Robert Corre – On the nature of the dispositor in Traditional Astrology


In his Book 21 , Morin states, “When judging the things signified by the Ascendant (life, physical, mental and moral constitution, etc.), it is necessary to take into account not only the Ruler of the Ascendant but also, if it is in another Sign, to consider the Ruler of that Sign, which I call the “Secondary Ruler” of the Ascendant.  This ‘Secondary Ruler’, what today we call a planet’s dispositor, most often exerts the principal influence on the effects produced or to be produced.

It is necessary to give the greatest importance to this ‘Secondary Ruler’ in judgments, a practice I have seen justified in many Natal Charts.  This applies equally to the Ruler of MC, of the Sun, etc., etc.”

The idea is that a planet starts an action, the dispositor takes over the action, and the “final dispositor” finishes or completes the action. For example, when examining the Ascendant, should the ruler of the Ascendant be in dishonor, what is the condition of the dispositor? If it too is in dishonor, it’s not so good for the person’s psychology or potential health. But if there is a final dispositor in a good state, then the initial difficulties are mitigated.

Or from the viewpoint of the dispositor of a planet, what is the impact of that planet on the state or condition of the dispositor? So, when examining the Moon, how would we phrase the relationship of Mars as dispositor of the Moon in Scorpio, “…the instincts of the Moon through Mars are used for power…”

We also will examine how the use of a dispositor allows us to “knit together” different structural elements in a chart. For example, you can create an image of a relationship by knowing three things: Where is the planet posited, where is it coming from, i.e., over what houses does it rule, and where is it going via dispositorship?

The webinar will use case studies from my practice as well as celebrities currently in the news.


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