R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2020


A contagious new moon in Pisces, February 23th 2020

Pisces new moon that occured on February 23th at 3:31:52 GMT shows a bundle configuration with Mars and Uranus at the both ends. Hence Mars/Uranus midpoint happens to be just on the new moon degree. This is a combination of sudden and disruptive action which might bring very unsettling conditions. In the sign of Pisces, such midpoint could mean that its effects might result in something global scale or having widespread concerns. As Pisces is closely related with organic matters, liquids, including blood or organic tissues, such astrological configuration can be linked with prevailing global health issues, e.g. Corona virüs. 

The limitless and all encompassing features of Pisces is expected to bring us a strong focus as the Mars/Uranus midpoint almost centers on the middle of this bundle configuration reflecting the containment that we are living in. Meanwhile, in the background, we are having the first of the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. This combination also works through universal concerns, benevolence and humanitarian efforts. However, as Jupiter is in exile in Capricorn and its conjunction with the South node coincided with the spread of the virus earlier, this soft aspect, might not be fortunate enough. Moreover, in this period of time, Mercury is having an inferior conjunction with the Sun, along with out of bounds Mars is also approaching to the south node which is another destructive aspect. Mars-south node combination could be much energy draining and violent in manifestation.

Pisces new moon for Beijing, China has Scorpio rising. An apt symbol for the prevailing times as Scorpio usually connotates conditions around risky and dangerous situation. In this case, Mars-south node conjunction just appears in the 3rd house indicating unsettling and risky close environment. Mars’ partile sextile with the new moon degree makes the situation even more complicated as it also rules the 6th house of illnesses. Mars is associated with ilnesses related with blood. (See below new moon chart for Beijing, China)

Australia, especially Southeastern regions, between Adelaide and Melbourne, might also be effected with close environment health concerns. Mars is angular for this region and Pisces on the 3rd house along with IC/MC (Pisces/Virgo) symbollically describe conditions related to health concerns. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces also rules the 6th house.  (See below new moon chart for Sydney, Australia)

Utmost care is neeed ! Full moon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020

Full moon in Virgo on the 9th of March, seems to highly descriptive of the fragile conditions and measures which we have been dealing with for a couple months. Full moons represent major evaluations and final decisions as well as culmination of the things. Clearly Virgo full moon leads us to ponder on highly sensitive issues in terms of health, hygiene and all service related conditions in our daily environment. Hence, we could truely appreciate that how our lives are depended on such fine balance of health and nature. 

While Virgo full moon accentuates that fragile balance, Neptune adds more foggy conditions and once again stress uncertainty and our sensitivity among many our weaknesses. The singleton Moon in Virgo highly denotes our focused attention to health and our environmental issues. While the full moon in the 10th house, mostly in China, it is especially on the MC around the middle regions of China as well as Mongolia, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia in the Southeastern Asia. (See below ACG map for Virgo full moon)

Full moon in Virgo puts also considerable attention to London, UK. As you can see , the full moon is just on the ascendant for London which might indicate sensitive conditions for the public and environment. Apart from health issues, this could stem from repercussion related with  the second phase of the Brexit negotiations. Furthermore, stationary direct Mercury in the 6th house shows considerable attention to public services and business related concerns and perhaps amelioration in the areas related with health and industry. (See below full moon chart for London, UK)


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