R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for June 2022


New Moon in Gemini, 30 May 2022 GMT

There has been tremendous martial energy since Mars ingressed in Aries on the 25th of May and this yang, male energy is seen further augmented by the Mars-Jupiter conjunction which occurred just before the new moon in Gemini. If we examine the Aries ingress chart of Mars, (see below) we find partile Moon-Mars conjunction which brings a more focused emphasis on this particular transit. Strikingly, Mars is quite close to the Asc degree for Moscow, Russia, meanwhile, ASC Mars-Asc line cross over the Eastern Black Sea (Neptune-Asc line over Azov sea) and goes down to Southeastern Turkey, Syria, and the Middle East. Neptune-Asc line goes over Israel. It seems that these regions might be closely affected by this current Mars Aries transit. Indeed, Turkey with Cancer on the ascendant will experience Mars-Jupiter conjunction in her 10th house, emphasizing leadership as well as rising martial tensions in the region.

Around the Gemini new moon, Mercury is seen about to turn direct, (stationary) but having a superior square from the stationary Saturn as well. Mercury is also conjunct with an inauspicious star Algol at the 26 degree of Taurus, which usually denotes cruelty and violence. Mercury’s position is quite important not because it is stationary but also because it rules the current lunation in Gemini. As the lunar nodes are also in the picture, Mercury-Saturn square in this context can indicate ongoing blocks in communication and negotiations.


On the other hand, the current Mars-Jupiter conjunction indicates highly energetic, excited but unbalanced attitudes for countries that experience this conjunction on their 7th house, especially when it is closer to the Dsc point. In this regard, Kyiv, Ukraine, Moscow, Russia, Ankara, Turkey, Damascus, Syria, Tel Aviv, Israel, all these countries have been seen under the full power of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. This is a conjunction which combines ample supplies of energy, competitiveness as well as impatience, and certain prejudice. Hence during this period, martial energy would spill over larger areas and could be quite destabilizing.


The lunation charts for Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and Israel all have Libra on the Ascendant meaning that striving to find a balance and diplomacy have paramount clause but irritation and agitation would easily flare up suddenly on any occasion. Furthermore, Venus, the ruler of the Asc, is now in Taurus however being in the 8th house might indicate that any attempt for reconciliation or peace could face to crisis or cannot be established smoothly. Here the lunation chart for Moscow (see below) shows quite fragile, easily irritated relations. It is important to note that the next NATO meeting will be held at the end of June in Madrid and at this meeting, new strategic concepts will be adopted under current circumstances. You may check yourself that the next full moon chart for Moscow has also Libra ascendant while Mars is closely situated on the western angle.

Most of the western European capitals show the lunation in the 10th house and the lights are culminating for Belgium, Netherlands but especially for Geneva, Switzerland. Whereas both Warsaw, Poland, and Helsinki, Finland have lunation charts with Neptune on the Descendant point. As these countries have direct borders with Russia, the ongoing atmosphere shows vulnerability and ambiguousness in diplomacy. Finland’s potential decision for joining NATO seems to be quite striking as the country is currently under Aquarius, the 9th house of yearly profection whereas natal Saturn is in Leo (detriment) in the 3rd house of neighbors. The potential culmination of events would center around May-June as this will be the halftime of Finland’s solar return. Here below, please find the Gemini new moon chart for Helsinki, Finland.

 Let us also note that this Gemini lunation at 9 degree activates the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (major cycle) that occurred in the late 19th century. This is one of the longest synodic cycles which indicates massive, civilizational implications. Being in the air element, this conjunction highlights the cultural importance and supremacy of knowledge, curiosity, increasing pace of communication and transportation as well as technological advances. Beginning in 2024, Neptune-Pluto will be waxing sextile cycle in which technological and civilizational advances will be even more emphasized, with significant flowering of this long-term cycle that shapes history.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, 14 June 2022 GMT

After the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction recently at 23 degrees in Pisces, this full moon amplifies the Neptunian principle, bringing our attention to collective conscience, issues of faith, and certain ideologies. During this period, we need to pay more attention to human suffering and universal causes, meanwhile, the presence of Neptune would also create an atmosphere full of uncertainty, confusion, and certain necessity to define our existing borders and rules. Indeed, having retrograde Saturn in trine aspect to the luminaries indicates such a requirement highlighting the need to establish much-wanted order in terms of our ideologies, outlook, and perspective. A full moon in Sagittarius would also emphasize a necessary consensus in international affairs. Interestingly, a NATO Summit will be held between 28-30 June in Madrid, approaching the end of this lunation as well as around the next new moon (29 June) in Cancer. See below the full moon chart for Madrid, Spain. The chart brings the Sun to the midheaven thus highlighting the dominant agenda of communication and assessment of the ongoing developments.

We need to pay attention that Mercury will also be re-entering Gemini after its troubled retrograde motion just before this full moon on 13 June 2022. This ingress could facilitate ongoing communications and negotiations as it perfects a sextile aspect with Jupiter in Aries, just before the Sun’s ingress in Cancer.

In Europe, from Berlin eastwards, the full moon charts show Libra on the Ascendant bringing dynamic Mars and Jupiter into the 7th house. Hence, we might say that during the second half of June, ongoing relations with Russia would be striking and critical since Mars will be exactly on the Descendant for Kyiv, and quite close for Moscow. Please see below the full moon chart for Kyiv, Ukraine.

Upcoming Mars Aries transit and Jupiter transit can be a quite dynamic and stimulating changes for France. The national chart of France has many planets in cardinal signs in angular places, moreover, Mars will be transiting over Asc degree on 22 June. This year France has been living her 4th house Cancer profection in which the Moon is also placed, indicating that the country is much more exposed to insecurities and internal strifes, and the opposition parties have been gaining much ground. The current Sag full moon will occur in the 9th house and will be activating Saturn in that sign thereby international issues as well as administrative problems would be on the agenda. Interestingly, the full moon chart for Paris shows the Sun on the midheaven forming a paran relationship with Neptune on the descendant. This configuration might relate to the confusion, scandalous events, and complex issues for the government and President Macron. Please find below the full moon chart for Paris, France.

This text is completed on 12 May 2022.


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