R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for June 2021


Plenty of Jupiter during eclipse season

Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 26 May 2021

Here again, we are sailing highly charged times denoted by lunar nodes where eclipses manifest powerfully around this time of the year. An emphasis on Gemini-Sagittarius brings forward issues relating to communication of ideas, different ethos, faiths and religions as well as ideologies. Mutable signs tend to dissipate energy without certain focus exacerbating already highly strung parties if Mars is also involved.

A south node total lunar eclipse on the 26th of May certainly ignites already boiling conditions in the Middle East, as it forms a highly concentrated mutable T-square with a focus on Jupiter, as well as Mars being on its midpoint. In this region, the cross of matter is all settled by mutable signs as Virgo rises. Moreover, Mars is heading towards an opposition with Pluto during these days. Although Mars is not an out-of-bound planet anymore, he still retains his very high northern declination. The combination of highly charged Jupiter with Mars along with lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on top of it represents very volatile and easily charged conditions in which religious hostilities and conflicting ideologies would escalate and diffuse rampantly.

The chart of the lunar eclipse for Tel-Aviv, Israel brings the full moon into angular places while Neptune is quite close to the Dsc point. Ascending sign Virgo also falls into the 12th house in the national chart of Israel (Libra rises). All these significators do not bode well for sustaining a firm peace in the region. We wish that this lunar eclipse would mean a fair assessment of the recent events, however, this could be another chapter in the ongoing brutalities and unproportioned exertion of power against civilians. Meanwhile, starting from the 14th of May, Israel’s national chart shows that Mars becomes the year lord and transiting Mars in Cancer (in his fall) appears closely on Israel’s solar revolution chart’s Ascendant. We need to pay attention that profected Mars will be in Libra early days of June (6th of June) and Mars as a year lord will have his return in late July (27th of July). All these indicate that very hot and disruptive times are ahead of us in the Middle East. See below the SR chart 2021 for Israel.

The upcoming lunar eclipse seems to bring quite busy circumstances for American administration as Jupiter in Pisces at the apex sitting very close to midheaven. Gemini on the ascendant along with Mercury on the Asc degree (the 7th house according to Sibley chart) and the eclipse itself in the 7th house indicate frenetic doses of exchange and negotiations and Jupiter just on the MC (ruling both 7th and the 10th  houses) might show necessary large scale involvement in foreign affairs. In terms of foreign relations, Sagittarius south lunar node in the 7th house would also bring inevitable conclusions and certain exaggerated reactions if the developing conditions are not handled wisely. See below the lunar eclipse chart for Washington DC.

The time around this lunar eclipse is also dominated by strong Neptunian currents. Both Mercury (which is already stationary) and Venus are under superior square from Neptune. Meanwhile, Mars again is connected with Neptune via trine aspect. Although Neptune represents high art and inspirational artistic productivity it also brings chaotic times and situations in which collective forces play a major role with certain helplessness. Mercury-Neptune squares could be very misleading and illusionary especially when Mercury is about to turn retrograde. This square becomes much more visible around Eastern Europe especially for Kyiv, Ukraine, as well as in the Western parts of Turkey. The presence of Neptune on the Dsc blurs borders and renders the current situation much more unclear and complex, hence creating a hot mess. See the lunar eclipse chart for Kyiv, Ukraine. The same chart nearly holds also for Turkey.

Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini, 10 June 2021

Tenseness in the air: Saturn-Uranus square revisited

There will be an annular solar eclipse in Gemini closely conjunct with retrograde Mercury. The eclipses around the North lunar node would yield more constructive ends and eclipses in Gemini could be significant heralding creative changes and flourishing and increasing communications, dealings, trade, and sharing in the world. Well, this could be an apt symbol of the conditions in the new normality after massive vaccination efforts. However, it seems that this would be rather an unsettled and not quite smooth process as the eclipse degree occurs in the term degree of Mars in Gemini. Indeed retrograde Mercury demonstrates that there would be lots of change, repeat and certain trials and errors in the upcoming period. Furthermore, the eclipse degree is seen occupied with UR/PL and SA/PL midpoints which make the whole situation in the world more unpredictably stressful and transformative with painful experiences.

The square aspect from Neptune might indicate that the next six months before us would be colored by collective efforts, humanitarian schemes and vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, on the 15th of June, the second occurrence of Saturn-Uranus square will be fully effective. This duo usually brings harsh conditions, increased seismic activity, sudden changes in the status-quo in the politics and disruptive consequences all over the world.

The shadow line of this eclipse (see below) will be partially seen from northern Europe and to Eastern European countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the East.

In the European continent, Virgo rises and hence the cross of matter, the axis is held by mutable signs which may show quite changeable conditions and increasing communication and mobility. In the Middle East and the eastern parts of Europe, including Ukraine and Russia, Libra rises. Around these regions, it seems that diplomacy and national concerns of security are much more pronounced. Indeed an angular Mars at the last degree of Cancer (29th degree) might produce much more risky endeavors and proneness to hostile action in these regions. Especially for Tehran, Iran, Mars is seen to be much closer to the midheaven. Meanwhile, Asc happens to be in viacombusta.  See below the eclipse chart for Tehran, Iran.

On the other hand, for Washington DC, the solar eclipse gives Cancer rising hence the luminaries fall into the 12th house which might generate quite unsettling conditions for the entire period. Certain hidden enemies, uncontrollable events, and vulnerabilities would be much more prominent as both Asc and MC in watery signs. Combust Mercury in the 12th house would indicate secret dealings, activities as well as disruptive terrorist activities which might endanger national security. Moreover, the angularity of Mars and its opposition to Pluto further emphasizes an openly hostile environment and threats. See below the solar eclipse chart for Washington, DC.


This text is completed on May 15th, 2021.


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