R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for September 2020


Crucial health check: Full Moon in Pisces, 2 September 2020

During the times of Virgo-Pisces polarity, we would be more concerned with issues of general health, supporting services, and proper applications. The full moon in Pisces shifts our attention to universal concerns especially to the people in need and suffering. Could this be a time period for attaining a critical phase in developing an effective vaccine against Covid-19? In a positive way, Having a partile sextile to Uranus, this full moon could bring certain results of efforts conducted by pharmaceutical companies. As we remember the lockdown process first in Europe had started around the full moon in Virgo in the early days of March 2020.  So, this full moon is expected to bring a major evaluation in terms of community health care and public services. 

However, bearing in mind that the second wave of Coronavirus has already been expected throughout the world, and due to new infections still increasing in many countries, this full moon might put us in quite fragile and restrictive conditions. Please note in the full moon chart that Venus- Saturn partile opposition is also aspected by the full moon itself, thus highlighting certain restrictions and discontent. Moreover, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are closely coming together in the late degrees of Capricorn.

The chart of Pisces full moon for Washington, DC, USA shows Moon-Neptune midpoint just on the MC. This could manifest in many forms but one interpretation would be certain confusion and desperation in administration especially in the medical field. Interesting to note that a fixed star called Alphard which is in the constellation of Hydra will be heliacal rising for the most part of September until September 23 in and around Washington vicinity. This star has been said to have a quite malefic nature and is linked with poisons and distressing conditions. See below the Pisces full moon chart for Washington, DC.

On the other hand, full moon charts for Beijing and Hong Kong, bring up Mercury the messenger to the midheaven while Sag is on the horizon. Mercury is also aspected with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, as well as it is at the lunar bending points (North) Strong mutability in these charts suggest that circulation of news and ideas, issues relating with media and communication would be high on the agenda. Recent media censorship in Hong Kong by new Chinese regulations that arising from security concerns has been becoming more pervasive and freedom of speech seems to be much more ignored especially when Jupiter (here Asc ruler) is in his fall and conjunct with Saturn/Pluto duo. See below the Pisces full moon chart for Hong Kong, China.

Troubles resurfacing: New Moon in Virgo, 17 September 2020

The Virgo new moon on the 17th is at the bendings (North) of the lunar nodes hence remarkably accentuates the polarity between Gemini and Sagitarrius. During this period of time, we would expect an increasing need for reconciliation of ideas and different ideologies and points of view. Presumably, due to many other factors but also Covid-19, attaining to a common ground in such polarized conditions might not be easy and flowing. On the other hand, there would be an escalation of accusations in security intelligence and further tensions in international issues. Although it might have a wide orb, Neptune’s opposition to the lights could signify rather chaotic and disorderly conditions that can be harmful to any meaningful and steady communications in a global sense. 

Moreover, this opposition again could be another wake-up call struggle against Covid-19 (Virgo-Pisces). This new moon occurs on a degree where Mars is the term ruler hence general conditions might involve troubles in health, services, and human affairs. Saturn makes a partile trine aspect to the luminaries. This could be well for stability and orderliness however, it could also intensify the restrictive and hopeless atmosphere of the notorious trio of Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn. Indeed, during this period of time, Pluto sits closely at the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which reflects the dominant quality of our times, contraction, increasing pressures and restrictions in almost every corner of the world.

Another outer planet Uranus also casts a sesquisquare (135 degrees) to the new moon which could bring further unsettling, uneven and risky, sometimes dangerous events to the collective psyche of the world. All these unbalanced indicators are further strengthened by the retrograde movement of Mars in Aries which will be actively in contact with Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn combination in the upcoming months.

For Ankara, Turkey, the new moon chart gives Sagitarrius rising on which lunar nodes also appear closely in conjunct. Heightened disputes and growing tensions with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean due to undersea economic zones might produce much harder confrontations. In September, Turkey is living his 11th house Taurus (alliances, participation in larger organizations like NATO) monthly profection which falls in the 9th house in her solar return. In addition to that, transiting Mars is now retrograding in the 10th house could flare up already stressful conditions. (See below new moon chart for Ankara, Turkey)

For Roma, Italy, and Berlin Germany, the new moon occurs closely at the midheaven but different rising signs on the horizon, Sagitarrius, and Scorpio respectively. For Italy, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the 2nd house might reflect many flaming disputes in domestic politics due to large economic loss in already economically constrained Italy. (See below new moon chart for Roma, Italy)

For Berlin, Germany as well as Madrid, Spain, while Scorpio rising, retrograde Mars falls in the 6th house which might bring another troublesome time period, especially against coronavirus. (See below new moon chart for Berlin, Germany)


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