R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2022


Total Lunar Eclipse, 8 November 2022 11:02:07 GMT, 16 00 Taurus

We are currently passing through an extremely volatile, difficult, and severe astrological atmosphere. In this eclipse season, stressful aspects culminate in a total lunar eclipse which will be occurring in the middle degrees of Taurus on the 8th of November. Around the recent solar eclipse, which made a shadow over Russia, parts of Europe, and the MiddleEast, the planet of war, Mars which was the ruler of the solar eclipse was out of bounds and close to stationary retrograde, while the other malefic Saturn was about stationary direct, reflecting quite heavy conditions. Indeed, the ongoing square aspect between Saturn and Uranus now becomes much more highlighted in this lunar eclipse. The full moons are times of manifestation and culmination of ongoing cycles, and the lunar eclipses are more so.  When the square aspect between Saturn and Uranus combines with an eclipse, dramatic and radical changes, and upheavals can be expected in certain forms.

Moreover, the fixed signs indicate much more disruptive and explosive conditions in which greater tensions between the old and the new would result in unexpected violent, extremely tense events and uprisings. The tense aspects between Saturn and Uranus describe chaotic developments, necessary radical changes as well as violent events of nature. Oppressive regimes, fear, severe protectionism, rebellions, and breaking rules are obvious reflections of this aspect. Maybe on the positive side, we may hear certain discoveries in science and projects related to space programs.

So the lunar eclipse in Taurus can indicate certain radical happenings not only in political or economic life but also alarming natural events which can account for ongoing worldwide climatic changes. The dwad degree of the lunar eclipse falls in Scorpio, there is a growing fear, destruction, and transformation in our current living conditions. As Saturn sits at the midpoint between the lunar nodes there are much more restrictive and grueling conditions that make people more separated and fearful.

This lunar eclipse in Taurus directly culminates over central Europe, The Moon will be at IC in the vicinity of Oslo, and Copenhagen, crossing Munich the middle part of Germany, goes down to Rome, Italy.

For Berlin, Germany, Capricorn rises bringing forth an atmosphere of austerity and restriction as Saturn in the 2nd house, at the apex of this tense T-square. Current energy crises and the problems of logistics arising from the sanctions on Russia could be strongly felt throughout Europe. Except for London, UK, Capricorn rises in the regions from Spain to Poland. The Moon which is heavily harmed by a superior Saturn indicates difficult conditions for people, emphasizing the lack of security and the problems of households. The Midheaven in Scorpio and its ruler Mars which is stationary retrograde in the 6th house now shows a grueling period necessitating struggle, pressures, and fear-producing events. As the Moon is around the IC, domestic issues, matters of security, and land present certain risks and instability. The related chart is below:

This lunar eclipse for Washington DC, US seems quite dangerous and startling since Scorpio rises and stationary Mars which also rules the 6th house (of the military, governmental servants, weaknesses) falls into the 8th house. The 6th and the 8th relationship has deteriorating qualities and two malefics are in the aspect between the 4th and the 8th as well. In this period, there is a growing want to be powerful and dominant and this urge would be quite visible as the Sun also rises. However, this could be quite tacky since the part of Saturn (nemesis) in Leo brings specific burdens on the administration. The eclipsed Moon in the 7th house can also indicate much vulnerability in diplomacy and increasing opposition from the people which has been disrupted by the recent happenings. Saturn on the IC highlights these restrictive conditions in people’s lives. The lunar eclipse chart is below.

This lunar eclipse for Ankara, Turkey brings Saturn, the apex of the fixed T-square to the most crucial place in the chart. Having Aquarius on the ascendant with Saturn creates a strict atmosphere in which social issues, humanitarian or individual concerns would be on the front line. As Aquarius is in the 8th of the national chart, this period might bring crises, fear-producing events, and anxieties to the public. The full Moon-Uranus indicates unsettled conditions in domestic issues as well as growing opposition in the country. Restrictions would be heavily felt by the people at large. The chart is below.

The lunar eclipse seems to be quite attention-getting for Beijing, China. The chart shows stationary Mars on the Ascendant while the luminaries fall into difficult houses, namely the 6th and the 12th houses. Since Mars rules the 6th house, military actions would be on the agenda and the health and stability of people would suffer due to natural events or fires and related destructive happenings. Mercury, being the Asc ruler also shows similar concerns of ill health or deprived conditions. During this period, collective uncontrollable events can take place.

Stationary Mars is angular for Tehran, Iran in this Taurus lunar eclipse. Mars is seen exactly conjunct with the IC which confirms that the security of people and internal affairs has been through a violent and divisive period. The lunar eclipse which accentuates the 3rd/9th houses clearly shows current tense polarity in beliefs, ideologies, and communications as well as how certain ideas are brought forward to the media and strongly displayed in the streets.

New Moon in Sagittarius, 23 November 2022 22:57:12 GMT, 01 37 Sagittarius

Stronger emphasis on the mutable signs during this period presents quite volatile conditions. The new moon occurs on the same day while Jupiter turns direct in Pisces, its last episode in 2022. During this period, there is much activity in Sagittarius and Pisces which brings certain ideologies, beliefs, and discussions to the fore. However, since Mars is retrograde and out of bounds, such conflicts and polarity of ideas might be quite challenging and not very constructive in the final analysis. Furthermore, the square aspect between Mars and Neptune can be quite a dissolution, and disorienting certain confusion and misleading steps can be unavoidable.


At its last visit in Pisces, Jupiter would increase more interest in humanitarian actions and there would be a growing empathy for the underdogs, for people who are suffering under collective problems and wars. Meanwhile, Mars forms a relationship with Uranus/Pluto midpoint at 21 degrees of Pisces and this unstable and impulsive combination can trigger much fanatism, anger, and disruptive happenings, especially where factions in different views and ideologies are pronounced.


Mars is angular and on the ascendant both for Washington DC and Brasilia, Brazil. The second round of the presidential elections in Brazil will take place on the 30th of October and this new moon in Sag with Mars rising does not augur well for the public. At least this may well be an indication of a new start but the malefic nature of Mars would bring much contest and discussion in the public realm. Interestingly stationary Jupiter does also culminate at the last degrees of Pisces. Definitely, this can be a favoring symbol for a more progressive and humanitarian leader or policy.  The chart is below.

The new moon chart for Washington DC is similar but the MC falls into the 9th house in Aquarius thus emphasizing more interest in international concerns and issues. The critical position of Mars might relate to divisive discussions whereas the line of Pluto in the local space chart goes forward closely to Moscow. The new moon in the 7th house also indicates many occupations with rivals as well as with diplomacy. In the previous reports, we mentioned that this year, the USA is having its 7th-year profection and according to the Sibley chart Mars is also located there. Nowadays, Mars is in transit very closely to the Asc degree of the current solar return, hence bringing much more hostility and conflicts. The current new moon augments such martial presence. The chart is below.

Finally, we need to draw attention that Mars is seen angular and around the MC both for Kyiv, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia in this new moon chart. The rulers of all cardines are in angular places and Mars-Neptune square seems to indicate many complex and deceptive undertakings during this period. The chart is below.


This text is completed on 14 October 2022.


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