R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2022


New Moon in Pisces, 2 March 2022 GMT

On the surface, this new moon in Pisces appears to have the gentle waves of Pisces with benevolent Jupiter conjunction and invogorating Uranus sextile. Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac provides us an understanding of universal concerns/suffering, a sense of unison with the cosmos and generosity. Indeed, it is the sign of dreamers as well as victims and stigmatized persons. However, the H8 midpoint structure of the new moon reflects much more dynamic but also weary conditions. During this period of time, the planets of war and peace are coming together with Pluto in Capricorn. However, this conjunction indicates very deprecating and harsh circumstances for Venus as while Mars gets exalted here, Venus finds no solace at all. Indeed, Mars/Pluto conjunction reinforces an ultra martial, cruel and oppressive atmosphere.


Let’s hope that protective and generous side of Jupiter prevails and we could find a positive outlet of these mostly abrasive attitudes. For the most part of the Europe, including Warsaw, Poland, the lunation gives Virgo rising thus emphasizing the dynamics of the 7th house, confrontations, diplomacy and warring parties. For London and Paris the lunation appears to be very close to the descendant point so that a sense of opposition could be very visible and inevitable whereas Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland look like more uncertain and undefined as Neptune is close to the Dsc degree.


The new moon chart for Bucharest, Romania shows 0 degree of Libra and in Kiev, Ukraine, early degrees of Libra rises. These early degrees are also ruled by Saturn (quite a malefic in nocturnal charts) where he gets exalted. The Venus, the ruler of Asc seems quite deprived of security and peace as she is perfecting a violent conjunction with both Mars and Pluto. Although the chart is quite similar for Moscow, Russia, the term ruler of the Asc shifts to Mercury which is also conjunct with Saturn. As these lunation charts have cardinal signs at the cross of matter, the action and fastness of conditions would be very striking. Cancer on the MC obviously reflects national concerns, security and vulnerability. At the time of writing of this post, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still looming on the horizon. Interestingly, this lunation happens to be in the Cancer dwad (dwadamsa: 2,5 degree, 1/12 parts of each zodiacal sign) of Pisces, even accentuating issues related with protection, security and fears. Please see below the lunation charts for Paris, Berlin and Kiev below:




The Pisces lunation for Washington, DC, USA shows Cancer on the ascendant with an emphasis in the 9th house. Jupiter is notably very close to the MC degree. This might augur well for prominence, advancement and successful endeavours. However, the term ruler of the Asc is Mars and its presence in the 7th house portends similar conditions which we  have noted for Europe. The USA Sibley chart indicates that year lord for the 2021-2022 period becomes Venus and interestingly during the early days of March, Venus is about to conjunct with Mars and Pluto which might be interpreted as quite unstable and unpeaceful. Please see below the lunation charts for Washington, DC, USA.

Full Moon in Virgo, 18 March 2022 GMT

The full moon is like a reflection point and this lunation in Virgo is more so. The moon is completely far away from the other planets thus assumes much more focused role in this lunation. However, the Moon is not in her dignities and being in the late degrees of Virgo (in the terms of Mars) she does not feel very secure and confortable. Rather, she is exposed to the aspects from the outer planets, thus she could feel quite strange and anxious. The full moon makes a sesquisquare with Uranus, an opposition with Neptune and a trine with Pluto. The trines would be fine but Moon with Pluto is not a peaceful aspect at all. During this period, people would live certain uneasiness, alineation and confusion. Dealing with outer planets aspects for la luna is not easy.


The full moon for Washington, DC, USA reflects more pensive and serious attitude as Capricorn rises and MC in Scorpio demands much more sharp focus in administration. The lunation in the 3rd and the 9th houses echoes the Pisces new moon that took place two week ago but this time reflects more concerns and residuals of the events. The stellium in the 3rd house Pisces would indicate an openness to the communication and dialogues however the diplomatic ties would be very whimsical, vage or out of reality. However, Jupiter in Pisces, and upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction might lead to humanitarian initiatives and more concerned relations. The SU/MC midpoint in Capricorn (@13 57 Capricorn) also emphasize the heaviness and more sober outlook. Please see below the lunation charts for Washington, DC, USA.

For Berlin and Rome, Pluto hovers close around the MC prompting heaviness and burdensome conditions and both malefics (Saturn ruling the 9th, Mars ruling the 7th and the 12th) enclosing Venus, Asc ruler, render rather difficult conditions for the government and the objectives.


Virgo full moon brings quite a persistently unsettled economic conditions for Beijing, China. Saturn and Uranus forms a paran relationship on the angles that are in fixed signs. Saturn on the 7th house, along with Venus and Mars talks about issues about crowds, protests or critics in opposing nature. During this period, financial stability and economic concerns for the administration would present more vulnerable conditions as Venus, the ruler of the 10th, is afflicted by both malefics. On the other hand, the position of the 2nd house ruler Mercury seems to indicate similar ups and downs. Please see below the lunation chart for Beijing, China.


This text is completed on 14 February 2022.


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