Saule Jonaityte – Astroprojections in Solar: A New Conception


Traditionally, the main purpose of solars is being able to accurately forecast personal events and life changes that are set in the birth chart.

In this day and age, a self-aware person prioritizes cultivating balanced relationships, growing self-awareness, and creating holistic synchronicity with cycles of the Universe. It’s more important than the exact dates.

A solar can become a great live workshop, a personal game with energies of the planets, one’s dialogue with cosmic rhythms, a creative instrument of self-awareness that helps people to consciously create a more positive future.

What’s different and similar between projections in psychology and astrology? By analyzing specific solar charts it will be displayed how unconscious astroprojection creates a fatal event and denies one’s free will. The alternative choice is consciously controlling solar astroprojections in interactions with the environment.  It can reorient the negative ancient solar fatalism to positive internal transformations so that the personal future would shift to a more positive direction.


  • A solar is not only a chart with forecasting information.
  • A solar could be a creative instrument of self-awareness and a great live workshop.
  • The main differences between projections in psychology and astrology.
  • Consciously controlling solar astroprojections can reorient one’s future to a more positive direction.

Examples from Saule Jonaityte’s consulting experience on how solar astroprojections work and how one can apply them.

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