R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2020


Victorious warriors win first and then go to the war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.  Sun Tzu

A shaky full moon in Taurus, 31 October 2020

November starts with a highly exciting but unsettling full moon in Taurus. The fixed earth sign Taurus represents Earth Mother which is fecund and firm. Earth signs emphasize primary and bodily needs and the first earth sign’s inherent focus is security and stability. However, this full moon makes us aware that such a feeling of security is not currently available. Instead, during the Scorpio season, everything is in flux and changing. In mundane terms, Uranus certain suddenness and unpredictable change. Such change can manifest itself through revolutions, uprisings, and potentially disruptive events, like earthquakes in nature. Meanwhile, people also become more strong-willed to change things or sometimes would be targets of such unpredictable events.

In this respect, the Uranus-Asc line crosses over Anatolia thus visibly effective especially in the western parts of Turkey which might signify an increased risk of an earthquake. The presence of the Moon close to the Asc degree can be an apt symbol of an event which has an important effect on the public in general and man in the street. Potentially this could also involve financial markets which might bring economic turbulence and loss of financial safety for the general public. Meanwhile, Saturn-Pluto conjunct which happens to be on the midheaven might reflect heavy burdens and oppressive limitations for the government during this period. (See below full moon chart for Ankara, Turkey)

As seen in the following ACG map, Southern Japan is also under the strong angularity of Uranus conjunct with full moon. This full moon falls in the 10th house and is seen very close to the MC. An angular Uranus might indicate many things, but essentially it could bring a new awareness to the Japanese government as well as uranian events which could be seen worldwide. Yoshihide Suga who has been recently elected as new prime minister after long years of leadership of Shinzo Abe, was the chief cabinet secretary however it is said in the media that (BBC News, 16 September) his leadership would be tested especially in foreign policy.

In the first ten days of November, messenger Mercury will be stationary direct in Libra and in square aspect with Saturn for a quite long period. This could be a quite tiresome period for negotiations, legal issues, and communication in all kinds. Mercury will only enter Scorpion again on the 11th of November which indicates that disagreements and hostilities cannot be solved quickly and certain determination would be needed in this process.

As the presidential elections in the US will be held just after such a shaky full moon, the full moon chart for Washington DC might be a relevant indicator to consider for us. It is interesting to note that Mercury will be turning direct at the time of election day. In addition to that, both lights are seen in cadent houses (the 6th and the 12th) which could indicate certain complications and division over election results. On the other hand, Venus is the most elevated planet in the chart and is seen in her dignity in Libra. Perhaps, a female figure would be much more prominent in this respect. However, other conditions such as retrograde Mars brings disputations and recriminations in this election process. Moreover, Sun/Moon/MC midpoint which signifies the goals and determination is at 22 degree of Libra is partilly aspected by Pluto in Capricorn. Hence it can be said that current nasty power plays and corruptive forces would negatively impact election results, at worst.

While new moon occurs in Scorpio, Mars turns direct, 15 November, 2020

In the mid-November, things get a lot more striking. It seems like a new understanding is about to emerge. Finally, Mars goes direct at the very middle of Aries. During these days, transit Sun is closely in contact with Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which has already occurred a few days ago, on the 13th. All these are astrological signatures of a new power arising. Scorpio new moon is a powerhouse of awakening as well as going down into ourselves, healing and purification. As the new moon is closely aspected with Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, it would be interesting to look at the conjunction chart itself.

The chart set up for this conjunction has Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto trio around the midheaven especially in the Northeastern regions of the US. For Washington DC Saturn hovers on the MC. (See chart below)

That chart might show the prevailing conditions just after the presidential elections. It is noteworthy to find that Moon is aligned with a dignified but cadent Venus as well as opposed by Mars. Capricorn midheaven clearly indicates that more austere and contracting conditions are being shaped and the general public is well aware of these not so happy consequences. The new moon chart itself (see below) has a malevolent fixed star Algol on the midheaven which is also quite close to President Trump’s natal MC degree at 24 Taurus.

Interestingly, the new moon degree at 23 Scorpio falls very close to his IC. Astrologically the fourth house signifies both endings and beginnings hence indicating a quite sensitive time frame for him.

Scorpio new moon for Athens, Greece has striking features as the new moon arises with Asc hence reflects quite volatile and crises bearing conditions. Solar arc positions of Greece nation’s chart (24.7.1974) have SA Asc over Mars and SA Mars is in square to Asc degree around this period. Moreover, Scorpio is in the 4th house of this year’s solar return chart (Leo rises) which could produce concerns over the security of the land and would highlight internal issues. (see new moon chart for Athens, Greece)


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