R. Hakan Kirkoglu – Lunation Report for June 2019

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Gemini New Moon: A New Moon for the curious

Quick acting, mischievous and curious Gemini brings so much action and questioning that no one escapes from his/her bewildering attitude. Gemini represents young spirited, agile and flexible energy and these qualities are even more enhanced at this lunation around. Gemini new moon on the 3rd of June is seen widely squared by Neptune and opposed by Jupiter, which also emphasize the mutable axis. This is a month when Jupiter and Neptune repeat their square aspect second time. They were in aspect in January and they will have their last and the 3rd square in late September. Jupiter-Neptune squares are inspiring as well as delusional and this aspect is well known for wide possibilities of creative dreaming, opening ourselves to subtle realms of knowledge as well as faith we seek. Hence in June, we might expect a heightened atmosphere for stretching our knowledge and understanding life but with a strong warning of being carried away in extremes. This could be a good new moon for writers, poets, dreamers and people working in creative fields. There will be much ado in terms of media in all kinds, broadcasting, transportation, and anything beyond our capacity of understanding, spiritually and materially.  During this period time, Saggy Jupiter will be much more on our agenda with international themes, new discoveries and hot arguments in ideological debates. 

New Moon chart for Washington, DC shows this kind of boiling energy as Gemini rising brings lots of emphasis on journalism, media and battle of wits. (See new moon chart for Washington, below)

There is an increased level of international concern or participation as Jupiter in connection with both angles. This might be very busy and internationally swinging time period and Donald Trump’s eccentricity or erratic behavior could be much more visible as the degree of his Uranus will be on the horizon. Again, Mueller report and its repercussions are expected to keep the agenda on highly contestedmatters.  The T-square of the new moon, and Jupiter/Neptune create higher expectations and not much grounded approach. Moreover, the position of Saturn, as a ruler of MC in Aquarius is not also strong enough to remove this obscures and clouds judgments. Saturn might also indicate certain financial or administrative concerns in the international arena, probably with China and Russia. 

On the other hand, this period could bring extensive discussions and disputes especially with ongoing trade wars between US and other countries. For example, the new moon chart for Beijing, China (See new moon chart for Beijing, below) has Scorpio rising and Mars in Cancer in the 9th house potentially reflects much conservative but combative stance in the international matters. 

Jupiter seems to have a very strong say in this lunation chart. He is angular to the lights and is connected with Moon-Sun/Mercury midpoints, which highlights our thinking models, mind and knowledge. Hence the world at large will be very busy in Science, discoveries and thirst for knowledge. 

For Damascus, Syria we find Jupiter just on the IC which would emphasize the importance of land and security issues. (See new moon chart for Damascus, below) In and around this lunation, the Middle East, especially the border between Turkey and Syria can one of the hot topics in the international area. 

Mercury harmed by Mars and Saturn

Sagittarius full moon on the 17th June has a distinct feature, which Mercury is seen, deeply wounded by Mars and Saturn/Pluto. What is the significance of Mercury under extreme pressure from the malefics ? Actually, the Moon seems to be happily situated in Sagittarius and completed a conjunction with Jupiter. This full moon shows certain ideas, ideologies and beliefs are already expressed and fully put on the table. There is a strong awareness in the realm of what Sagittarius represents: our understanding of life, finding meaning, faith as well as broader knowledge about life and foreigners, foreign places. Having Mercury almost besieged by both of the malefics, the things related with Mercury would suffer from certain adversity or would not give satisfactory results. Ebertin calls this combination (Mercury/Mars=Saturn) as power of concentration but also desire to harm others, separation caused by quarreling. In mundane terms, this would signify events related to major accidents especially in transportation, fires, collapse of buildings but also Communication problems, issues relating to younger persons, students, as well as writers, journalists, teacher, and even astrologers. 

These themes are also reinforced and much more highlighted by the presence of nodal axis in Cancer-Capricorn polarity. So, the polarity would also bring an acute awareness to our feelings of security, national matters and the things related to the past and traditions. (See the ACG map for Indian peninsula, below)

The Indian peninsula especially the central regions are seen directly hit by this opposition. Perhaps this would be a reflection of the fresh consequences of the latest elections. On the other hand, this tense opposition will also be effective throughout North America, bringing Mars on the IC and the Saturn on the Midheaven. Central American states, such as Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas will have Uranus on the Asc as well. These regions might suffer or would be under great stress due to security and safety of the lands as well as administrative problems and Uranus adds certain unforeseeable content or rather tense atmosphere for the entire region. (See the ACG map for North America, and the full moon chart for Oklahoma, below)

Sagittarius full moon also brings Cancer-Capricorn axis on to the horizon line. For Melbourne and the environs, Capricorn rising with Saturn on the horizon, meanwhile Mars is also angular in the 7th house. This configuration might signify certain uneasiness and limitations as well anger and frustration for Australian people. The lunation, which appears on the axis of the 6th/12th houses, indicates that issues relating to health, services and organization would be high on the agenda. The things or events relating to women figures might also suffer as both feminine planets; Moon and Venus are in cadent places. (See the full moon chart for Melbourne, below)


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