R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for May 2021


An unsettling full moon

Full Moon in Scorpio, 27 April 2021

Full Moons are exciting but full moons in Scorpio could be very edgy and sometimes scary. This full moon stirs much emotional energy and pumps certain feelings of insecurity due to its opposition by Uranus in Taurus. Earth-shattering experiences, both physical and spiritual are about to take place around this lunation. Matters of economic stability or instability, security or insecurity, peace or war are likely to dominate in this current Picture of the world. Scorpio is all about change and transformation but Uranus here adds more unpredictable elements and great awareness for putting behind old and rotten things. Meanwhile, Neptune’s gaze is even much stronger as there is a very close 8th harmonic relation (135 degrees) with the Moon. Neptune’s involvement might increase fragility or would create even more messy situations. On the other hand, it would bring much broader, collective/humanitarian needs into the scene. However, it seems very likely that our current experiences are much based on emotional security and issues related to home, security, nationalism, and problems around these matters since Mars in Cancer is strongly connected with this lunation.

The full moon’s relation with the horizon line is emphasized around Eastern Europe, regions covering Stockholm (Sweden), Baltic region, Eastern Poland, Western parts of Ukraine, Bucharest (Romania), and Istanbul (Turkey). See below ACG map of the full moon. Such sensitivity, instability, and insecurity might stem from the recent and ongoing disputes between Russia and Ukraine’s Donbass region.

Indeed the full moon’s chart for Kyiv, Ukraine shows Mars in early degrees of Cancer (in his fall and out of bound) in the 3rd house, the house of close regions, neighbors. This chart also indicates much threatening pressure over administration and a much stronger need to stay firm as Pluto is conjunct with MC while Saturn (ruler of the MC) is in the 10th house. Saturn’s apex position and angularity highlight certain enforcing circumstances. See below the full moon chart for Kyiv, Ukraine.

On the other hand, on the side of the US, the US president Biden is under monthly Scorpio profection which resides in his 12th house (house of undoing and hidden things), hence Mars becomes monthly time lord between April 20 and May 20, moreover, since Scorpio also rises in his current solar revolution chart, this brings transiting Mars (monthly time lord) to the 9th house (international affairs) in his yearly revolution. All these significators could indicate the complexity and the seriousness of these developing conditions. The bi-wheel chart below shows the full moon transiting his solar revolution which has been cast for Washington, DC.

In the full moon chart for Tokyo, Japan, (see below) the luminaries fall into angular places and Jupiter, beneficently, is seen right on the Dsc. This might signify much more hopeful prospects and also a greater aspiration for social progress and freedom. In the meantime, more stable economic policies could be within the grasp of the government. Summer Olympic Games are expected to begin next July. However, the postponement of the games from 2020 to 2021 and the costs for the COVID-19 hygiene plan have driven up the bill to at least 2.74 billion US dollars. It seems that Scorpio full moon brings a total review of the national concerns.

New prospects

New Moon in Taurus, 11 May 2021

The new moon in Taurus represents new potentials and potentially a much more positive outlook since the greater benefic Jupiter will have ingressed to Pisces where he has rulership around this new moon. Although Jupiter will stay quite a few months initially, this will be the first time for Jupiter to gain an essential dignity since he has been in Saturn ruled signs since the end of 2019. Jupiter’s ingress to Pisces on the 14th of May would herald much gentler times for healing and recuperation, at least let us hope in this direction. This lunation brings out the best sides of Pisces and Taurus which include an appreciation of finer things in life, arts, and satisfaction in both physical and spiritual life. Indeed Venus in the early degrees of Gemini at this period, provides us with a much more lively, communicative, and juvenile disposition. Similarly, Neptune’s close aspect to the new moon would help us to focus our attention on the more subtle aspects of life and a greater vision for the future. Neptune could also indicate greater effort for humanitarian concerns which might be arising in the meantime.

Additionally, both JUP/UR (5 13 Aries) and JUP/SA (21 34 Aquarius) midpoints find a place in the midpoint tree of this new moon. This could be interpreted as an urge and motivation for economic and political reforms, progress, and inventions.

Taurus new moon for Paris, France brings a greater activity and awareness in diplomatic relations as well as several disputes in the international arena. Scorpio rising and Mars in Cancer in the 9th house could pinpoint issues in religious matters and vulnerabilities in this area. Starting from the 6th of May, France will experience the 10th house Capricorn monthly profection, and Capricorn is in the 9th house in the solar revolution along with Jupiter, Saturn, and the MC. Natal Saturn is situated in the 9th house/Sag. The propensity of significators relating to the 9th house might bring events having international importance, religion, and legislation. The chart below shows the Taurus new moon chart set for Paris.

During this period, we are going to witness Saturn’s retrograde movement starting from the 23rd of May, 2021. The next Saturn-Uranus square aspect will be perfected around mid-June but its potentiality would be much more visible upon its retrograde motion. The new moon chart for San Francisco, CA (below) shows Saturn angular just on the descendant point whereas Uranus is also in the vicinity of MC, hence quite visible. The Asc/MC midpoint for San Francisco contains some heavy combinations such as Neptune, UR/MC, SA/MC, SO-MO/PLU. As Saturn-Uranus combinations might indicate potential natural events concerning the earth or the release of huge energy chunks, this would be a period in which people would suffer due to Saturn’s direct opposition to the Asc.


Completed on 15 April 2021.


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