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Pluto's Input

Do I mind being referred to as a dwarf planet? Actually, nobody asked me until now. It’s a good thing that I’m not sensitive about my size. Powerful things do come in small packages, and I’m nothing if not powerful. And that question about clearing my orbital path: I’m sure that if Neptune got in my way, I would have no problem running through that gas bag. After all, my density is higher than Neptune’s and my orbital velocity is nearly as great, and I would have an angular running start since my orbital inclination is 17.2 degrees to Neptune’s scant 1.8 degrees. Neptune’s made of a liquid core and the rest is comprised of gasses, whereas I have a core of frozen rock and the rest of me is solid ice in this part of my orbit (outside of Neptune’s orbit, moving farther away from the Sun). But it’s a moot point, for the odds against our bodies meeting at the orbital crossing points are astronomical. Neither of us really minds sharing orbital space.

In olden days, Neptune held sway over the sea, and my territory was the underworld – no competition there. Back when we were joining forces with Jupiter (who governed from the top of Mount Olympus) to depose our father, Saturn’s reign we had a certain brotherly camaraderie. All three of us have Scorpio Moons – we are all conceptual beings who work best with the larger picture through generational movements and families of ideas. Your adventurers from Earth have sent a  mission named “New Horizons” to visit me – it was launched by one of Atlas’ V-Rockets from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 2 PM EST on January 19, 20061 by your calendar.

My moons, Nix, Hydra and Charon are excited, as they have never seen an Earth-based spacecraft. By the way, Charon had no part in those astronomers reclassifying my planetary status. Even though Charon looks larger than me, I am 7.3 times more massive than he is. He does hold an honored status, and he works for me as the skipper of the vessel that ferries the souls down the River Styx. But, our shared center of mass is very close to me – I am clearly in charge here! Let’s put another myth to rest: Pluto, the Dog of Mickey Mouse, was first seen in a Mickey Mouse cartoon sometime in August, 1930. I however was discovered in February, and was officially given the name “Pluto” in May (suggested by Venetia Burney of England). Therefore, it’s safe to say that Disney’s dog was really named after me.


My Heroine

Venetia Burney2, the girl who named me was born in 1919, while my unconscious journey took me back and fourth across my discovery Midheaven. Venetia, a dedicated sky-watcher and mythology buff even at age 11 submitted my name, which was considered along with many others (Apollo, Artemis, Atlas, Bacchus, Cronus, Erebus, Idana, Minerva, Osiris, Perseus, Tantalus, Vulcan, Zeus, and Zymal). Pluto was  chosen  (those astronomers believe) because the first two letters were the initials of Percival Lowell, who had foretold my existence. We won’t spoil their fun – you know that my name was chosen by me. Venetia is still living, and goes by her married name, Phair. Incidentally, one of the pieces of equipment on the New Horizons space vehicle was named in her honor – a nice touch.


My Hero

In our holographic universe distance is not as important as consciousness. In astrology you recognize this. Back in 19303, when 24 year old Clyde Tombaugh4 “blinked” (closely compared) two photographic plates and discovered that one dot had moved between the previous January 23 and 29, he knew that he had found antidotes were found in: transformational processes, the importance of the rebirth cycle, and focus on generational behavior. And now, the emphasis is shifting to include my healing abilities. Perhaps one of the official criteria for the classification of a planet could be: the need for a symbolizing icon upon which to focus for answers to current problems? Perhaps Tombaugh really unknowingly blinked me into existence for just that reason.


A New Job?

It’s necessary that you honor the astronomers, because their expertise provides the accurate physical information that allows you astrologers to follow the planets’ journeys through the heavens. However, I recognize their scant ability to value symbols, whereas you astrologers are open to the zeitgeist and the deep symbolism of  human a new planet – me! Could he feel my close conjunction to his own natal Moon3 (both at 20 Gemini – just minutes apart)? And could he feel father Saturn on my IC ruling my foundation house?

The world needed a symbolic icon for identifying the emergent, turbulent issues of the then coming era, including: delving into the psyche, and investigating the concept of projecting our feelings, with their attending guilt and victim hood; (Freud); the collective unconscious (Jung); Underworld Gangland and their parasitism of humanity; darkness and the questioning of death; (Kubler-Ross); the atomic age (Hiroshima) kidnapping (Lindberg); and the ultimate in kidnapping: aliens and UFOs. As problems arise, they are accompanied by the tools for their solutions. The conceptual consciousness. Symbols and synchronicity are everywhere – to fail to see them is to miss much of the beauty and dimension of life. Take, for instance my so- called demotion, or revocation chart5(re-vocation means to give me a new job) – it’s not what it seems – not what you may have come to expect. There was a new Moon 8 days before conjoining my Neptune; and the Transiting sextile Midheaven was trine my Sun/Venus. This tells me that my new job entails activating loving energy embodying a new persona/identity. The transiting Moon forms a yod with the unusual and dynamic energies of Mars and Uranus, showing a new destiny, involving the 12th shadow house of healing, with the fallout point in the open healing sixth with transiting Uranus, which will reveal new unorthodox methods. Transiting Venus/Saturn squaring my natal value-house Moon from the 11th of hopes and wishes and groups will challenge the accepted modes of healing, and bring support to creative visualization techniques connected to that sixth house Uranus. Transiting Sun EXACTLY contra parallels my natal Sun, bringing conscious, intense interaction between individuals and groups. The rest of the longitudinal aspects support these flowing aspects. The other declination aspects offer a most intense and positive potential for success in my new profession: Pluto, the healer!

You astrologers also know that time is not only the linear, unidirectional measure that many believe it to be. Else you could not take seriously the fact that planetary positions as identified in past cycles before a birth – even before that planetary family member was identified – have meaning, and can be used to help raise consciousness. After all, you seem to find meaning in converse as well as forward positions. My new label of dwarf planet is a result of Newtonian classification. In the new quantum physics, size is not the ultimate measure. Neither is distance the defining factor in the importance of beingness.

Do keep in mind that all of the cosmic bodies agree with me, even Neptune, who holds no hard feelings towards me, we’ve been relating through a wide sextile, so he figuratively nodded his mystical head and went back into his retrograde meditative state.

It’s important for a consciousness to quicken a physical form with which to interact with others. When Tombaugh blinked, I brought to life this cosmic body, the purpose of which was to symbolically manifest a focus point for humankind to use as a tool to coordinate physical creative cycles. Astronomers looked at me and asked if I really belonged to the Solar family, or if I had been captured or kidnapped from some other family. I was dark and unreflective, quite a bit different from those inside my orbit. Did that make me malefic? You may look at me differently now, but honor this archetype nonetheless. Use my energies to explore the realm of the inner consciousness, and consciously create new directions for evolution. Expand the idea that there is more to a human than just what is visible. Do not relinquish your understanding of the Solar system and its components to a group of Ph. D. astronomers whose level of consciousness disallows any meaning to our Universe. Do not bury 75 years of observational correlations and careful consideration of your planet’s evolution of history because a minority outside your discipline votes to downgrade your tools of measure.

Let not the actions of the International Astronomical Union damage your understandings, but simply add to it. Remember that nothing in the Universe is ever wasted.


An Evolutionary Boost

I will be making a longitudinal connection to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) throughout 2007. Use my transformative force as a lens to connect to the soul-center of our galaxy, empowering us all to move forward into an exciting future. This will provide you with links to higher levels of conscious awareness, and with that an expanded insight into my power to transform your evolutionary path – the choice and power to heal that which heretofore seemed incurable, intractable, and insoluble. The conscious focus on, and awareness of the potential of my value does not turn off at a switch. Call me what you will, I still pack a punch when I’m invoked, and when my energies resonate with points of light on Earth.



  1. Launch of New Horizons spacecraft. (from NASA)

  2. Discovery of Pluto: February 18, 1930, 9 PM Flagstaff, AZ (Mark Lerner gives 4 PM, Joylyn Hill gives 4:13 PM – neither of them gives a source for the time, so I chose the time when Pluto was overhead. RM)

  3. Clyde Tombaugh: February 4, 1906, Streator, IL, noon (midpoint of the day – NASA).

  4. Pluto Revocation vote, August 24, 2006, 3:44:29 PM CEST, Prague, The Czech Republic. (Maggie Hyde, from IAU session video)

  5. Pluto Revocation vote, August 24, 2006, 3:44:29 PM CEST, Prague, The Czech Republic. (Maggie Hyde, from IAU session video)

  6. Roxana Muise is a metaphysician, mythologist, and a practicing professional astrologer for over thirty years, and an ordained counseling minister for 32 years. She earned a BS in Health Science with honors from California State University.  Roxana’s  a  former president and board member, and current advisor of ISAR, Ephemeris director for the NCGR AST SIG, founding trustee of Kepler College, and co-founder of SWAC and UAC. Author of: “The Fourth Sign” and “A-Year-At-A-Glance”, contributing author to “Astrology for Women”, and numerous articles. 

an Interview with the Recently Demoted 75 year old Curmudgeon

© 2006 Roxana Muise, C.A.P.

Postage stamp issued October 1, 1991. First Cancellation issued in Pasadena, CA (Jet Propulsion Laboratories)


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