Robert Corre – On House Combinations: Another Facet of Cause and Effect


One of the most frequent situations encountered in astrological practice is determining the way in which a planet rules one house but posited in another combines the meanings of these two houses. As was discussed in my previous Star Club talks (that may be viewed in ISAR’s archives), this is another example of cause and effect.

The combination of the ruler of one house (as a cause) posited in another (the effect) anticipates a combination of the two houses that ought to happen at least at some time. For example the ruler of the 10th House in the 1st could mean either the destiny befalls the person or the person takes destiny into their own hands. Or what is the difference of having the ruler of the Ascendant in the 8th house versus the ruler of the 8th house on the Ascendant? This talk will explain how will these combinations present themselves and consider if these combinations will always occur?

Many considerations must be taken into account; the more relevant factors to be discussed are:

• Among the different combinations possible, which most agree with the nature and dignity of the planet forming the combination.
• Knowing that each house has many meanings; the importance of employing the technique of derivations when considering possible combinations.
• What combinations are possible for an individual based on gender, age, and social/cultural background of a person.

This lecture draws from Book 21 by Morin de Villefranche.

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