R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for September 2019

Woman in the moonlight

An eye-catching stellium in Virgo, a very sharp new moon!

The new moon in Virgo signals us that there is a strong focus for new cycles emerging in the second half of the year. The wide cluster of Mercury, Venus and especially Mars in Virgo reminding us that lazy days of summer has ended and it would be a good idea to quickly adapt at new conditions. Being a sign of work and services to others, Virgo is known for perfection and playing safe. During this month, we might volunteer for others as well as develop our own talents and skills. The presence of Mars indicates that we might be precise, demanding and very sharp. New Moons in Virgo are also associated with issues and changes related to workers, public officers and general health matters.

This huge cluster in Virgo comes to overhead across eastern European countries, starting from the West of Finland, down to western regions of Poland, North Macedonia and Greece. This part of world could be busy with reforms in administration, work related movements and certain ameliorations in public work. However, Mars might relate to much explosive and risky expressions in the public field. Fortunately, there is a loose earth grand trine between Saturn and Uranus connecting this Virgo stellium. Hence, this is a time period for necessary changes, innovations as well as practical application of grand ideas. (See below New Moon chart for Warsaw, Poland)

Strikingly, Uranus in the new moon chart is just on the western horizon for Paris, France. Is it a destabilizing symbol or does France has to tackle some diplomatic matters? Perhaps either case would be relevant, increasing discontent towards goverment needs to be noted, remembering the violent movement which encircling France in the recent times. (See below New Moon chart for Paris, France)

The Virgo stellium seems also very flashy for Washington DC, USA as the lights are exactly on the Ascendant. The mutable energies on the angles bring lots of exchange, movement as well as certain need for adapting changing circumstances, rather then to dominate the scene.  Indeed this lunation carries very strong, sometimes explosive energies due to Pluto’s sesquisquare to the luminaries. 

Full moon with a Jupiter/Neptune flavor

Mars has been moving along with the Sun during September this year as they already began to a new synodic cycle. Now Pisces full moon on the 14th of September strongly combines Jupiter-Neptune square with Mars activity which has been active for some time. As the full moons are the times of high excitement and outward expression, spritually motivated actions or a heightened need for acting in our beliefs, world views or just plain religious themes might be on the scene in the second half of September. Because Jupiter is the apex planet, all tension arise or find outlet around our political ideologies, certain slogans and our attitude to the others which requires more understanding, sympathy and conscience. This configuration might also relate to humanitarian issues in relation to serious cases of refuges who are in dire and inhumane conditions. 

Interestingly, Mars-Neptune-Jupiter lines are seen across through Italy connecting with Libya. (See below ACG map for the full moon)

Pisces full Moon is also angular for Caracas, Venezuela which draw our attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. However Mars in the 4th house seems to be not very helpful in this instance, inciting violence and cruelty. (See below full moon chart for Caracas, Venezuela)

In the East, especially around Indonesia, Neptune, the planet which relates to open seas, oceans and uncharted waters, sits at the IC drawing our attention to the earthquakes and tsunami like natural events which could represent a high potential for this region. Otherwise, this could be related to any domestic issue in social policies which could come to the fore internationally. (See below full moon chart for Jakarta, Indonesia)


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