R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2021


The new moon in Scorpio, 5 November 2021

Sudden confrontations, imbalances, and stubbornness could be on our agenda around this hyper-tense new moon in Scorpio. Symbolically, I could liken this new moon to the Tower card in the major arcana deck of tarot. Here Uranus indicates to us that it is a time of sudden revelations and great change. However, we are also very determined around this time as Mars freshly ingressed in its sign, Scorpio. Outer planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in the fixed signs which remind us that we are in a process of sustained concentration and focusing our attention on the implementation of our goals. However, we also need to incorporate our desires and passions in the meantime. During this time, we can come across a violent expression of change and upheavals. Some wild events of nature could also come to the surface like major earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Indeed the ongoing square aspect between Saturn and Uranus is not over yet and it has been building for the third time in the last days of 2021, e.g. on 24 December.

This lunation also demonstrates the waning square aspect between two malefics in their rulerships. In this case, as Mars forms a superior square to Saturn in Aquarius, there is an increasing possibility that certain social structures, administrations, or rules would be removed or would go astray. Violent mobs, underground activities or merely spying itself would disrupt the prevailing order and the politicians or the state figures. As the new moon happens to be in Mercury term rulership, and Mercury itself is about to enter Scorpio, communication and intelligence activities would play a prominent role in these sudden revelations.

The new moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil is once again striking as the new moon-Uranus opposition appears to be just on the horizon line with Uranus on the Ascendant, in partile aspect. This can indicate certain opposition forces would catalyze a major move against President Bolsonaro who has not been getting on well with the judicial system. The new moon in the 7th house and especially Mars can be seen as a sign of increasing conflict within the Brazilian society and also hostilities. There will be elections in 2022 which urge political parties to come together and united. See the new moon chart for Brasilia below.

For Moscow, Russia, this lunation brings Uranus just on the midheaven and the new moon appears in the fourth house of land, security, and hidden things. Having all the angles in the fixed signs might suggest that there is a growing tension that cannot easily find a voice or come to the fore. However, Uranus conjuncts with the MC which is the most visible and top point in the sky. This could be an interesting and rather tense period for Vladimir Putin and his administration. The rising sign of Leo also speaks about the matters of leadership and authority. The Scorpio new moon on the IC would also highlight issues about the national security, lands as well as intelligence activities deep down. Aquarius in the 7th house of open enemies and conflicts would suggest growing opposition against the government and ongoing social restructuring. See the new moon chart for Moscow below.

This tense and shaky Scorpio new moon can bring quite a challenge and unrestful time to Japan, too. The new chart shows Uranus just on the Dsc which can be interpreted in many ways. A planet like Uranus on the descendant point could indicate certain unexpected harm to people which might include earthquakes, technological events, or some sort of sudden revelation. Rising Scorpio can be interpreted as a rather annoying matter or happenings quite revelatory of secrets. These developments could also be related to financial speculations and land resources. See the new moon chart for Tokyo, below.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus, 19 November 2021

This is the first lunar eclipse in Taurus as lunar nodes approach to ingress Taurus/Scorpio axis. It is a partial lunar eclipse that will be occurring at 27 14 degrees of Taurus, very close to the fixed star Algol. The lunar eclipses in Taurus could signify major changes, turning points for the things which we have been assuming unchangeable and strongly inert. Indeed, the chart also includes a Mars-Uranus opposition that could manifest as sudden changes, the release of disruptive energy like earthquakes in nature. Indeed lunar eclipses are the times of great release of energy and pressure.

During this period, we may experience pressure on tangible values, economy and business, real estate values, currencies as well as farmlands, food crops, and agricultural seeds. The fixed star Algol usually comes with certain violence and dramatic developments which could carry out extremism and destructiveness. Such dramatic expression might be exposed by certain figures whether they would be victims or catalysts for the change needed.

The Mars-Uranus opposition falls over the meridian line where it is quite close to the western coast of Turkey, thus making the Aegean and Marmara seas as vulnerable areas for earthquake activity. Moreover, for Ankara, Pluto appears to be on the Ascendant degree which could be seen as depressive and unhealthy for the people. See the lunar eclipse chart for Ankara, below.

Venus, the ruler of the lunar eclipse is closely connected with the eclipse degree with the H8 aspect, indeed Venus is in Capricorn where it will be retrograding starting from 19 December 2021. We can say that overall morale and satisfaction of people would be in jeopardy in this season. Venus will be in conjunction with Pluto around her station telling us that certain thoughtfulness and prissiness will be in the air. Moreover, this is not a very supportive outlook for the global economy and business cycles.

For Washington DC, this lunar eclipse highlights the 2nd/8th houses which could bring fluctuations and volatility in money markets and banking industries in general. There is a notable emphasis on real estate and property assets. Uranus in the 8th house which is opposed by Mars would indicate sudden up and downs for the markets and the credit ratings of the institutions. The critical Pluto return of the US which will be occurring throughout 2022, and the first one on 20 February 2022 could be triggered around this time of eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio. See the lunar eclipse chart for Washington DC, below.

For Beijing, China, Taurus is on the ascendant degree which brings the Moon to the fore. The matters involving economic security and stability of the people would be highlighted during this period. The Chinese administration seems to be very cautious and focused on external developments and also on the outside influences. As China is in its 1st house profection this year, there is an emphasized focus on the living conditions of people as well as economic fluctuations. See the lunar eclipse chart for Beijing, China, below.



This text is completed on 13 October 2021.


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