R. Hakan Kirkoglu – Lunation Report for May 2019


Taurus New Moon: Both strong and fragile

The middle (15) degrees of the fixed signs are supposed to be the most inert and fixed parts of the Zodiac. The new moon in Taurus which will occur on the 5th of May has such qualities of immovability as the new moon appears at 14º10′ Taurus. Taurus likes to settle down and stillness but also Uranus appears in the early degrees of Taurus suggesting that winds of change and reversal of prevailing conditions. Hence in this period we may accross at several contradictory situations in which certain resistance to change would be apparent and rising. 

On the other hand, Neptune, having a sextile aspect to the new moon degree, bestows artistic impressionability and sensibility which would be good for creative persons and visionaries. As Venus conjuncts with Sun/Neptune midpoint as well as being at the South bend in Aries, there are plenty inspiration and motivation for artistic people especially in the first half of the month. However, Saturn and the South node are still cruising together and certain regions where this combination are on the angles could prone to corruption and failures in politics. For example, Western China, Kolkata in India and Dakka in Bangladesh are such places. Saturn/South node can also be effective in Balkans, in Serbia as well as in Belarus. For Moscow, Russia, Pluto seems to strongly placed on the Ascendant which might result in public discontent and negative Outlook. (See new moon chart for Belgrade, Serbia)

As Taurus is closely linked to the economic activities and capital, as well as solid  foundations, this could be a startling period for risk averse people and many investors. Uranus is connected with both lights through Pluto in Capricorn as UR=MO/PL=SUN/PL. The countries in central Europe, especially Poland, Hungary, Austria are seen more prone to issues relating to cultivation of land, farming as well as security and stability. Whereas in Stockholm, Sweden is more accentuated with disputes in media, in academic milieu or polarisation with different point of views since Mars-Jupiter opposition is just seen on the horizon. (See new moon chart below for Warsaw, Poland)

One of the stiriking aspects patterns around this new moon is the T-square of Mars-Jupiter with Neptune on the apex. Mutable signs create much fuss, discussion and indecisiveness and Neptune makes it further chaotic and unreliable. Mars-Jupiter oppositions are welknown of their hot quarrels and they create extremism, provocation and fanaticism around certain ideas and beliefs. For certain regions of the world, this T-square may manifest in different settings: As Mars on the MC for San Francisco, certain disputes and excitement could be more prominent in the media. In Turkmenistan, Jupiter is culminating, leaders and religious clergy might be prominent on the agenda. Neptune culminates for Melbourne, Australia: There could be administrative chaos or fraudulent activities. 

A dangerous Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Full moon on the May 19th seems to be rather dangerous one as Mars also will be in the early degrees of Cancer where he has much dignities in his  own terms. Full moons have usually  been times of maximum emotional volatility and physical uneasiness and this full moon is especially so as Mars/Pluto midpoint has a close contact with the new moon. (semi-square) Such eruptive energy could manifest itself in various ways: violence, terrorist acitivities, explosions or disruptive natural events, especially hazards originating from deep water. While Mars/MC line cross over Middle America and Mexico, Mars also is on the Western horizon (Asc) for Rome, Italy, Croatia, Budapest, Hungary, Slovakia, Southern Poland and Belarus. We might expect risky events for inhabitants, certain unrest among people and damage to their health.

Full Moon chart is also striking for Istanbul showing Saturn/South node and Pluto cluster just on the Ascendant for Istanbul, Turkey. This is quite attention-grabbing as the MC/IC axis also falls on the previous Taurus new moon degree, while Asc/MC midpoint connects with Uranus and Neptune.  Having both malefics angular, this would be a very troublesome time period for Istanbul and environs. When the angles of the chart are heavily occupied with unsettled energies, prevailing conditions could give rise to unexpected turns of events and much discontent among people. (See full moon chart below for Istanbul, Turkey)

Another noteworthy feature of this Scorpionic full moon is that the Sun is also conjunct with one of the violent stars, Algol. Currently at 26 25 degree of Taurus, this star is closely linked with violence and intensity. The potential for disruptive events can be much more heightened as Mars transits where he is in fall. The full moon appears just on the western horizon for Melbourne, Australia. This region of the world can be more susceptible to security issues and dangers related to sea and wetlands. (See full moon chart for Melbourne, Australia)

Finally, this full moon gives Jupiter and Neptune both angular for Karachi, Pakistan. This would be a time period in which media, international affairs and religious issues can be much highlighted in Pakistan and environs. Ongoing events can bring chaotic or misleading conditions to the public. As Jupiter/Neptune midpoint also coincides with Asc/MC in Aquarius, public life could be influenced by speculative expectations as well as deceptive elements. (See full moon chart for Karachi, Pakistan)


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