R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2021

Time to think it over again

Full Moon in Virgo, 27 February 2021

The latest full moon in Virgo portends us a time of review and reconsideration. In fact, last year around the time of Virgo full moon, (9 March 2020) Italy had begun the first national quarantine amid Coronavirus break-out. The Full Moon in Virgo represents acute awareness about health, wellbeing, and the necessary order of our daily life and environment. Although certain vaccination already has been initiated since December, the number of new cases show still considerable resistance due to emerging new mutations. This time around, the full moon is seen in aspect with Venus (by opposition) as well as occurs in the term ruler of Venus at 8 57 Virgo. Moreover, the Moon is on the midpoint of Saturn/Chiron as a focussed Yod. Vulnerabilities and suffering abound while systematic efforts are being carried out during this period. However, certain improvements and new solutions are also on the horizon as the full moon is in trine aspect with Uranus.

Generally speaking, the midpoints which are close to the SO/MO  are MA/NE=X=VE/NN suggests misplaced actions or over-zealous intentions might give rise to cooperation and organizations led by women or at least a necessity of cooperation. The presence of Venus (in Pisces) in this lunation might bring forward issues relating to human sympathy, social services, humanitarian efforts, and women’s problems as well as art and creative imagination.

In the first half of March, transit Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts with Jupiter once again in direct motion on the 5th of March, and Mars will be ingressing to Gemini which would signal a time of increasing stress on travel, communication, and transportation, including distribution of vaccines. Meanwhile, around the same dates, the Sun will be in square to the nodal axis which might be related with an increasing effort and considerable push for widespread vaccination around the globe.

London, Madrid, and Paris have Aries rising at this lunation while the more eastern regions and the rest, like Brussels and Amsterdam, have Taurus rising which brings Venus into a more beneficial position. As the lights fall into 6th/12th houses for Aries rising regions like London, prevailing health concerns would be much prominent in these regions. Please see the full moon chart for London, UK, below.

Additionally, Prague, Czech Republic, and Vienna, Austria witness to Mars-Pluton parans at the time of the full moon. Such combination would testify to events that involve more violence and severeness as well as social unrest.

In the far East, Tokyo, Japan demonstrates a visible public vulnerability as the Moon appears on the ascendant degree. Virgo-Pisces polarity and the angularity of Venus in relation to the Moon might show events relating to the women, gender-based problems as well as emerging health issues. See the chart for Tokyo, Japan below.

Universal concerns

New Moon in Pisces, 13 March 2021

The new moon in Pisces comes with some Mars flavor since it occurs where Mars is one of the rulers, as well as this point, falls into the Scorpio decan of Pisces. This could add a certain atmosphere of crises, battle alike situations, and confronting attitude towards emerging issues. This Pisces new moon has also a strong element of Venus and Neptune which might signify universal concerns, sensitiveness, impressionability, and ideals around this period. However, prevailing conditions might not be soft and easy as both Pluto and Saturn-Uranus square is seen to have an impact over the new moon degree. Pluto adds transformative and coercive forces while Saturn-Uranus midpoint entails tense situations, risks, and necessary determination.

During the second half of March, we are going to witness more martial energy and arise of a new cycle under Aries ingress of the Sun along with Mars conjunct with North node accentuating more risks and disputes.

For Beijing, China, this period emphasizes international relations and certain confrontation as the new moon appears in the 7th house in addition to Mars being angular in the 10th house. Pisces on the 7th house might signify vulnerabilities and confusion in reciprocal agreements as well as impressionability which affects the administrative actions. There might be a tendency towards a more confrontational stance in the government and this could be more visible at the end of March.

This year China is having its 12th house Capricorn profection and the year lord Saturn happens to be in the 8th house/Virgo. During March, China will be in its 5th house/Gemini monthly profection where transiting Mars is. Having Gemini in the 2nd house in the solar return, could give rise to more initiative and assertiveness in trade and financial markets. See the new moon chart for Beijing, China below.

For Washington, DC, USA, the Pisces new moon brings an emphasis on trade and financial markets too. Mercury, the planet of trade and agreements is just seen on the Ascendant. Aquarius rising indicates a very busy and responsible period in terms of people’s needs and their opinions. However, Pisces on the 2nd house might show issues regarding social help and the conditions of the poor and the people on the fringes. Social issues and charities would be much more on the agenda of the government. See the new moon chart for Washington, Dc, below.


Completed on 15 February 2021.


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