R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for June 2020


Nebulous times, New Moon in Gemini, 22 May 2020

In our latest report, we indicated that Gemini new moon was about to bring uncertain and precarious conditions. In fact this month represents ambiguous and oftentimes irrational leanings in our actions due to involvement of Mars with Neptune in the lunation charts. Transiting Mars has been quite active during this period as he forms a square aspect with both luminaries. Reinhold Ebertin writes that Mars-Neptune midpoint results in irritability, lack of direction, and weakness. Moreover, as this conjunction happens to be in Pisces its influence would be much more ambiguous and spread collectively. More specifically, Ebertin also notes that Mars-Neptune combination might be related to the danger of infection hence could be quite impairing healthwise.

Having aspected both malefic planets, the new moon in Gemini call us for being disciplined and firm against ongoing unbalanced conditions. In the Far East regions, Mars and Neptune are seen on the horizon, around the ascendant degree, for example around Eastern coasts of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, including Western Australia. These regions might be dealing with events stemming from quite volatile and unsteady conditions. As the transiting lunar nodes are now in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, global politics nowadays is rather becoming more stressful and contradictive around issues of trade and commercial disputes. Amid tense polemics and accusations arising from the spread of Coronavirus in China, these regions seem to be more vulnerable to ongoing disputes. The chart below for Beijing, China which has Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in the 11th house, is likely to produce increasing waves of power politics and recriminations in the global sense. (See below the new moon chart for Beijing, China)

This new moon carries a heavy dose of mutable quality which reflects a major shift of trends but as well as volatility and unpredictability. The presence of Mars which casts a square aspect to the H1new moon can be seen menacing and disrupting but the trine aspect from Saturn might be stabilising though. However, the square aspect is assumed inherently martial and it could be more physically manifesting than trine. Hence the locations where Mars and the lights are angular might be geographies that we need to focus our attention on. 

For example, Mars is seen at the IC for Rome, Italy. (See the new moon chart below for Rome, Italy) Current news of easing of major lockdown in Italy can be quite related to this configuration as while Scorpio rising (conditions still reflects anxiety and caution) Mars is in the 5th house in terms of whole sign houses. As the 5th house is related to pleasure and happy recreational times, this is an interesting combination of the 5th house Mars along with new moon in the 8th house, thus bringing stress and fear-inducing conditions together with 5th house activities. 

Disputes in the seas

However, for Athens, Greece, and even for Ankara, Turkey, Mars will be in the 4th house with a close square aspect to the Asc degree for Athens. Such angular Mars and the presence of Neptune on the IC could indicate natural events deriving from the sea or the landmasses beneath the sea which might be harmful. Another interpretation can be related to a conflict that has already been developing a story between Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece over natural gas exploration in the Mediterranean sea. Interestingly, these potentials would be much higher around the full moon which is strongly accentuated by Mars. (See below the new moon chart for Athens, Greece)

A volatile and dangerous full moon, 5th of June 2020

Since the start of the year 2020, I have been wondering about the potential manifestations of this striking full moon which forms a mutable T-square with Mars and Neptune in the middle of Pisces. Generally, the combination of Mars and Neptune has been seen described as quite notorious and troublesome in astrological texts. Furthermore, Mars’ partile square to the lights could reflect quite an erratic and unstable period which will be followed by a solar eclipse on a cardinal degree in Cancer on the 21st of June, at the very beginning of the summer. From the current standpoint, especially with the ongoing retrograde transit of Venus, international relations between countries are getting more confused and regretting due to lack of political union and necessary cooperation. Indeed such stressful full moon could trigger even more irresponsible and irrational disputes in tackling with our urgent problems.  

For Washington, the USA the full moon chart gives Libra on the ascendant while retrograde Venus is combust in the 9th house. This would potentially present conflicting deadlock position seen from the American administration in their international relations especially with prevailing conditions with China. Moreover, Mars and Neptune conjunction in the 6th house may further signify the escalating problems of coronavirus in the US. (see below the chart for the full moon for Washington)

On the other hand, the same chart for Beijing, China has Taurus another sign ruled by Venus. Through this chart, we could assume that issues relating to economic revenues amid international concerns as well as required cooperation with other nations could be heavily on the agenda of Chinese administration. Saturn which happens to be in the 10th house/Aquarius close to the MC degree as well as Jupiter/Pluto’s proximity to it, might signify an increasing burden in China’s global role and emerging power politics due to escalating tensions. (See below the full moon chart for Beijing, China)

A solar eclipse on the cardinal degree, 21 June 2020

An annular solar eclipse path will sweep through starting from the central Africa to Saudi Arabia, India, and finally to Southern China on 21th of June. (See the eclipse path below) This is the line of activation indeed could have more tangible effects where its eclipse path is visible, suggesting that the entire Eastern half of the world is somewhat under its influence. Although it is a North node eclipse, (Saros no: 4 North) Bernadette Brady indicates that this is a difficult Saros series due to Saturn=New Moon/Uranus midpoint structure at its origin which started in 1389. She writes that this eclipse indicates restrictions, inhibitions, and illusions which indeed are very relevant to what we have been experiencing through lately.

As the eclipse degree happens to be on a cardinal degree its effects would be concerning all humanity at large. Cancer is the sign of the human and its potential whereas Capricorn is seen related to the gods hence to the utmost limits of human civilization. Could this be a severe warning sign to our human civilization ? Let’s hope it would entail us to constructive ends and brand new developments. 

The midpoint structures of this eclipse involve Venus’ relation to Jupiter and Pluton conjunction which eventually will have social and economic impacts. Although the eclipse is not observed directly from America, it shows Uranus rising in Taurus whereas Jupiter and Pluto culminating in Capricorn. This brings to mind that in the second half of the year, certain economic and political implications that stemmed from the coronavirus could be strongly visible from the American point of view. (See the eclipse chart below set for Washington, DC) Stationary direct Venus, being the Asc ruler is seen in the 2nd house, it is also disposed by a retrograde Mercury in Cancer. As Venus has sesquisquare aspects both with Jupiter and Pluto, this would amass together issues regarding massive economic values, international trade, and monetary measures as well as power politics under one main issue, an international war of trade and economic sanctions. 

The solar eclipse chart for China has similar significations, too. For Beijing, China (see the chart below) Libra rises and Venus appears in the 9th house, whereas Saturn is in aspect to Venus, is seen on the IC. We are going to provide further details in our next report. 


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