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In June 2013, when the greater benefic, Jupiter, started his journey through the sign of this exaltation, Cancer, the American nation (as well as the rest of the world) could be reasonably satisfied. At the time, Jupiter, while transiting this sign, approached 15° Cancer, the very degree of its exaltation. The reason for this was that precisely at this degree (15° Cancer 05’) there is the midpoint between Jupiter (the essential signification for large amounts of money, but also the ruler of the 2nd house of currency, the banking system of the country) and Mercury (the ruler of the 8th house of loans and borrowing) in the United States chart!

This was accompanied by Saturn (stability) in the directions (Solar Arc) of President Obama from 15° Pisces, as well as natal Saturn (stability) of Jack Lew (a newly appointed Finance Minister in the Obama Administration at that time) from 15° Scorpio, making a Grand Water Trine over 15°. Thus, 2013 was the year of great opportunities in relation to stability of the US currency. That was not the year of the end of economic crises, but for sure it was the year in which certain positive steps could take place. However, as with every story, this story also has its beginning…

Sixth of July 1785 and 15º Cancer

The US Dollar had become the official currency of the USA on the 6th of July, 1785. Precisely on that day, transiting Sun (the nation’s reputation) was at 14° Cancer 58’ (almost at 15° Cancer), whereas directive Jupiter (the ruler of 2nd – currency, transiting for about 1° in 1 year) of the United States was at 14° Cancer 30’, which is within the allowed orb of +/- 30’, i.e. almost at 15° Cancer.

Therefore, even though at first glance, in the chart of the United States we do not see anything at 15° Cancer, we must not neglect the aforementioned midpoint (15° Cancer 05’), which was touched at the moment when the Dollar became the official currency of the country, and which is foremost in international economy today. It is not surprising that this country has managed to develop into a leading economy in the world, as it is generally known that 15° Cancer (in addition to its educational and spiritual value) is also the place where great money lives!

Great Depression

The United States, as a country, is “sensitive” to 15° Cancer when it comes to the finance system. Namely, if we go back to the date known in United States history as “Black Tuesday”, (29th October 1929) was the date when the Great Depression started with the stock market crash. In a daily horoscope (diurnal) of this country, we find the axis 2/8 (the axis that is connected with finances) across 15° Aries – 15° Libra.

As 15° Cancer creates the cardinal T-square as its main focal point, we may conclude that 15° Cancer is the place which can be easily related to the American currency. To all this, I would like to add the fact that Saturn (debts, borrowings…) in the chart of this country is at 14° Libra 48’ (almost 15° Libra), making also a square (a problem) at 15° Cancer (the US Dollar).

Whatever the case is, during that very year of 1929, Uranus (change) was transiting in Aries, like it is doing today (from 2011 to 2018), whereas Pluto (deep transformation) was transiting Cancer, and it is now in the sign opposite to it – Capricorn. More precisely, this was the time of Uranus-Pluto square, like the time in which we live today, the time of seven historical Uranus-Pluto squares from 24th June 2012 till 17th March 2015.







Fifteenth September 2008

It is interesting to see directions of the United States chart on the day when the world’s international crisis started in 2008. The date for this is taken to be 15th September 2008. (You may read more about this in Article “Forecasting Financial Crisis of 2008”, author Raymond Merriman).

In the directions (Naibod’s Arc), we find that the Moon (the American people, the nation) was at 14° Libra 20’, meaning exactly at a degree of natal Saturn, which is already squaring the aforementioned degree (15° Cancer)… This was, itself, a picture of “depression,” quite similar to that which was called the “great depression” in 1929.

Grand Water Trine across 15º

Let’s get to the year 2013. The 2013 astrological New Year started on 21st December 2012 (winter solstice), and at that moment, we had the famous “Boomerang” configuration on the sky at 8° Sagittarius that announced a possibility of resolving tension during 2013, precisely in the area of financial situations, having in mind that the tip of the “Yod” was at natal Uranus from the 8th house (the area of finances).

Existence of an opportunity to stabilize and consolidate things in the area of finance during 2013 was also confirmed by the fact that, precisely this year, President Obama’s directions showed Saturn (stabilization) at 15° Pisces making a true exact trine with 15° Cancer (American currency). Saturn, in addition to being an essential significator for stability, in the chart of Obama is in the sign of its domicile (in Capricorn), makes him additionally stronger, and is the planet which “gives color” to retrograde Jupiter (the ruler of 2 – currency, from the 10th – him as President).

Finally, the newly appointed Minister of Finance in the Obama’s Administration, Jack Lew (29th August 1955, New York, New York, time of birth-unknown) has in his natal chart, Saturn (stabilization) at 15° Scorpio, which was creating a Grand Water Trine across 15°. A Grand Trine is always a new kind of gift, a talent, and, as this was a Grand Water Trine (while it is necessary not to be inert and lazy if we are to go with the flow), the results here may be very well noted. It is necessary to use the talents we were given…

Dragon Configuration

However, I would say that in this story at 15° Scorpio (the place of Jack Lew’s Saturn) is something we should pay attention to, having in mind that the Moon was at this very degree on 17th July 2013, at the moment when a “Dragon” configuration has been formed! The Moon at 15° Scorpio has contacted as many as four planets in Cancer what practically has touched the four planets from the United States’ chart, thus the appointment of Jack Lew as a new Finance Minister (at the end of January 2013) was an excellent move of Obama…

Jupiter in Cancer (26th June 2013 until 17th July 2014)

At the moment when Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer (observing it for Washington D.C.), the axis of 4-10 (the opposition – government, i.e. Republicans – Democrats) was transiting precisely across 14° Taurus 45’ – 14° Scorpio 45’, which was in a sextile – trine with 15° Cancer (American currency), what could lead to a conclusion that the stability of American currency could be what “reconciled” this opposition (Democrats and Republicans) during the stay of Jupiter in the sign of its exaltation. To all of this, I would like to add that the axis of the nodes was also supporting 15° Cancer, which was another good indication.

The very first transit at 15° Cancer of Jupiter was already made in the beginning of September 2013. During its stay in Cancer, Jupiter has passed across 15° again twice – in its retrograde transit in the beginning of January 2014 and the last time in the beginning of May 2014, directly (but still in its shadow…).

Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries

While 2013, and also a good part of 2014, gave the possibility of stabilization and consolidation, the very end of 2014 may have put the United States again against a kind of a challenge. Namely, the Lunar Eclipse (obscuration of the Moon) of 8th October 2014 might be something that will put stability of the American currency into question, having in mind that it has happened at 15° Aries, which automatically, by a square, affected 15° Cancer (American currency) but also Saturn (debts), from 14° Libra 48’ from the United States’ chart; thus, this might be repeatedly the beginning of a challenging period for the first world’s economy. So, the main focus here is again at 15° Cancer (American currency) as well as the planet which is the apex of the cardinal T-square!

Also, the midpoint of Venus and Pluto, who are natural rulers of 2/8 axis (the finance axis), is at 15° Aries 15’ in the United States’ chart, thus the eclipse at 15° Aries surely activated this point.

The Seventh Uranus-Pluto Square

I would say that the mentioned eclipse had only been an introduction before the seventh (the last) Uranus – Pluto square (17th March 2015), which happened across 15° Aries – 15° Capricorn, which again involved 15° Cancer (American currency), as well as Saturn (debts) from 14° Libra 48’.

Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra

It is interesting that this square was accompanied by the first obscuration of the Moon (the lunar eclipse) in 2015 (4th April). This time at 14° Libra 24’, precisely at the natal Saturn (debts) in the chart of the United States, i.e. across from the last obscuration from 15° Aries (8th October 2014). More precisely, the seventh square of Uranus and Pluto practically happened between the two lunar eclipses happening across 15° Aries – 15° Libra!

9º Aries

There is, however, a way out of this tensed situation. In the chart of the seventh Uranus and Pluto square, precisely, the Moon from 9° Aquarius 28’ (which is also the dispositor of 15° Cancer – American currency) will get into the application exact sextile with directive Ascendant of President Obama (then at 9° Aries 58’), thus it will be the key for resolving this tensed situation (a cardinal grand cross), being, in line with all this, in the hands of the America’s first man!

That 9° of Aries, as a significant point in the chart of this country, is also confirmed by the fact that the midpoint of Mars and Pluto is precisely at this degree (9° Aries 25’), whereas Mars and Pluto are the rulers of the Ascendant (circumstances in the country, the capital city…) of the United States, than this precisely is the image of Washington D.C. Mars and Pluto are the natural rulers of the 8th series (finances), thus this point may be observed from the angle of the series 8! On the other side, the sign of Aquarius (where the dispositor of 15° Cancer will be) will, of course, offer a possibility to change things, as this is the sign of free will, about the right of making a choice, thus President Obama really had an opportunity to make a change. There is an alternative, and this is what looks promising here.



Smiljana Gavrančić graduated at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education “Johannes Kepler” in 2010 defending her thesis in Mundane Astrology “European Union – In Varietate Concordia”. In 2011, she became ISAR CAP. During the academic 2010/11 within the post-graduate level, she studied Hermetic Astrology. Before astrology, she studied International Law. Smiljana was speaker at two KAPA conferences in Serbia. Her main specialty is Mundane astrology. In summer 2015 she founded on-line astrological magazine „Infinity“. Currently, she is working on her book where she will publish the results of her researches on Mundane Astrology. and



Merriman, Raymond. “Forecasting Financial Crisis of 2008”

Chart source: Marc H. Penfield. “Horoscopes of the USA and Canada”,_Barack

Editor’s note: Although this article was written before the final Uranus/Pluto square, possibilities continue to have effect with these planets still in their signs. The decisions and events affecting monetary welfare may not be publicized or immediately evident.



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