R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2021


The new moon in Libra, 6 October 2021

The new moon in Libra comes with a very dynamic setting as it also coincides with the biennial Sun-Mars cycle. Moreover, this potentially bombastic new moon makes aspects with both malefics as well as Venus and Chiron. Let’s remember that the last Sun-Mars conjunction that occurred in Virgo thus had precipitating ingredients which had laid down the background conditions for the spread of the Coronavirus. In the same way, we can expect that the new Sun-Mars cycle in Libra would bring an increasing pace in negotiations and very combative and contentious energies in diplomacy, warring conditions in the coming months.

The ruler of this new moon, Venus appears to be in the very late degrees of Scorpio where she is in her detriment. Although Venus is in her triplicity, it forms a mutual reception with Mars, in his detriment. All these vulnerabilities indicate that the current astrological atmosphere is filled with a certain frustration, conflicting interests, and very volatile confrontations. Meanwhile, the trine aspect with Saturn which is stationary and in its own rulership might facilitate certain rules and has cooling effects in social life and administrative practices, however, the matters of leadership, political arguments, and warmongering attitudes would be on a steep rise. The opposition with Chiron (new moon/Mars) also indicates that matters of life and death and bravado would be prevailing amid these extremely dangerous conditions.

The new moon chart for Kabul, Afghanistan shows this martial lunation in the 8th house, thereby indicating great fear and violence in the region. This chart has Pisces rising which might indicate situations originating from religion and faith, however, the presence of Jupiter in the 12th house (retrograding Jupiter) seems not to be beneficial,  instead it could show conditions out of control and wearing. See the chart below.

On the other hand, the new moon chart for Washington DC seems to be extremely volatile and tense as the angular Mars is connected with both angles. The angularity of the lights and the sign of Cancer on the midheaven suggest pressing issues of security and boiling cauldron in diplomacy and military matters. Such configuration would also damage internal affairs and could stir revolting attitudes in public life. Meanwhile, economic indicators and financial markets would react rather unpredictably around this period. See the chart below.

It is interesting to note that the turbulent Mars will be angular for entire Western Europe. The new moon-mars/MC line goes down from Oslo to Berlin, down to Rome and Tunisia and Libya. (see below)

At this lunation chart, the rising sign of Sagitarrius and Jupiter in the 3rd house indicates an increasing concern with neighboring conditions, the borders as well as pressing international issues. The political life and house of legislations would be highly charged with tension and disputations. Indeed, the 11th house matters, political parties, social interest groups, and communities at large would be occupied with immediate conflicting agendas.  Indeed, the German federal elections are expected to be held on 26 September and this lunation might represent the picture of the incoming reshuffle of the political milieu. See below the chart for Berlin, Germany.

The full moon in Aries, 20 October 2021

A very striking and hot-tempered full moon will be occurring in the late degrees in Aries on the 20th of October 2021. In many ways, this full moon potentially represents the boiling and blasting point of the previous new moon which occurred in the first week of October. We might be witnessing one of the tumultuous days this year. Full moons in Aries are indicative of warring situations, acute decisions and restless conditions for any ceasefire agreements Indeed, when the ruler of the full moon makes an unharmonious aspect to the full moon itself, it can indicate strong opposing factors and negation. Since Mars is a malefic power and it is seen his detriment in Libra, the resulting conditions would be very tense and not easy to align with. Hence in this period, in the last ten days of October, we might come across very unsettling issues, disputes and violent actions, military campaigns.

The term ruler of the full moon is Saturn, another malefic, and it is also at his stationary direct phase emphasizing a concentration in social matters and important administrative decisions. During this period, Venus which will be at her greatest eastern elongation on 29th October is seen in her vespertine phase in Sagitarrius. Whereas, Mercury which is seen as oriental (matutine) will be at his/her greatest western elongation. As these two planets are in masculine signs, they can indicate ongoing negotiations, give and take situations, and intensifying communication and fresh news.

In the meantime, as both Mars and Pluto are seen involved in the full moon configuration, violence, brutal acts as well as menacing events and disaster-producing happenings might be on the agenda.

Strikingly, the Aries full moon chart for Ankara shows the Moon just on the Ascendant hence Mars is seen very close to the descendant point. Such a chart might indicate a potentially dangerous and harmful event that might be severely damaging for the public. The close superior position of Pluto in the 10th house could indicate events revolving around governmental and administrative issues. This could reflect a situation that involves enmities and direct hostilities. As Turkey will be having her 1st house/Cancer profection and the sign of Cancer is in the 8thhouse in the current solar return chart, this could be a very volatile and eventful period for Turkey. See below the full moon chart for Ankara.

The full moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil also shows potent martial features. In this chart, the is at the IC, the Sun/Mars is situated at the culmination and the Pluto is quite close to the Ascendant point. Such a harsh configuration could be related to events involving president Bolsanaro’s political future and ongoing conditions which harm public life and the stability in the country. As the Bolsanaro’s approval rate has been hitting low points, this full moon is expected to bring further violence and disruptive conditions for the institutions and the judicial system.  See below the full moon chart for Brasilia.

The full moon chart Sydney, Australia also shows a prominent angularity as the lights fall in the 4th and 10th houses. Moreover, both Pluto and Uranus are close to the cross of matter. While rising Cancer reflects certain self defense and security consciousness in the environment, the public order or health concerns would be high on the agenda. Domestic issues, problems regarding land and security, and economic stability would be crucial topics for the government. See below the full moon chart for Sydney, Australia.

In summary, both new and full moon charts carry a strong element of Mars and it seems that we are heading towards quite a volatile period in the days and months to come. Indeed, the new Sun-Mars cycle in Libra (issues regarding peace and war, negotiations, diplomacy, and politics) is ready to set the tone for our immediate concerns.


This text is completed on 14 September 2021.


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