R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2019

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A period of reconciliation and adjustment, Libra New Moon

There is quite a dynamic view around this Libra new moon as many planets are now traveling through cardinal signs, namely Libra and Capricorn. Soon, on the 4th October, Mars also joins the party in Libra. Indeed, our full attention now is towards our relationships and reactions which would bear considerable critical results in our conduct during prevailing conditions. Libra is the sign of mirroring effect and reconciliations which can be summarised as you sow, so shall reap. Hence, we can see a myriad of changes in politics, both in domestic and international affairs. Libra can also be the sign of politicians who strive for finding a balance between conflicting interests in society. Interestingly, this new moon which occurred on the 28th September has Saturn as a term ruler which also echoes the realities and the consequences of our actions. 

Moreover, around this lunation we are experiencing the third and the last conjunction of Saturn-South Node in Capricorn (exact on the 28th September) which is strongly related to the current destruction of old structures, especially in politics and business world. 

On a softer level, Venus which is the ruler of the lunation is seen having a partile sextile from the greater benefic which is well situated as well. Both planets in their dignities are seemed to bring opportunities to solve or at least soften our impediments through renegotiations and create new ways of communication. This configuration might be a good indication for social issues and for women’s matters, as well as fashion, entertainment, and international problems. However, things are not so smooth as Pluto makes a square aspect to Libran Mercury/Venus. So, we could expect many power plays, and sometimes concealing attitudes in every aspect of our relationships. 

The new moon chart for London (see new moon chart for London below) reflects the current dense and heavy atmosphere surrounding British politics as the Saturn-South Node conjunction appears just over the MC. With Uranus rising in Taurus, the current conditions show plenty of new stuff and a strong need for stabilizing the ongoing locked impasse. As Venus, which is also the ruler of the Ascendant, appears on the north bend there could be a strong urge or initiative to solve issues through further negotiations and active diplomacy. Interestingly, both Mercury and Venus Dsc lines appear to cross over around North Ireland border which has been a stumbling block in UK-EU negotiations. 

For Hong Kong, the chart gives fixed signs on the cross of matter on which Uranus sits around the midheaven. The new moon in the 3rd house emphasizes much talk and dialog between parties; however, Saturn-South Node conjunction in the 6th house clearly depicts wrecked and severe conditions around public service including public health and social order. (See new moon chart for Hong Kong below)

For Delhi, India, Saturn-South Node conjunction occurs around the descendant point which alerts a call of urgency as well as an emphasis to the 4th house matters, which might include issues about land security due to natural events, or may be conflicts in the domestic scene. This combination could also be a sign of growing tension in diplomatic relations with neighboring countries. (See new moon chart for Delhi below)

A tumultuous Plutonic Full Moon in Aries, 13th October

This seems to be one of the challenging lunations triggering the full potential of Saturn/Pluto cycle which will be exact next January 2020. This combination is said to bring enormous amount of tension for change but with certain destruction and  transformative renewal. This could manifest itself via multiple ways, in Capricorn, like ongoing rising distrust among countries, as well as growing polarisation between political leaders and certain oppressive policies implemented by goverments, which thrive on extremist attitudes and fear. In nature, it would refer to disasters which might be massively destructive. 

Having Saturn/Pluto conjunction at the apex of this lunation, this could instigate already accumulated tensions and would give rise to martial events as the full moon also occurs on the degree where Mars has a term dignity. Mars too, currently has been the planet rising before the Sun and being in Libra, in his detriment, the things would be much more explosive and unstable in hasty manner. The trine aspect between Moon and Jupiter seems to be mitigating factor as long as Aries Moon is kept under control and moderation. 

For Turkey, Cancer is on the ascendant which brings strong emphasis on angular houses, along with Pluto is on the Desc. This could be related to increasing tension in domestic issues as well as Turkey’s foreign policy, which has been under severe pressure in the Middle East. Morever, Mars in the 4th house might be an indication of civil unrest, as Mars is very close to Turkey’s natal Mars. (See full moon chart for Istanbul below)

Indeed, Saturn/Pluto conjunction which is at the apex of the full moon, has been seen effective throughout Europe as a continent, streching from Athens, Greece, toward central Europe, including Germany, to Edinburgh, Scotland. (See below full moon Aries ACG)

At the moment while writing these notes, UK politics are in unprecedented chaos and polarisation under 5Boris Johnson prime ministership. The Scorpio new moon (28th October), which will be opposed to Uranus, probably will have a strong say about Brexit dilemma in the coming days.

This very tense full moon for San Francisco, CA shows Saturn/Pluto conjunction close around to Ascendant with the Moon in the 4th house. Having Uranus around the IC, and Asc/MC midpoint with Uranus/Pluto, Sun/Moon/Uranus midpoints, there seems to be a possibility of a major natural event, an earthquake ? around this region of the world. (See full moon chart for San Francisco, CA below)


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