modified by the electromagnetic field of the solar system before they reach the Earth. These cosmic rays collide with the atoms of the upper atmosphere of the Earth releasing showers of gamma rays, X-rays and subatomic particles. Science has already proven that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but is composed of energy fields called biofield or human energy field (HEF). This energy field is composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. The biofield is positively or negatively affected by the cosmic energies causing a change in the health or activity of a person.

This paper attempts to explain the impact of zodiacs and planets on human life based on scientific data. This justifies the fundamentals of Astrology.


The size of the universe is estimated to be 78 billion light years expanding at the rate of 180 miles per second for every 10 million light years. There are approximately 100 billion galaxies including our own galaxy, the Milky Way, in the universe. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has a diameter of 100,000 light years and has about 100,000 million stars including our own star, the Sun. In the Milky Way, there are an estimate of 88 known constellations or patterns of stars. The constellations which lie close to the ecliptic of the Earth make up the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. A supernova is a star which has run out of nuclear fuel of light elements (especially hydrogen) needed to keep it burning. When the star can no longer produce nuclear heat, it suddenly collapses to a small volume releasing an enormous amount of gravitational energy bringing about a grand explosion discharging vast amount of cosmic rays. These cosmic rays are protons of elements in the periodic table. The dominant elements are hydrogen and helium along with other light elements (lithium, beryllium and boron) with a few like carbon and oxygen. However, these cosmic rays reaching the Earth are deflected by the electromagnetic field present throughout the galaxy including the field of the Sun, planets and their satellites in the solar system. When these cosmic rays reach the Earth, they collide with the atoms of the upper atmosphere of the Earth releasing showers of gamma rays, X-rays and subatomic particles.

The shower of modified cosmic rays affects the biofield of a person. Modern scientific research has confirmed that the human body is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but is composed of energy fields. This paper examines how cosmic rays generated from the supernovae in the zodiacs and other constellations in the Milky Way and galaxies outside the Milky Way are deflected and affected by the solar system and how these cosmic energies impact the biofield of a person, thus, confirming the basic concept of Astrology with current scientific data.


Supernova occur approximately once every 50 years in our galaxy Milky Way. Supernovae recorded so far in the zodiacs are shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1

Year                                 Constellation

386                                    Sagittarius

393                                    Scorpio

437                                    Gemini

827                                    Scorpio

1996                                  Leo


There could be many other unrecorded supernovae in the zodiacs.

Solar system controlling cosmic energies reaching the Earth The Sun is radiating energy bursts continuously at the rate of 300,000 million watts through every acre of solar surface, not only in the form of heat and light, but also as radio waves, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays. A solar flare is a sudden local explosion occurring in a particular region of the Sun’s atmosphere releasing intense burst of energy in the form of Xrays, ultraviolet, radio waves and energy particles. A constant stream of electrons from the Sun is responsible for the ‘Aurorae’ on the Earth. The solar wind caused by solar flare contains million tons of electrically charged subatomic particles leaving the Sun every second, disturbing the magnetic field of the Earth and other planets forming a magnetosphere for each planet.

All planets in the solar system, except Venus and Mars, have an intrinsic magnetic field. The Earth’s Moon has no intrinsic magnetic field. However, there is gravitomagnetism or frame dragging (1) for each planet and the Moon, caused by their spin, which is similar in form to the magnetic field produced by a spinning ball of charge.

The space surrounding the Sun, its corona and beyond, is a plasma (2). Each planet has a plasma sheath – the size of which is determined by the difference between the electrical potential of the planet and that of the nearby solar plasma. The shape of this plasma sheath is usually a “tear-drop”, the pointed end facing away from the Sun. The plasma sheath of Venus is extremely long, almost touching the Earth when the two planets are at their closest approach. There are also strong “Dust Devils” (3) in Mars which is a dust storm of highly charged particles.

Each planet and their satellites act as shields for the solar wind flow. The effect of the shield of the Moon is particularly strong on the Earth; the Moon being so close to the Earth. The other planets close to the Earth like Mercury, Venus and Mars will also have considerable shield  mpact.

From the above description, we can conclude that the cosmic energies reaching the Earth are controlled by: (a) the radiations and solar wind of the Sun, (b) the gravitomagnetism of the planets and Moon, (c) the charged ionosphere of the planets, (d) the Dust Devils, and (e) the shielding effect of the Moon and other planets close to Earth. As the exploration of the solar system and space continues, we will keep on learning more about the cosmic energies and the factors controlling them reaching the Earth.


Biofield or Human energy field (HEF)

Modern science tells us that human body is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but is composed of energy fields.

The biofield or human energy field (HEF) is the frontier of modern science, and the development of new diagnostic and treatment systems. A well known approach for visualizing the biofield was discovered by Semyon and Velentina Kirlian in 1939. Since then, this technique (4) has been researched and refined by independent labs throughout the globe. Kirlian photography involves a high frequency, high voltage, ultra low current and the object being photographed. In traveling through and reacting with the living organisms, this influx of electrical energy amplifies and makes visible the biological and energetic exchange of the organism. The subject and the plate, or the film, interact to produce a corona of multifrequency energy waves which are captured by the camera.

Dr. Victor Inyushin (5) at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research in the area of biofield and has suggested the existence of a bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons, and free electrons. The bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There is a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable. A shift in this balance causes a change in the person or organism. At the same time, some of this energy is radiated into space. Dr. George De La Warr (4) and Dr. Ruth Brown built instruments to detect radiation from living tissues, and developed Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis and healing from a distance, using the human energy field. They took photographs using the patient’s hair as antenna. These photographs showed internal diseases, like tumors, cysts inside the liver, and cancers within the brain.

The biofield energy has been known in the past and has been called by different names in different cultures, such as qi in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ki in Japanese Kampo system, doshas in Ayurvedic medicine, prana in Hinduism.

Medical practices for the biofield

The concept that sickness and diseases arise from imbalances in the biofield energy has led to many forms of therapy, like acupuncture, qigong, ayurvedic, homeopathy and therapeutic touch.

Acupuncture is the most prominent therapy to promote qi flow in channels or meridians of the body. When the flow of qi is disturbed or blocked, the body becomes sick. Acupuncture has been extensively studied and has been shown to be effective in treating certain conditions, particularly certain types of pain (6). By inserting needles into certain acupuncture points, the flow of qi is restored in the meridians.

Qigong involves the coordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body. Qigong relies on the traditional Chinese belief that the body has an energy field generated and maintained by the natural respiration of the body. Today millions of people in China and around the world regularly practice qigong as a health maintenance exercise. Sancier (7) has collected more than 2000 records in his qigong data base which indicates that qigong has extensive health benefits on conditions ranging from blood pressure to asthma.

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practice in India. Ayurvedic medicine is a complete healthcare system and involves detoxification, diet, meditation, yoga, use of herbs and techniques to improve mental and emotional health. Each of us has a unique constitution, determined by the balance of three vital energies in the body, known as the three doshas. You keep healthy when all the three doshas are in balance.

Homeopathy is a western approach with implications for energy medicine. Medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann towards the end of the 18th century, based on the understanding that healing comes from within, from the body’s innate selfhealing forces. Remedies consist of very diluted substances from plants, minerals and animals. It is based on a theory that “like cures like.” Remedies specifically match different symptom pattern profiles of illness to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Therapeutic touch, Reiki and Johri involve movement of the practioner’s hands over the patient’s body to reorient and strengthen the patient’s energy. Some studies have shown that the therapies boost the body’s immune system, enhance the body’s ability to heal itself, and are beneficial for stress related conditions, allergies, heart conditions, blood pressure and chronic pain (8,9).

Zodiacs and solar system affecting the biofield

From Section 1.0 and 2.0, we have seen that the cosmic energies are generated by the supernovae in the zodiacs and other constellations in our galaxy, the Milky Way and other galaxies in the universe. Section 3.0 has explained how these cosmic energies reaching the Earth are controlled by the Solar system i.e. Sun, the planets and the Moon. Section 4.0 has described the biofield as an energy field of human body. Section 5.0 has shown that how medical practices based on the biofield are having increasing popularity and success around the world. Since, the biofield energy is derived from ions, free protons and free electrons, the biofield of a person will be affected by the cosmic energies reaching the Earth. This effect could be positive or negative. Since the cosmic energies are generated by the zodiacs and galaxies, and controlled by the solar system, we can deduce that the biofield is controlled by the zodiacs, galaxies and the solar system. Positive effect on the biofield of a person will cause good health, increased vital energy resulting in good performance. Negative effect on the biofield of a person will cause poor health, diminished vital energy resulting in poor performance.

Parallelism with Astrology

Astrology is based on the idea that cosmic events happening beyond the Earth reflect the events happening in the Earth. By studying the patterns and cycles of the planets and zodiacs, astrologers have gathered the knowledge over thousands of years as to what kinds of Earthly events are associated with what kinds of cosmic patterns and cycles. The planets and their relationship between themselves and with the zodiac change constantly, but can be predicted very accurately by mathematical calculations. Thus, by comparing the position of the planets to the Earth and zodiacs to the data patterns collected over thousands of years, one can explain present events and predict the future.

The basic concept of astrology is that the planets and zodiac affect the health and energy of a person, which exactly coincides with our analysis that shows that the biofield of person is affected by the zodiac and planets. As the solar system and universe are explored more, we will gather more knowledge about the planets and zodiac, the Milky Way and other galaxies: about their structure, composition, atmosphere and electromagnetic field. We will then learn more about the cosmic energies and how these cosmic energies are affected by the position of the planets in their orbits with respect to the zodiac, the Earth, the Sun and with each other. Similarly, as the research work with the biofield continues, we will find out how each type of cosmic energy causes different kind of positive or negative effect on a person.


Based on the current knowledge of cosmic energies and biofield, the analysis as described in this paper concludes that zodiacs and planets affect the vital energy and health of a person. This agrees with the basic concept of astrology. As we learn more about the cosmic energies and biofield, more extensive research in this direction will become available.



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Tapan Das has 35 years of technical management experience in telecommunication, wireless, IP, WiFi and ASIC. He has worked as VP, Director and Technical Manager in SGNT Technologies, Lucent, Nortel and Plessey. He holds an M.Sc. in Electronics from the University of London, UK and a Ph.D. in Microwave Electronics from the University of Bradford, UK. He had an active interest in Astrology for a long time and has been researching Astrology and Cosmology for the last two years. He has published a paper “Quantum Mechanics and Astrology” in RAMS, Sep 2005.



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