Raymond Merriman – Scandalss, but ”no one is responsible”


There is a saying amongst astrologers that Saturn is not so bad if you can account for what you have done. With Saturn, you are called upon to account for your behavior, your decisions or the choices you have made. It is as if you are being judged, which in essence, is true. If you had valid reasons for making those decisions, and can show evidence to back your reasoning, then all will be fine. You might even command respect, even receive praise, if you demonstrate that you were responsible. Ultimately, Saturn gives you what you deserve, as it represents the consequences for one’s actions and decisions.

Neptune, on the other hand, can be evasive. It can be sneaky, and try to cover up one’s actions, or give false and misleading answers when questioned. It is not above fabricating the truth, telling a lie, or withholding relevant information that others need in order to know the truth and make informed decisions. Neptune is capable of distracting from the real issues with intentional misinformation, such as blaming others for things that went wrong, in order to avoid personal penalties.

It is hard for Saturn to get to the truth with Neptune, to find the evidence or the “smoking gun.” Without hard proof, no one can be held accountable. No one is responsible and no one suffers consequences when things go wrong, and the truth behind those failures or missteps is avoided or denied. It is as if you know something nefarious is afoot, but you cannot prove it. You cannot find the evidence, or someone who will testify as to what really happened. Therefore, it “just happened,” without cause or responsibility. It cannot be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” But, everyone knows.

Thus, there are likely to be sensational accusations of wrongdoing, even to the point of scandal. Investigations are launched. However, attempts to gather accurate information are stymied, and the truth remains elusive.  It is as if (s)he got away with murder.


Somebody has to pay the price when something goes wrong. That is the position of Saturn. There must be justice when an injustice or violation of the law has occurred. However, who is responsible is not always so apparent. Who should be held accountable?

Those leveling the charges – making the accusations – may distort the facts behind the misdeed in order to bring someone (other than himself or herself) to trial. Explanations may be made up that sound logical to support their accusations that a certain individual is responsible for the violation or failure of the project. But those reasons may be inaccurate, which can lead to a witch-hunt.

Or maybe people who are ultimately responsible for these failures do not want to go through the process of an investigation. In order to avoid responsibility, they may find someone lower in the chain of command to blame, and thereby stifle the inquiry that might end up leading to them as a person of responsibility. This other person becomes a ‘scapegoat.” By placing the blame on this other person of lower status and less power, the pressure of the more culpable person in the mishap is removed. (S)he is protected, and the less significant person takes the hit.


Neptune can spread rumors, and with Saturn, there can be an intention to do so in order to cause harm to the reputation of others.

Wherever there are elections this year, such as in the USA, the information released by one candidate against another may be especially vicious – and untrue. Yet it creates a negative image of the person to which the misinformation is directed, and that can harm his/her reputation. This is an aspect of slander and liable.  Thus, expect a dirty campaign in 2016 wherever there is to be an election. It is even possible that the effort to spread ruinous false rumors could backfire, causing the perpetrator to be sued in a court of law – and found guilty of damages.

It is important for the victim(s) in these cases to set the record straight immediately, and not react with passivity, nor retaliate with their own set of falsehoods about the perpetrator. The common and ill-advised response is to sit back and say something like, “I am not going to respond. Their personal attacks are not worthy of a response.” Sir or Madam, this is your reputation and career at stake. You must defend your case and reputation if you have been maligned falsely, or you will lose. This is not a time when retreat – or taking the so-called “high road” by avoidance – leads to victory. Instead, it sets an image in the minds of others who may turn away their support of your campaign.


“We found cover ups, we found destruction of samples, we found payments of money in order to conceal the doping tests.” – Dick Pound, commissioner of the World Anti-Doping Agency on state sponsored doping accusations of Russia during track and field events in Olympics, “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2015.

This can occur anywhere, and there will likely be news stories of people caught in compromising situations – and even illegal activities, such as fraud and cheating.

The public desperately wants leaders who are honest when Saturn and Neptune are in aspect. Neptune is virtue, and Saturn is the moral high ground (honor, honesty). Yet, every time someone seems to fit the bill, a story comes out about a past event that lends suspicion to that claim. This is, after all, an aspect of scandal and hypocrisy, where people on pedestals fall off.

This aspect can also manifest in any competitive forum, such as the voting process during an election. Several incidents of voter fraud, or voting irregularities, maybe reported – so many, that it could affect the outcome of an election or contest. It will be very important for election officials to check and re-check ballots to make sure the count is right and that the vote was not compromised by outside forces in order to manipulate an outcome that benefits one candidate over another.


As stated before, Neptune can be sneaky, lurking invisibly behind the shadows as if part of the environment itself, while it goes about its subterfuge. It concocts ways to not be seen, and discretion is held in the highest regard in order to carry out a plot that others cannot see or discover easily. Neptune is stealth-like.      When this behavior is applied to financial markets (or valuable jewelry, art, or financial portfolios), it can lead to such activities as thievery, bribery, embezzlement, hoaxes, and manipulation in order to make a financial fortune dishonestly. It can manifest as manipulation of financial markets. There have been several cases leading to charges of insider trading lately, but this may begin a new round of actual market manipulation by large firms, and even governments.


Saturn in Sagittarius refers to contracts or treaties between nations. In square to Neptune, the terms of these treaties are vulnerable to violations. It is as if the rules (Saturn) are ignored, as if they do not exist (Neptune), or are openly dismissed because they are now inconvenient.

One area that stands out as a possibility is the nuclear agreement between Iran and western nations. However, there are treaties between other nations that are vulnerable to being violated. This in turn leads to greater distrust.


The manner in which treaties, agreements, and/or understandings are violated can be very disturbing. To the outer world, there appears to be cooperation and mutual support. However, behind the scenes, there is an entirely different plot unfolding on the part of one party to undermine the position – and even the well-being or safety – of the other.

Once again, the issue of trust is at the forefront. But the consequence of sabotage or betrayal is to endanger the position of someone or some nation in which there was an agreement or understanding of support. That support is irreparably damaged, and friendships turn into bitter enemies. There is the allegation of one being a “traitor.”

This may not only occur in regards to treaties and agreements between nations. It can also pertain to political leaders who change their party affiliation, or their position on an important issue. Imagine if Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump do not get the nomination of their party in the forthcoming presidential election, and decide to form an independent party. Or if a leader of any nation vowed a specific position, and won on that position, and then changed his/her mind. Think George H.W. Bush in the 1988 presidential campaign exclaiming, “Read my lips. No new taxes!” And then he raises taxes two years later, costing him re-election. Or Barack Obama stating on several occasions, “If you like your doctor or insurance plan, you can keep it. Period.” Then when the Affordable Health Care plan was launched, that promise was violated.

In 2016, look for more highly charged instances of betrayal and sabotage between nations, and between government or political leaders and their supporters.


To be continue next week…


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