R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for July 2022


New Moon in Cancer, 29 June 2022 GMT

The cardinal flux is getting more visible especially after the new moon in Cancer (at 7 22 Cancer) which receives a partile square aspect (superior) from Jupiter in Aries. Indeed, the recent Cancer ingress chart also contains Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the last quarter phase. Jupiter is still fast but will be slowed down in the second half of this month, retrograding on the 28th of June, 2022. The rapidity of these planets (from Mercury to Jupiter) indicates quick actions and urges accelerating our pace of life. This lunation’s close configuration with Jupiter helps us to awaken more self-leadership, much thrust, and motivation. As Mars is still in his diurnal rulership, the early days of July are expected to be quite dynamic, encouraging, and even more arrogant.

This new moon happens to be on a Venus-ruled term degree so it facilitates more gregariousness and social interaction. There is an increasing exchange and alignment of ideas and decisions in the air. Moreover, there will be superior conjunction of Sun and Mercury just after the full moon in Capricorn on the 16th of July. Hence the first half of July indicates many new decisions, realizations, and considerations that will be more visible at the next full moon. As Jupiter is the exaltation ruler of this lunation, there would be an emphasis on leadership, reputation, and military enterprises. However, as Mars enters Taurus on the 5th of July, the warring conditions could be even more bellicose and tenacious which would indicate harm to people. Indeed, Mars will be the exaltation ruler of the next full moon in Capricorn. Hence we could presume that difficult and tense conditions around the half of July.

In Europe, in the region from western Germany to Moscow, Russia, see between the red colored lines of the 10th sign in the ACG map below, from Aries to Taurus, Cancer rises which further emphasizes the dynamic angularity of the new moon. For Berlin, Germany, the new moon appears exactly on the horizon. A defensive attitude and vulnerability are visible, moreover, the cross of matter in water signs (the MC in Pisces) further emphasizes Jupiter in Aries in the 10thhouse which could be more action prone and zealous. On the other hand, the Pluto-Dsc connection is much more prominent for Helsinki, Finland, and Moscow, Russia which would indicate increasing tensions in this region. See below the ACG map for the new moon in Cancer and the new moon chart for Berlin.

Cancer new moon chart for Beijing, China highlights Mercury on the midheaven. China has been living her 1st house Aquarius profection (Saturn is in Virgo in the 8th house) and currently Mars will be the monthly ruler for July. Hence we need to pay attention to the transit of Mars in Taurus which will activate China’s 4th house indicating an emphasis on domestic affairs, things related to the earth, and border security. Since Mars is in the 7th house in the natal chart and the 3rd house in the solar return, the disputed relations with neighboring countries, certain assertiveness, and military themes can come to the fore, especially in this period. There is a tendency for crisis-producing events as Virgo rises in this lunation. See below the new moon chart for Beijing.

Full moon in Capricorn, 13 July 2022, GMT

The full moon on the 13th reminds us to dwell on critical problems and responsibilities as we are in the mid of the year. This is one of the tiring lunations of the year especially after we had a glimpse of Jupiter Aries transit which brought new possibilities and a sense of new beginnings. However, Jupiter is getting slower now and it will be retrograding on the 28th of July. Saturn, the domicile ruler of the full moon, is retrograding too, straddling between the transiting lunar nodes. Things are getting heavier, slower, and becoming more burdensome. Full moons in Capricorn indicate certain problems in the material world, in politics and the economy must be fully acknowledged and a more somber attitude becomes a necessity. Moreover, this full moon has major configurations with all of the outer planets indicating that collective issues must be addressed and confronted with earnestness. The Moon-Pluto conjunction would imply traumatic events, natural or man-made to the people or difficulties in food or basic necessities and sheltering, especially where this conjunction appears around the ascendant. In this regard, western parts of Africa (Ghana, Niger, Algeria Tunisia, Libya), in Europe, Rome, Italy, in eastern Europe, Albania, Serbia, Romania, and western parts of Ukraine, including Lviv, Belarus, and Finland as well seem to be quite vulnerable locations around this lunation. See below the full moon chart for Lviv, Ukraine.

It is possible to presume that war conditions in Ukraine and its repercussions are mostly felt in these regions. As the full moon degree occurs in the Virgo decanate and Virgo dwad, there would be an emphasis on logistics, organizational matters, services, and health matters.

Mercury too seems to play an important role in this lunation as it is fast and in superior conjunction with the Sun. The themes of transportation of certain products, communication, and negotiations, successfully or unsuccessfully would be a prominent topic on our agenda. Saturn’s tense configuration with the nodes could represent inertia, blockages, and supply-side difficulties for social life and people in general.

This Capricorn full moon for Washington, USA shows a chilly and creepy outlook as Mars appears on the Dsc degree while Scorpio rises. Mars is the exaltation ruler of this lunation and currently, it is in a debilitated state, furthermore, it will be conjoining with both the north node and Uranus in the early days of August. The full moon chart (see below) strongly emphasizes problems and collisions overseas and has the potential of engulfing more direct conflicts. Indeed, this would be an extremely provocative development. Indeed, the USA is now in the 7th house profection year and according to the Sibley chart, Mars is located here.

While this lunation chart for Washington brings an emphasis on international affairs, the local space line of Pluto closely crosses over Kyiv, Ukraine. As Mars also rules the 6th house, military matters, and tense confrontations would be quite unsettling and menacing. Likewise, Saturn’s local space line of the full moon chart for London also crosses over near Kyiv. Saturn is situated in the 3rd house, the house of neighbors and communication.

Capricorn full moon for Rome, Italy is quite staggering as the same configuration, Moon’s proximity to the horizon line seems to suggest that the general mood of people and their conditions are quite vulnerable to depression and darkness. Uranus on the IC, MC in Scorpio, and the presence of Mars (which rules the 4th house) might be indicative of sudden problems regarding earth, land, and domestic security issues in this period. See below the lunation chart for Rome, Italy.


This text is completed on 14 June 2022.


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