R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for September 2021


The new moon in Virgo, 7 September 2021

Uranus appears to be quite active during the lunations in this period. Indeed the degrees of the new moons in the following months coincide with transiting Uranus creating a spectrum of various levels of uranian experiences. Particularly, the lunations on the 5th November, 1st February 2022 and 30th April 2022 (indeed a partial solar eclipse) will be quite striking and unsettling as it also highlights prevailing square aspect between Saturn and Uranus. Life with Uranus is never boring but with many ups and downs amid great uncertainties. Having Saturn in Aquarius adds lots of elements of social change and surgent unrest and protests. It is as an adaptation period to a New Normal. Alike the preceding new moon, The Virgo new moon has a partil trine aspect to Uranus at almost in the middle of Taurus which also symbolizes the intensity of Uranian disorder.

The Virgo new moon is expected to bring new concerns and ideas in our presumptive adherence to the rules and standards as well as worrying issues. Ongoing close opposition between Mars (Virgo) and Neptune might suggest certain complexity and weaknesses in the medical and organizational areas. Mars-Neptune combinations would be quite chaotic and disorienting which in turn, would result in disappointment in humanitarian efforts at large. Fortunately, the trine aspects with some minor mutual receptions in the air signs, namely Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Jupiter, would facilitate to bring some solutions to the prevalent conditions.

The new moon for the US administration, Washington DC strongly emphasizes organizational, medical, and employment concerns as there is an emphasis in the 6th house. The grand trine in earth signs (Uranus-NM-MC) might be helpful to find new ways to tackle ongoing problems. However, Mars, being the Asc ruler and the 8th house might pose risky and weighty issues regarding the new waves of the pandemic. In the meantime, the US is having the 6th house yearly profection starting from the 4th of July and September will be the 8th house monthly profection which could be quite tiresome and testing. It is also notable that Virgo is in the 8th house of this solar return. (according to Sibley chart) Please see the new moon chart Washington, USA below.

The new moon chart for London shows an emphasis in the 3rd house of neighboring countries and issues of negotiations. Mars-Neptune opposition, especially when Mars is close to the IC, does not bode well for issues relating to the post Brexit period and Mars might also bring challenges to the matters relating to security and borders. Meanwhile, Neptune, hovering on the MC might reflect a vulnerability and complexity in the administration. The new moon chart is below.

The new moon chart Moscow, Russia is also striking that Jupiter is just on the descendant while Uranus is on the midheaven. Having fixed signs on the angles might suggest unchanging circumstances or at least certain determination. However, both Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house Aquarius (Saturn aspects MC closely) might signify surging social movements or a certain manner of opposition which would be more visible during this period. On the other hand, the new moon in the 2nd house might be related to new developments concerning economic resources, the value of the Russian ruble as well as the general conditions of the Russian economy. The new moon chart is below.

The Virgo new moon chart for Beijing, China seems to pose certain problems arising due to environmental factors, health and the workings of the state machine. The lunation in the 12th house might symbolize an event or natural condition which endangers masses of people in the collective sense.

The full moon in Pisces, 20 September 2021

The full moon in Pisces usually accentuates the events and happenings of a certain collective dimension. As this full moon falls in the late degrees of Pisces, (in the confine of Mars)  it might address collective concerns which could be risky and dangerous such as natural events which are unexpectedly out of control since Uranus is closely situated with MO/SU midpoint. The full moon degree is also widely opposed by Mars, rather close to Neptune and is aspected by Pluto. All these findings might suggest that a wide collective and social awareness and responsible attitude are required to overcome prevalent global issues. The pandemic is indeed a relevant factor, here in this stance.

Strikingly, the full moon partilly culminates on the midheaven for London, UK. This could be a certain alarming issue regarding the increasing numbers of Covid cases. The most recent number of daily cases was around 30.000 in the UK. (August 14, 2021). As the Moon represents the conditions of the people and their health, the full Moon just on the midheaven can indicate an event or condition which would make people vulnerable and saddened around this period. Meanwhile, Pluto also appears to be just on the descendant which could be menacing, transformative and hardly positive. Moreover, Cancer rising (the 10th house of the national chart of the UK) represents vulnerable conditions affecting administration and the royal members generally speaking. You can see the full moon chart for London, UL below.

The Pisces full moon chart indicates several eventful conditions for Brazil. Here we find fixed signs on the cross of matter but the Saturn-Uranus pair is seen to be most visible on the angles. While Taurus rises, Venus which is harmed by this pair is seen just on the Western horizon. This could represent stressful and locked conditions of the people in every sense. These events could be related to ongoing political or governmental developments which necessitate responsible attitude and certain conduct of rule. (Saturn on the midheaven) Meanwhile, social vulnerabilities are quite highlighted as seen from the full moon in the 11th house. It is also interesting to note that Asc/Mc for Brasilia, Brazil happens to be on Neptune which brings forward even more complexity and uncertainty. The full moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil is seen below.


This text is completed on 15 August 2021.


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