Raymond Merriman – Scandalss, but ”no one is responsible” part 2



“There are now at least 31 confirmed cases of people being sickened b E. coli in Oregon and Washington…”  Aamer Madhani, “Chipotle Faces E. Coli Lawsuit,” USA Today, November 4, 2015.           

Saturn and Neptune together can represent a health crisis on a large scale, such as an epidemic that threatens the lives of many. This may be caused by a contagious outbreak of a disease, or by humans seeking to cause harm to a great number of people by introducing a deadly agent (such as chemicals) into the air or water. The anthrax scare of a few years ago illustrates this type of danger. So does the Ebola virus of just two years ago and the spread of E. coli bacteria today. Those epidemics have not yet spread as far as medical leaders feared. This time, under the Saturn/Neptune square, such health threats may be more serious, and more difficult to contain. It would be wise for individuals to take extra health precautions this year against such threats.

One area concern regarding the spread of disease and epidemics has to do with the huge number of refugees fleeing the dangerous conditions of their homelands in Africa and the Middle East. They are flocking to refugee camps that are now being quickly set up in Europe, and perhaps soon in the USA. While those refugees await permission to enter, they are living in conditions that may not be sanitary and are ripe for an outbreak of disease and infections that could rapidly spread to others in proximity.

As there are hundreds of thousands flocking to these camps in the hope of gaining admittance to other countries, it is not inconceivable that someone (or some group) wishing to spread mass havoc could infiltrate these camps and/or new lands. They could intentionally release chemicals or poisons designed to create an outbreak of a disease that threatens the lives of others perceived as enemies to one’s religion, ideology, or state. It will be difficult to do a proper background check on everyone applying for refugee status. Many with false identification papers may pass a not-so-rigorous background check.


Saturn represents the concept of “not enough,” or a “lack of” whatever areas the planet it aspects rules. In this case, it makes a hard aspect to Neptune, which rules water and rains. “Not enough” or a “lack of” water and/or rains suggest drought conditions in vital food growing areas of the world.

Saturn also pertains to “loss.” The “loss” is associated with the planet(s) it aspects. With Neptune there can be losses associated with too much rain, as in flooding conditions – loss of lives, loss of property. Thus, we may see droughts in one part of the world causing food prices to rise, and floods in other parts of the world causing loss of property. The price of foods and other essential goods to rebuild (i.e. lumber) could soar, as supplies become scarce. The central banks of the world want more inflation. Nature may actually help them in that pursuit this year.

The lack of fresh, clean, water also brings to the forefront a renewed interest in desalination plants, especially seawater desalination plants. Water is in great demand because its supply is diminishing. Therefore, companies well positioned to meet this demand may find their stock prices appreciating.

Along these same lines, Neptune rules Crude Oil.  Currently (as this is being written) there is a glut of oil available to the market. However, under Saturn square Neptune, that can change. There may be events that cause a disruption in the production or distribution of Crude Oil, driving prices from long-term lows to suddenly rising prices. Again, this may help the central banks of the world achieve their inflation goals. In fact, it is possible that inflation will spike far higher than anyone anticipated, just as it did in 1979-1980, which was the last time Saturn and Neptune were in a waning square aspect. With Saturn and Neptune, a spike in Crude Oil prices may very well be contrived, manipulated by companies or nations who will benefit from higher prices.


This brings us to another forecast. Saturn signifies controlling. It represents the urge to control, especially by people in authority, like government leaders, as well as banking leaders. However, Neptune knows no boundaries and is essentially ignorant of borders, limitations, and controls. It is not as if Neptune intentionally violates boundaries or rules, as does Uranus. Neptune just does not have an awareness, or sense of importance, where boundaries are concerned. Thus, matters can quickly spiral out of control.

This could be evident in the planning of central bank policies, especially regarding inflation targets, which in turn influence interest rate policy. If acts of nature, combined with human-caused actions, result in a scarcity of food, energy, and medical supplies, suddenly causing prices to soar, then the central banks may be unprepared for this. They may react too slowly, for Saturn is slow to act, wanting to take time to verify the severity of a situation. And Neptune tends to withdraw in the face of a crisis. Failure to act in a timely manner can cause the situation to escalate out of control. This in turn can lead to panic or mass hysteria.

This sequence of reactions where the situation goes out of control and leads to hysteria may not apply only to central banks and inflation. It can apply to any important matter affecting societies. It could apply to a health crisis or an epidemic not quickly addressed. It can apply (and already is) to a mass exodus of refugees seeking asylum from dangerous conditions that have suddenly exploded in their homeland, and now cause out of control issues regarding their assimilation into the countries they are trying to enter. It can apply to stock and other financial markets.


“The (Supreme Court) justices agreed to hear the Little Sisters’ argument that not only would ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate force them to violate their beliefs, (but) the administrations ‘accommodation’- to have them sign a paper that would empower the sisters’ insurer to provide the birth control – is just an accounting gimmick…  The Obama DOJ pleaded with the court not to take the Little Sisters’ case.” – William McGurn, “The High Court Gets Religion,” Wall Street Journal, November 10, 2015.

In the study of astrology, Saturn has dominion over science and governments. Jupiter and Neptune (and the signs they rule, Sagittarius and Pisces) have dominion over religion and religious groups.

Science may announce discoveries that are in contradiction to the claims of religious texts. Perhaps this comes from archeological findings or missions in outer space that reveal how the universe or the solar system (including earth) was created. This may cause a bitter dispute between fundamentalists in both disciplines.

Additionally, this cosmic set up may witness governments imposing laws or harsh measures that are a burden to religious groups. Some governments may even try to eliminate or defame certain religions or religious practices in their regions or countries.  Pogroms and witch-hunts may return in certain parts of the world where these types of conflicts can escalate, as scapegoats are sought to blame for their nation’s discontent. Followers of certain religions not in favor with the state may be the target of these witch-hunts.


The war against religion may not be caused by science or governments as much as by scandals, inflammatory rhetoric, and inflated claims by some religious leaders that lead to a widespread distrust.

There is also a continuing war against governments and their leaders who exhibit the same bad behavior identified above. The most important fundamental issue with Neptune is trust, and the most common problems that arise when Neptune is afflicted are behaviors that lead to distrust, such as lying, manipulation, and betrayal. People want to trust, and they want their leaders in religion or government to be honorable, virtuous, and trustworthy, to tell the truth and exhibit genuine concern, compassion, and understanding for their situation. When leaders fail to uphold these qualities, it leads to a conflict between forgiveness and punishment. Neptune wants to forgive, but Saturn wants a consequence, and since both rule prisons and jails, many instances may arise where religious and/or political leaders are imprisoned for violating the public’s trust.




These are just a few of the possible manifestations the world may witness in late 2015 through much of 2016, when the 36-year Saturn/Neptune enters it waning square phase. It is likely to be a very judgmental time, but the judgements are not always based on accurate information. It is a time when emotions run high and suspicions dictate behavior, rather than rational thought and verifiable evidence. This can escalate into the realm of collective hysteria, which can generate witch-hunts, pogroms, false accusations, and rumors that destroy the reputations and even the lives of innocent people perceived to be threats by the rumormongers.

Another reason that is the basis for this behavior is fear (Saturn), and loss of faith in others (Neptune). After coming through the Cardinal Climax, people realize that life is much more complex, nuanced, and complicated compared to what it once was. The rules have changed, if they are even known anymore. Political correctness is now a very important social issue, but one that is constantly changing, and therefore difficult for many to keep up with. It is a time when one needs to know both who to trust and how to behave in a trustworthy manner. Even though religions may be under attack, it may be useful to study the qualities that are promoted in major religious texts as keys to living a successful, happy, and well-adjusted life, such as “You reap what you sow,” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, there are consequences to your choices and actions, so make thoughtful choices and initiate actions that do not intentionally cause harm to others. It sounds simple and quaint, but in 2016, it will be a challenge – a challenge well worth striving for if you wish to survive and prosper, both socially and spiritually.




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