R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2019


Potentially hazardous ! New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon in Scorpio occured on the 28th of October has potentially explosive and violent features due to its exact opposition to Uranus. This hard aspect might entail  risks for many occasions as well as a stimulus for change in our lives. However, in terms of mundane astrology, the hard aspects of Uranus are often times connected with upheavels, revolutions, great tension and uprisings. In terms of natural events, Uranus corresponds to earthquakes, sudden disasters as well as man made, technological accidents. As Scorpio-Taurus axis is especially related with change vs statusquo, personal and shared financial resources, such opposition is expected to bring certain events which affects financial markets as well as the stability of governments and leaders. The 4th degree of Scorpio has a very strong Mars nature as Mars own all 4 dignities (ruler, triplicity, term and decan). Hence Mars is much activated during this time.

When Mars is activitated as a temporary ruler of the new moon, his reign would bring major military developments, warlike conditions and highlights military figures as well as risks for human lives. This potentially hazardous astrological signature could be much more increased when transiting Mars is in a debilitated condition like in Libra. Moreover, new moon chart also contains a partile square aspect between Mars and triple conjunction of Saturn-Pluto and South node in Capricorn. I think, the exalt-exalt mutual reception between Mars and Saturn (Libra-Capricorn) represent further augmentation of these risky conditions.

Geographically, Mars and Saturn are seen angular around Turkey, Greece, Hungary and Eastern European countries such as Poland (Warsaw), as well as Libya, Egypt. The two malefic planets are also angular for Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Thailand, Indonesia and Phillipines in the South East Asia. We might assume that these are major hot spot locations where above mentioned stresses are expected to come to the fore.

For Ankara, Turkey, the lunation is also seen connected with the meridian axis (MC/IC) which produce further angularity. In this respect, Turkey’s recent advance in Northern Syria could bring very unstable conditions in terms of economic and financial resources as 2nd/8th houses are involved. (See the new moon chart for Ankara below)

Meanwhile, Warsaw (Poland) has a very strong paran relationship between Mars and Pluto. Both planets are seen on the cross of matter. Seriousness of this angularity might be related with the results of parliamentary elections which happened on 13th October which was highlighted by a tense Moon-Pluto square. According to the early results of the elections, the conservative nationalist Law and Justice Party had more than 40% of the vote. Scorpio new moon chart for Warsaw shows Mars partile on the Ascendant while Pluto is just on the subterranean point (IC). What do these planets mean being angular ? (See below Scorpio new moon chart for Warsaw, Poland) A potential threat in domestic matters with Libra rising might also indicate that matters relating to relationships (for example current government has been criticized over its position on gay rights) or diplomatic issues, or perhaps matters relating to land and mining industry.

Taurus full moon with inferior conjunction of Mercury in Scorpio

Taurus full moon will occur at 19’ 510 degree of Taurus on the November 12th which is closely connected with Pluto, retrograde Mercury and Saturn. This is a time period of inferior conjunction of Mercury indicating that communications are not much objective, open and transparent. Rather retrograde Mercury shows that there are many secret interactions and behind the scene activities. Indeed, Pluto’s connection with the lights might suggest activities which has deeper and secretive features in the realm of power politics or events just related with typical Plutonic characteristics such as large scale natural events or potentially disruptive events.

At the full moon, the Sun is just on the midpoint of Venus and Mars. Considering the full moon occuring in Taurus/Scorpio opposition, the atmosphere in the second half of the month, is expected to bring matters involving negotiations, sharing of resources or debating over peace and war.

For Ankara, Turkey, again, two malefics, Mars and Saturn are on the angular places. While the last degree of Aries rising, Mars is quite close to the Descendant point which puts Turkey into a vulnerable position in military matters along with heavy burdens for Turkish goverment with Saturn and Pluto around the MC. (See the full moon chart for Ankara below)

In terms of planetary pictures, the full moon is also connected with Mars/Neptune midpoint. Mars and Jupiter has also a partile sextile which suggests certain feel good factor and tendency for dreaming and well wishing.

For Brasilia, Brazil, Mars become angular being exactly on the MC while the full moon occupies the 4th/10th houses. This would be a rather tense period due to discontent between the people and the government. Mars in detriment on the MC might indicate certain conflict and problems regarding the press and social media. (Aries on the 3rd house and Mars also rules the 10th house) (See full moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil)


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