Richard Smoot – Transforming Self: A Theory of Antiscia


In the shadows lies personal revelations and transformation. Astrologers primarily focus on social interactions and inner psychological interconnections, but exclude our animal nature. The Antiscia links the social/psychological and animal instincts; both are needed to live the full range of human experience.

In this lecture we discuss how to locate the hidden parts of one’s personality and when and how these hidden characteristics could show themselves.

The Antiscia of planets are a representation of unconscious compensating values to those held by the conscious personality and the demands societal conformity.

The “shadow” often represents one’s dark side, those aspects of a person that exist, but are not shown normally. To know our shadow is to know dimensions of ourselves that we can explore.

When activated by transit or progression, the Antiscia points can appear in conscious form and the person can “act-out” and are often seen by society as exhibiting characteristics that are not typical of the person, or abnormal and antisocial behavior.


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