Raymond Merriman – Saturn Waning Square to Neptune: ”No one is responsible”


“She suffered through and survived, and will soon be saying what she wanted to say: I took any and all questions, there is nothing to add, the issue has been addressed. Next.” Peggy   Noonan, “Two Departures and a Grilling” Wall Street Journal, October 24-25, 2015.

“A congressional hearing is supposed to a fact-finding endeavor. This was a witch-hunt that could not be disguised.” EJ Montini, “Arizonans Tie Clinton to Stake and Light Torches,”          Arizona Republic, October 23, 2015

“The IRS targeting and muzzling of conservative groups during the 2012 presidential campaign is an outrage for which almost no one has been held accountable…. With rare exception he (Obama) has also refused to dismiss officials when they fail at their most basic obligations.” Wall Street Journal editorial. “Impeaching the IRS Director,” October 28, 2015.

As the world transitions out of the brutal, dangerous, and uprooting trends brought forth during the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-2015, and into the problem-solving dynamic of the Saturn/Neptune square of 2015-2017, the immediate path ahead is likely to be confusing, filled with many anxieties and uncertainties. Yet, there is hope. Neptune is the quest for peace. Unlike Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune is gentle. The hard edge of excessive threats to financial and social security, represented by Uranus and Pluto in a hard aspect, will gradually give way to the Neptune’s vision of “what could be,” combined with the realism of Saturn that strives to make the vision workable. Neptune conceptualizes a world at peace, a world of beauty that enhances personal inner development, a world that is respectful of human rights and that places great value upon sacrifice and “good deeds” for the benefit of the greater whole. It sees problems and then it sees the need to solve (or escape) those problems. But its ideas for solutions are often vague and unrealistic. However, with Saturn, there is the drive to bring those ideals and altruistic thoughts into reality. The square aspect represents the challenge ahead for those tuned into this dynamic of problem solving. They may  be accused of being naïve, impractical, and  out-of-touch with reality by those still mired in the concrete of Pluto in Capricorn who believe that the world and its inhabitants are bad and can never be changed, or that only force can make things work – even if it means eliminating life.

This struggle between the beliefs that Man is good versus evil, that positive change can come about from spiritual efforts within, versus harsh and coercive actions in the outer world, is likely to continue through 2025 when the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune occur. Thus, the cosmic arc of human evolution moves back and forth from the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015 that ends with the Uranus waxing square to Pluto (2012-2015), to the Saturn/Neptune waning square of 2015-2017, to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2019-2020, then back again to the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 2024-2026. In 2016, we see the pendulum swing more towards Saturn and Neptune, and away from Uranus and Pluto. In world societies, this is a movement to disempower zombie-like forces that threaten human life though terrorist activities. However, the challenge under the Saturn/Neptune square will be to figure out how to do that in a harmonious, coordinated manner with other societies that also wish to end the violence. Getting everyone on the same page for a common goal, with roles clearly defined, is not going to be easy. Yet, in late 2015 through early 2017, the process begins.

The dominant geocosmic signature in force in 2016 is Saturn making its 36-year waxing square aspect to Neptune. This is one of the strongest planetary correlations to long-term cycles in many financial markets, according to our studies. The dynamics of these two planets in this aspect are likely to dominate the global themes of 2016.

No two planets have more association with psychological terminology than Saturn and Neptune. No two planets differ from one another as much as Saturn and Neptune either, although Jupiter and Saturn come close. As we close out 2015 and enter 2016, both of these conditions exist: Saturn squares Neptune and Jupiter squares Saturn. They form a wide mutable T-square formation to one another, with Saturn right in between the Jupiter/Neptune opposition. A T-square is one of the most challenging configurations in astrology because it involves both an opposition and square aspect.

“Mutable” pertains to the signs that end each season – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Psychologically, “mutable” refers to changing one’s mind, adaptability. It is not stubborn, but instead is viewed as fickle or flexible, depending on one’s position in the situation. In this case, a mutable T-square, especially involving Jupiter and Neptune, suggests fickleness, as in “being caught in a lie,” or the expressions of hypocrisy. One who was supportive suddenly changes his/her mind and becomes unsupportive, even critical, with Virgo involved. To the one who lost the support (the victim, Neptune, for surely this is likely a signature of victimization), there is a sense of betrayal or sabotage. What previously had been trust and faith turns into mistrust and feelings of betrayal.

As the name implies, an opposition aspect generally reflects a conflict between two opposing forces. If it is a natal chart, it represents a conflict between the individual and others, or external conditions in the individual’s path that have to be overcome. The opposition creates conflict, but that in turn creates awareness that can lead to a resolution, or a functional “work around.” In this case, the opposition is with Jupiter and Neptune, which can lead to “irrational exuberance” or “hysteria.” It is not an aspect suggesting good judgement or clear judgment, but rather one of exaggeration, over-estimation, naiveté, and/or misplaced trust. In mutable signs, it suggests making agreements, and then unilaterally changing the terms of that agreement for a better outcome, or worse, just assuming that it was permissible to change the terms without consulting others who would be affected by that change of position. They just assumed falsely that it would be OK, or they had a delusion wherein they believed that others had given their consent, when in fact that did not happen. That does not make for a healthy cooperative effort, for it violates a sense of trust between one another.

The Mutable T-square on May 15, 2016. Saturn is in Sagittarius, square to the Jupiter/Neptune opposition. On this day, the Moon is also with Jupiter in Virgo.

A square aspect is usually more difficult to work with, at least in the early stages. It represents a resistance or a character flaw from within, usually an unwillingness to enact changes necessary to resolve the impasse, or a denial of responsibility in the creation of an obstacle. Thus, tension and stress are the result unless integration of the principles of the two planets involved is understood and applied. Oftentimes, this simply means accepting the reality of a situation, rather than repeating a pattern that continues to fight it – hoping to change that which will not or cannot be changed. The continuation of the pattern – not budging in one’s behavior that is an impediment – just makes the problem(s) worse. In this case, it is Saturn square to both Jupiter and Neptune, which will be discussed in detail shortly. For now, let’s just say that it can reflect “irrational fear,” even paranoia, leading to both witch-hunts and/or denial of responsibility. No one is accountable. No one accepts responsibility when things go wrong – and they will – but someone will have to pay (a scapegoat). That person (or persons) may be innocent – a victim of a witch-hunt – but the accusations and attacks may ruin their career(s) or status.

Let us begin by making a list of terms and principles related to Saturn and Neptune, for these make up the longer cycle (36 years). We will, at times in this discussion, bring in the Jupiter/Saturn square, for that 20-year cycle is also very important. The idea is to combine key words in one list with key words in the other, and thus come up with forecasting possibilities.












Illusion and fantasy



Lack of, to feel there is not enough   

Belief that there is and will always be enough

Conditional (love)  

Unconditional (love)



Critical and discerning  

Blind faith



Feeling old, tired  

Feeling weak; disease and epidemics


Wet, moist (water, liquids)


Balmy, tropical

Doubt and skepticism



Uncertainty and confusion






Accuracy not important

Results matter 

Intention matters


No boundaries 

Care for systems and rules

Care for others/people, not rules

Capable of telling the truth

Capable of distorting truth

Reward based on effort 

Self-sacrifice with no reward expected



Wants to achieve

Wants peace and harmony

Focus on outer results

Focus on inner world, inner peace



Wants to prove worth  

Wants to be accepted (as is)

Parental and mature  

Child-like, Peter Pan, immature and naïve

Seeks verification of information   

Spreads rumors and gossip

Judgmental (with reasons) 

Accusatory (easily offended and hurt)



Discipline in face of danger

Retreat in face of danger

Earth and mountains 

Ocean, lakes, and islands

Property and land       

Oil and pharmaceuticals (drugs)


Fishing and Sailing


Art, music and theatre

Executive and administrative

Counselor and healer





As you can see, there are many possibilities as to how the waning square between Saturn and Neptune will manifest. We have many possibilities for making forecasts.


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