R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2022

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu

New Moon in Libra, 25 September 2022 GMT, 2 48 Libra

This year, Libra new moon underlines a noteworthy combination of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus in which JU=SA/UR. This period also highlights the crescent phase of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, an important ingredient in mundane astrology.  Now Jupiter in Aries being at the highest point of its retrograde cycle brings forward its action-oriented, politically opinionated, and fervent nature. Moreover, this waxing cycle echoes and duplicates its original essence which was implemented in the recent conjunction on 21 December 2020. Hence, we can expect striking events in social, political, and economic activities in the world. Around this period, the new world order which highlights Aquarian tones (freedom-rules, individuality, and social mores, technology, and its applications) can take shape much more concretely and with greater speed. The involvement of Uranus in this planetary picture adds more volatility as well as unexpected twists and turns, in the unfolding of the events. Ongoing Saturn-Uranus square indicates the continuing clashes between new and old structures, bringing increased desire to break old norms and social structures as well as politics. In this period, we would expect traditional attitudes and politics to be shattered by new, exciting, and unexpected ones, and this would increase the tension between conservatives and radicals. For example, the recent demise of Queen Elisabeth II can be seen in this new perspective.


Angular Jupiter culminates over regions of western Russia, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Ankara Turkey. Pluton is also angular on the descendant in these regions. Since Cancer rises,  the new moon in the 4th house, close to the IC, may indicate new trends and beginnings in terms of security, the things related to the land and domestic issues, and internal affairs. The chart below shows the new moon for Kyiv, Ukraine.

Indeed, the entry of Venus in Libra in her own sign on the 29 September and her opposition with Jupiter on the 1st of October might reflect new initiatives in diplomacy and politics. Interestingly Venus in this period has not been visible and tends to act like traveling in the underground, thus efforts for diplomacy and reconciliation are not easily put into practice. Venus will be visible again around 18 November 2022.


Full Moon in Aries, 9 October 2022 GMT, 16 32 Aries

A test of diplomacy and counterweighting is on the table during Aries full moon in which Venus plays a significant role. This full moon happens to be quite in the middle degrees of Aries, having dodecamoira in Libra, hence even further emphasizing the polarity of the Aries-Libra axis. New perspectives and choices between peace and war would be on our agenda. At this crucial period, Pluto also turns direct on the same day as the full moon. Interestingly, from now on, Pluto is seen to gaining momentum to enter Aquarius in the next spring, on 23 March 2023, at around the equinox. We may expect major worldwide shifts and adjustments in political structures as well as new alignments of power. Mercury-Jupiter midpoint on the cardinal 0 degrees Aries also suggests an acceleration of talks, and negotiations and this would be more visible after Mercury’s reentry in Libra starting on 11 October 2022.


The recent Libra ingress chart for Washington rings a bell quite unsettled conditions as two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto are seen on the angles. Having these two planets angular and transiting Mars in Gemini which will go over natal Mars three times in the USA chart seems to indicate a quite turbulent period, indeed. This year the USA has been living its 7th house yearly profection where Mars is also posited. Hence Mars’ activity will be even more pronounced. Strikingly, natal Mars is also rising in this year’s solar revolution chart which reinforces martial conditions. Around this Aries full moon transiting Mars will be crossing over SR Asc in Gemini (the 7th house in the natal Sibley chart) The following three Wheel chart below shows USA natal chart, its current return, and the full moon chart respectively. Mars’ position in the solar revolution suggests provocative events behind scenes (SR Mars in Taurus in the 12th house)

Aries full moon for Beijing, China indicates risky and fear-producing conditions. There is a pronounced involvement of an angular Mars which rules both the 3rd and the 8th houses. Being also the ruler of the full moon, Mars might indicate dangerous involvement with neighbors. Although Mercury forms a loose mutable T-square with Mars and Neptune, it is also exactly on the Asc degree. Since Virgo is in the 8th house of the national chart of China, this period can produce much uncertainty, confusion, and risky steps for China in her vicinity. Additionally, the year lord for 2022-2023 Jupiter is not well posited in the natal chart and this year seems to bring much more stringent conditions for the economy. All these developments seem to affect the trade and her sphere of influence with neighboring countries, especially Jupiter transiting the 3rd house in Aries. Below, you can find the full moon chart for Aries.

Solar Partial Eclipse in Scorpio, 25 October 2022 GMT, 02 00 Scorpio

In this period, we are in the eclipse season and the current solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio will be succeeded by a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 8th of November which shows quite strenuous aspects with both Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs. We are going to deal with this incoming lunar eclipse in the following report. However, we need to emphasize that the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio are closely related to issues revolving around stability-instability, trust-distrust, and tangible-intangible resources, hence they would have an immense capacity to create many long-term changes in economic activities, real estate values, and financial markets.

As this solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs around the south lunar node, it can ignite long accumulated energies into action. There would be a mass emotional energy that can be released positively or destructively. During this period, we may witness events related to death and rebirth, issues with power and transformation as well as natural events such as earthquakes, and eruptions of volcanoes. Certain brutality and ruthlessness will also be present and it is noticeable that currently the eclipse ruler Mars is also about to retrograde in Gemini. This would cause much irritability, accidents in transportation, in all sorts of communications as well as sinister acts and fraudulent activities as Mars is in square aspect with Neptune.

On the other hand, this eclipse makes a partile conjunction with Venus where she is in her detriment. During this period, it would be very difficult to reach emotional and financial stability. The things relating to comfort, peace, and satisfaction can be quite inadequate and there can be much fuss about our security needs and tranquility due to the presence of strong winds of change and transformation.

The eclipse chart for Tokyo, Japan shows Mars right on the ascendant, hence Scorpio falls into the 6th house. This could be a challenging time for services, industries as well as public health. The upcoming 6 months would bring necessary changes in public services, the health sector, and public officers. Below is the chart of the Solar Eclipse for Tokyo, Japan.

For Europe, particularly the Baltic region, Mars will be angular in the 7th house. See below the ACG map of this solar eclipse. Mars/Dsc line goes from the eastern coasts of Spain to southern France and Germany, crossing over Estonia. Uranus becomes angular around Istanbul, Turkey which is a seismically very active region.

The solar eclipse for Tallinn, Estonia shows Mars on the descendant and the eclipse in the 12th house. This chart (given below) would indicate quite anxious conditions bearing in the mind the prevailing war conditions in Ukraine.

The angularity of both Uranus and Pluto for Istanbul also evokes turbulent and restrictive conditions in the coming months for Turkey. Saturn which is posited in the 2nd house forms a T-square with the MC/IC axis and Uranus. The current economic bottleneck as well as internal political unrest might be quite unsettling in the next 6 months period. See the solar eclipse chart below.


This text is completed on 15 September 2022.


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