R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2020


Mistaken risks, Risky mistakes: Full Moon in Aries, 2 October 2020

Here in October, cardinal signs set the tone of the month. These signs push us forward and take more risky stands, however, retrograde Mars does indeed present a much more complicated scenery throughout the month. Aries full moon on the 2nd of October brings us much assertive stance against opponents with increasing security consciousness. Simply, Aries represents our survival instinct and get ready us to take further steps even in the face of death and great enmity. This full moon degree falls into Cancer dwad (the 12th harmonic division of the Zodiac) in the sign of Aries hence shows a high degree of security needs along with ambivalent feelings. Furthermore, Mars, the ruler of Aries is seen to be in square aspect with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. On the top of it, the 12th harmonic (dwads) configurations of this full moon are seen in aspect with Mars/Saturn combination. All these significators can result in angry and violent acts which essentially derive from distrust and acute self defensiveness. 

For Ankara, Turkey, this full moon brings both lights into angular placements as well as 0 degree Aries just on the Midheaven. Having Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter in the house of open enemies (the 7th) it implies quite a pressure from others. Moreover, the Moon in the 10th house which is almost opposite of the natal Mars placement in Turkey’s chart, suggests a highly critical period that might result in skirmishes due to ongoing tensions in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. On the other hand, the same chart puts Neptune just on the MC for Athens, Greece which can represent highly confused and directionless attitudes. (See below both full moon charts for Ankara and Athens)

Around the time of full moon, we are also going to witness to the Pluto’s stationary direct movement. Such times could magnify all potential of Plutonic dynamics which are directly related to a surge of power, purposeful concentration, and massive use of power, which can be either man-made or even in nature’s way and it could indeed manifest itself political or military ways. Mars-Pluto square which will be occurring on the 9th of October could tip of such deliberate power into action which has been accumulated so far. Just at the time of this tense square occurs, Mars will also be partilly in aspect with lunar nodes. 

This full moon also brings Mars on the Nadir point for San Francisco, CA. As both malefics are angular and in their dignities, as well as Saturn having a superior square to Mars, it might indicate civil unrest and perhaps a stressful period due to natural events such as earthquakes or fires. On the other hand, the chart for Washington DC as well as Havana, Cuba puts Venus in Leo on an angular placement which is just on the Dsc. As this full moon falls into the 3rd/9th houses axis and bringing MC in Sagittarius, both charts might indicate certain tense relationships within their immediate environment as well as events relating to media and journalism. In addition to that, MC at the 11 degree of Sag is closely involved with Mercury/Jupiter, Mercury/Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus midpoints. These combinations could indicate intensifying media activity, propagandist disputes as well as unpredictable revelations, especially before the presidential elections. (See below full moon chart for Washington DC, US)

Lastly, the conjunction of Moon and Chiron in Aries might be a symbol for taking too much risk due to security matters which could also involve human suffering. The full moon chart for Moscow, Russia is striking as Moon-Chiron conjunction is seen culminating for Moscow. This could represent many other things but certainly, it seems to be an indication that involves certain vulnerability or woundedness in public affairs or administration or might be a certain event in which feminine figures are involved in Russian people. (See the full moon chart below for Moscow, Russia)

Times of forced change and tactical wars, New Moon in Libra, 16 October 2020

Now, at the time of new moon in Libra, we are also going to experience the peak period of Mars’ retrograde cycle. The very first and striking impression of this new moon is the activation of square of Mars with Saturn-Pluto conjunction resulting in a cardinal T-square. T-squares are very active and dynamic patterns and with Mars this configuration becomes even more belligerent. It creates an atmosphere that as if, due to lack of diplomacy or any ground for possible agreement, there here we are to face oppressing and abusive powers which are indeed fueled by certain ambition and political agenda. 

Libra, a cardinal, air sign, is said to represent the power of diplomacy and cooperation however in such case, retrograde Mars in Aries brings issues of accumulated discontent over time an outcry due to misconduct and fait accompli. 

As it is seen from the ACG map (below) the combined Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter apex of the T-square fall in the 7th house for the Middle East and affecting the whole region, including Turkey, Israel, and Greece. However, this triple combination is seen to be most effective around the borders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, as well as down to Iraq, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. In summary, Libra new moon is expected to stir up trouble in diplomacy and certain hustle and bustle in this region of the world. Especially Tehran, Iran could be one of the center stages of such turbulent and violent passage of time. (See also below new moon chart for Tehran, Iran)

New moon chart for Washington, (see below) DC reflects ongoing conditions before the presidential elections which will be held on November 3, 2020. Aquarius rising and the 9th house new moon which is opposed by Retro Mars in the 3rd house, clearly indicates social and political themes, hot debates, and accusations in the whole media. Having Saturn in the 12th house, these issues may not be properly, openly handled, and could result in dirty tricks which could be quite destructive. There will be a full moon on October 31 in Taurus, inconjunct with Uranus which would be relevant with the election results. 

On the other hand, in Donald Trump’s solar return for 2020, the Moon is posited in Pisces receives sextile aspects from transiting Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn combination. However, The anlunar return which will occur on the 27th October shows Gemini rising (in the 12th house in relation to SR Cancer Asc for 2020) with Mercury retrograde, combust in the 6th house. This could show many hurdles, mistakes, or contested results for Trump.


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