R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for May 2020


An extraordinarly tense New Moon in Taurus, April 23rd 2020

The recent new moon in Taurus depicts a tense but also hopeful perspective for us as we humans are being extremely anxious and fragile nowadays. This is a strongly adverse configuration that Saturn and Uranus, both having opposing natures are poised to prepare for an upcoming waning square which actually will be perfected in the next year, 2021. As both planets prone to show obstinate qualities in the fixed signs, (Aquarius & Taurus), such combination currently might signify an increasing stress and disaccord resulting in severe and dire conditions. These growing tension could give rise to social unrest along with ongoing economic recession in global sense. Furthermore, such tense combination might also signify natural events especially earthquakes in potentially greater magnitudes.

However, on the positive side, as the new moon also forms a semi-square with Neptune, new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs could be sighted in our horizon. Indeed current efforts which are now being made towards finding a medical solution against Covid-19 is quite a possibility when Uranus and Neptune are both connected. Hence, we are in such times that universal concerns might result in more tangible results and discoveries. 

Nevertheless, current course of events is heavily affected by slowing Venus which will be in retrograde motion starting from 13th of May, 2020. Usually  retrograde transit of Venus can be interpreted as social discontent, displeasure and lowering social interaction which have been already established with the recent ingress of Saturn in Aquarius namely social distancing and restrictions. 

The new moon chart for London, UK unfortunately shows quite restrictive conditions for the public as the Ascendant is besieged by the malefics, namely Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. The sixth and the twelfth houses which holds the lunar nodes in Cancer/Capricorn axis might be indicative of critical state of national health services and doctors in general since Saturn harms the Moon (the ruler of the 6th house) with a superior square. (See below the new moon chart for London, UK)

In the meantime, Mars/Asc rising line is seen to go across the Western Europe from Spain to France, Belgium and Netherlands, indicating that Europe under stressful influence of Mars in Aquarius.

For Tehran, Iran, the new moon in Taurus draws our attention as Taurus also rising in the region. Here is Jupiter and Pluton culminates at the midheaven for Tehran and Mars forms a square aspect to the Ascendant degree. Interestingly, Asc/MC midpoint also falls on Neptune thus bringing striking interplay of all outer planets. Currently, Iran is managing well despite earlier steep rise of the Covid-19 cases. However, these planetary pictures might also indicate a new political atmosphere. Indeed Iran’s 2020 Solar return chart also seems to be striking that Jupiter and Pluto are just on the descendant. Hence we might assume further political pressure on Iran’s government. The yearly profected sign for 2020 is also Capricorn which is in the 7th house in the solar return chart. (See below charts for new moon in Taurus (Tehran) as well as solar return chart of Iran for 2020)

Intense and peak experience Full Moon, Full Moon in Scorpio, May 7th, 2020

Because of the delayed measure of lockdown in New York, there have been increasing number of deaths due to Coronavirus in this region. While Taurus New moon appeared in the 6th house for New York, (with a square of Saturn from the 3rd house) Scorpio full moon accentuates the 6th/12th house axis which emphasizes illnesses and isolation. Security of people is highly endangered with the Moon in her fall especially in the 6th house. Moon also have whole sign square aspect with Mars which also harms Mercury, Ascendant ruler. (See below full moon chart for New York, NY)

Scorpio full moon on the 7th of May coincides with a stationary Venus in Gemini which will be retrograding on the 13th. Significantly, as both planets are associated with comfort and protection of people and when these feminine figures are being weakened, feelings of insecurity and discomfort, issues relating to motherhood or womanhood could suffer and become defective. Hence, we may assume that this period of full moon, the time period up to the 22nd May (new Moon in Gemini) would be quite a peak period of the prevailing conditions.

The full moon appears at the 17th degree of Scorpio and this degree also triggers the position of the Moon in the recent solar return chart of Turkey. Turkey has also steepest rates of infection although medical treatment has been doing well in terms of much lower death rates. The last solar return chart had Virgo rising and there was a new moon in Scorpio in the 3rd house which might be seen as indication issues with close neighbours and borders. (Bearing in mind that rising issues of refugees as well in the first months of the year) It can be said that this full moon might also indicate a high alert period for Turkey as Virgo rises along with two malefics in the 6th house.  (See below full moon chart for Istanbul, Turkey)

Fragile times ahead, New Moon in Gemini, 22 May 2020

Gemini new moon on the 22nd of May shows up precarious and uncertain conditions.  The next full moon in Sag which will be effective from the 5th of June is also alerting as both Mars and Neptune are at the apex of the both lights. Gemini new moon too is squared by Mars and connected by Saturn with a trine aspect. Is it too early to consider that prevailing conditions would be much waning in this period especially before the upcoming solar eclipse which will be at the 0 degree of Cancer, a cardinal degree ? It seems that at least we need to wait for this North node eclipse which happens to be on a pivotal place as Cancer indicates the security and the untapped potential of  the human as a species. 

The aspectual connection of the both malefic planets with the lights (the Sun & Moon) may represent and hopefully might endow us with the strenght and discipline that we require to overcome such pandemia. Interestingly, the new  moon in Gemini is also on the H8 midpoint of Pluto/Chiron at the 1 degree of Pisces which could indicate a universal suffering as well as healing powers. 


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