Signs & Seasons


by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber with Chef John Okas

Hardcover, 2017, 264 p.

Price: $32.00 US

This is an absolutely wonderful astrology cookbook with a difference. First of all, the menus are sorted into seasons, nice for those of us who want to buy local or at least seasonal. Secondly, there are entire menus for each sign. The recipes are clear and most of them are relatively simple. I am a reluctant and impatient cook and I must admit I tried several of these (and with success, I might add). You can’t help but want to try these; the pictures are absolutely glorious and make you drool even when you didn’t think you were hungry. There are over 95 recipes here, many illustrated, and all categorized.

There are also descriptions of how each sign eats, how they cook, and how they entertain. The book claims you can discover how you can eat for your Sun Sign, though I must be honest, the menu for my Moon was far more appealing. And why not, since the Moon is really the planet that rules food and nurturing. That said, the recipes are wonderful and true to their sign.

Since eating together provides a connection to others, why not try to enhance that connection with some compatible foods. For example, for this season there are a cauliflower sformato (like a savory custard) or a kale salad for Capricorn, maybe a choucroute garnie for Aquarius, or an eggplant parmigiana for Pisces. And yes, there are plenty of desserts and soups. Vegetarians are not left out. There’s something here for everyone, and the reading is a treat, too — lots of little tips and explanations, and so forth. Much — but not all — of the food has a Greco-Roman flavor, so you can please the gods as well as your guests.

Anyone who loves food would undoubtedly love to get this book as a holiday gift. And if they love astrology too, so much the better.



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