R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for May 2022


Partial solar eclipse in Taurus, 30 April 2022 GMT

Here we are in the eclipse season in which brand new emergent cycles are expected to bring unpredictable turns and twists during May and onwards. A solar eclipse in Taurus which is conjunct by Uranus would indicate rather unsettling conditions and winds of change which have been already active for many months. Earlier, we have noted that most of the transiting planets are contained within the same hemisphere of the nodal axis (Kala Sarpa, from the south to the north node) and such concentration would indicate sweeping changes and much disruption and now, we have arrived to such a point that the planets are ready to leave this containment bringing us much more free choices. Indeed, Mercury, the planet of negotiations and communication has already entered to Gemini. The planet which is at the other end of this containment is Pluto and interestingly, ME/PL midpoint directly sits on the vernal point, 0 degree of Aries. I would say that during this period, an intense communication and bargaining process can take place even it is carried out behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, an eclipse in Taurus would indicate accelerating changes in the world economy in which inflationary pressures have already been set in motion. The eclipse ruler, Venus seems to indicate much more expansionary conditions and almost limitless or undefinite amounts of money in the circulation. The Neptune is in the H8 midpoint structure of this eclipse/lunation. In addition to that, humanitarian concerns, greater emphasis in collective conscience due to severely disrupted conditions of people living under war conditions are reflected under Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The very same conjunction in Pisces had occurred in 1856 at the time some events pushed the American nation closer towards civil war. The treaty of Paris which ended the war (The Crimean war) between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire was also signed during this conjunction. Interestingly, my studies have shown me that Turkey has been historically responsive to the Jupiter-Neptune cycle.

Apart from the eclipse season, currently another striking cycle is becoming much more visible: Jupiter-Uranus. Although it is a waning semisquare between Aries and Taurus we find Jupiter at the cardinal degree of Aries at the exact time of this aspect forming. I think, this adds quite an excitement, innovation and leadership into the current atmosphere. Especially, the lunar eclipse in the middle of the month (16 May 2022) might present a culmination of these highly charged energies that bring out dynamic and surprising results.

The Taurus solar eclipse/new moon for Kiev gives a chart with Sagitarrius rising where Jupiter is in the 4th house (the homeland, security, borders) with Venus. The conjunction of the benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, can be seen as bettering conditions at least in comparison to the latest conjuncts of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Venus also rules the MC and she is still in her exaltation. Meanwhile, Saturn in the 3rd house of neighbours still slows down the communication and has the capacity to block any progress since it is closely in square with the nodal axis. The eclipse in the 6th house itself emphasizes tiring conditions for people with obstacles. As the eclipse has a semisquare relationship with Neptune but also  is connected with SA/PL midpoint, these significations correspond to collective concerns and vulnerabilities. The chart below shows the solar eclipse for Kiev, Ukraine.

The solar eclipse for Washington, DC shows the lights in the 9th house of international relations indicating that upcoming 6 months will be occupied with far ranging concerns and certain necessity to arrive much wider consensus. Indeed, both Venus (the ruler of the eclipse) and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction appear on the descendant reflecting ongoing universal and humanitarian concerns which are on the agenda of the country. On the other hand, the mutable signs on the cross of matter necessitates flexibility amid changing conditions. The Mercury, which rules both the 1st and the 10th houses (and the MC), thus establishing itself quite pivotal, could help to thrive on this fastly changing circumstances.


This eclipse chart for Tehran, Iran has much angularity, having the lights and the Uranus on the IC. There could be a growing vulnerability in relations with neighbours as the Pisces stellium falls into the 3rd house which might also include the Russia. Such concerns might involve issues like national security, natural events e.g. earthquakes or stability in the homeland which can be astrologically seen through Mars in the 3rd, as it rules the MC and the 4rd house. In the meantime, Capricorn on the ascendant would indicate more focused attention and increasing efforts to obtain new ways of income via oil and other earthly resources.


The solar eclipse chart for Beijing, China presents much intricate and invisible conditions for the next six months. As Aries rises, Mars falls in the 12th house of uncontrollable events and certain ambiguosness in matters relating to people and their health and organization. Meanwhile Pluto, which is connected to the eclipse along with Saturn via SA/PL midpoint exerts much heavier burden on economic activities and administration. As the 7th house ruler, Venus is in the 12th conjunct with Jupiter and Neptune, diplomacy and foreign relations can take on e more complex direction.


You can find these eclipse charts for Washington, Tehran and Beijing, below:


Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Scorpio, 16 May 2022 GMT

This is quite a blocking but also astonishing lunar eclipse which brings together the severity of Saturn and ambiguity of Mars-Neptune conjunction. Moreover, as we mentioned above, Jupiter-Uranus duo is also quite visible as Jupiter enters Aries just a few days before the lunar eclipse. These combinations might bring fresh starts as well as blocks and heavy burdens to the arising conditions. Lunar eclipses are times of intense realization and crisis especially when it happens in the sign of Scorpio. A south node lunar eclipse would indicate release of old patterns with greater turbulence. Saturn as the apex of the fixed t-square shows that there is a great need to preserve order and stability but in the meantime, certain deadlock has been reached in terms of people’s conditions, economic realities and our need for order.


On the other hand, Mars-Neptune conjunction tend to complicate the things and have dissipative effects. Especially when this conjunction happens to be in Pisces and aspected by the lights, there could be an element of collective issue which could derive from the water related things like seas, oceans, liquids or chemical material in origin. Mars/Neptune combination adds on weakness, hyper sensitivity and covert action which can be quite deceptive. We also should note that Mercury will be at an inferior conjunction with the Sun thus is in retrograde motion by the 3 June. Interestingly, it will be stationary direct at 26 degree of Taurus where the difficult and violent fixed-star Algol is situated. All these findings alert us that especially around the mid of May, we are going to go through quite complex and collectively unstable conditions.


For Kiev, Ukraine as well as Istanbul, Turkey Saturn hovers around the MC, thus pushing its restrictive and heavy nature on to the administrative issues.


This lunar eclipse shows quite critical conditions for London, UK as the lunar eclipse appears just on the descendant. As the lights on the horizon, symbolically it could focus our attention to the administrative concerns as well as things related to the royal family and the Queen. Interestingly we find that Pluto is also at the culmination point which would reflect transformation or certain forced conditions. Since the Asc ruler Venus is in detriment in the 12th house, this period could coincide with some events relating to instability, sorrow and depricating conditions for women in general. Please not that, both Moon and Venus are where they loose both essential and accidental dignities. Please find the lunar eclipse chart for London, UK, below.

It should be noted that for the most of the European countries, the eclipse will emphasize the 6th and the 12th houses, thus could bring a notable vulnerability in public work, order, health and manifacturing industries, hence difficulty in the allocation of economic resources. The ACG below shows the signs in the 10th house, when Pisces in the 10th place, the lights will be in the cadent houses (6-12)

For Beijing, China, the lights will be angular at the time of the lunar eclipse. The Moon is in fall is very close to the IC along with the south node. This does not bode well for the people’s security and the comfort. The problems relating to the earth, border security as well as issues relating to the neighbours could come to the fore during this period. The Sun on the midheaven is heavily afflicted by Saturn in superior position in the 6th house indicating that services, health and production industry could closely put demanding conditions on the administration or leader. Please find the lunar eclipse chart for Beijing, China, below.


This text is completed on 13 April 2022.


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