R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for July 2021


Full moon in Capricorn, 24 June 2021

There is a full moon in the early degrees of Capricorn which is nicely aspected by Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter will have turned retrograde a few days before this lunation. Neptune is also about to retrograding around this time. This full moon appears to bring helpful and more grounded reviews after the eclipse season. Full moons in Capricorn can lead us to think more wisely and deeply which could carry a feeling of melancholia, however, with the help of Jupiter we might successfully tune in our inner life and become aware of the spiritual side of our lives.

In mundane terms, this full moon would bring serious but constructive decisions in administrative matters. It could emphasize humanitarian efforts, mutualization, and economical cooperation. Since Mercury is also in direct motion, certain experiences are now digested and we can be ready to embark on the second part of the year. Indeed, the latest eclipse created a messy and confusing atmosphere due to retrograde Mercury’s square aspect with Neptune. Complex negotiations or nebulous deals, corrupt perception might have resulted in frustration and failures. Now, under this Capricorn full moon, we can address developing issues in a much realistic and direct manner.

In ACG, the Moon/Horizon line is seen via Tunisia, southern Italy, Bosnia Herzegovina, to Serbia, western Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia. In all these regions, the matters about public, conditions of people, and environmental concerns could be much more sensitive to outside changes and could present volatility. The opposing factors or foreign relations would be high on the agenda.

The full moon chart for Roma, Italy shows such sensibility or receptiveness in public matters whether it could be environmental or due to human factors. The chart might signify issues relating to children, immigrants or might be related to security, family, domestic concerns as well as women. The full moon axis falls close to Mercury in Cancer in the 9th house, hence highlighting 3rd/9th house matters in which we find neighboring countries, education, communication, press, and international transactions. Indeed, the recent solar revolution chart also brings a focus to bilateral or international relations, certain emphasis on opposing parties and domestic issues. The full moon chart for Roma, Italy, see below:

The full moon chart for Washington, DC, US seems to be quite striking in terms of diplomacy and domestic policies. The chart has Libra rising and its ruler Venus, just appears on the midheaven, opposed by Pluto on the nadir. This is quite a noteworthy chart as both lights are in angular houses. Here the great emphasis is given both to domestic and international affairs. Libra and angular Venus strongly highlights the importance of foreign policies and new priorities in diplomacy in which the US administration tends to forge stronger Atlantic alliances, especially against Russia and China. However, the Venus-Pluto opposition can indicate a sense of insecurity and intensifying competition as well as a menace against US interests. In the recent G7 and NATO summits, the US appeared to rally countering the increasing influence of China. Hence this lunation might be a time enwrapped with these growing concerns. In the meantime, Pluto at of the cardines might also signify a risk of sinister attacks and more violent happenings which has been more frequent recently. The full moon chart for Washington, DC, US, see below.

This full moon also contains the second Saturn-Uranus square starting from the year. In addition to that highly-strung atmosphere, transiting Mars in Leo joins into the picture. Saturn-Uranus combinations are said to bring tensions, irritability, conflicts, and rebellions, as well as violent natural events. Adding Mars to this combination would be even more dangerous creating obstinate hostilities and provocations. Mars, Saturn, and Uranus will be in angular houses in the Middle East, as well as around Azerbaijan and Armenia. The chart for Baku, Azerbaijan reflects such strong hostilities and violence. The presence of the malefics in the angular places and the lights in decline houses might indicate quite difficult and unsettled times for people in these regions. The full moon chart for Baku, Azerbaijan, see below.

The new moon in Cancer, 10 July 2021

The new moon in Cancer forms aspects with all outer planets particularly is in contact with SA/NE and UR/NE midpoints. Moreover, around this lunation time, we witness Venus and Mars conjunction in fiery Leo. All these significators hint us quite a volatile times, especially Saturn-Uranus square is still an active and energizing factor. The sign of Cancer, in mundane terms, reflects vulnerabilities of human conditions, security and homeland issues as well as national and domestic concerns. In some cases, due to the outer planets’ involvement, we might come across creative but disruptive events. Except for Uranus, all slower moving planets are in retrograde motion in this period. Interestingly, Uranus is seen to be the connecting planet between Saturn and Venus/Mars. So there is a strong desire for artistic creativity, lots of libidinal energy, and hotness. Hence we are having exciting possibilities in terms of performing arts, artists, entertainment, and culture in this period.

However, Saturn’s opposition to Venus/Mars can also be seen as a limiting and restricting factor, perhaps in some cases, due to still present Covid-19 pandemic conditions. Additionally, Venus-Uranus square (Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus) could indicate increasing economic spending patterns which eventually give rise to an increase in inflation and volatility in financial markets. As both Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde motion, there could be a growing need for economic planning and concern to curb rising inflation in major economies.

The new moon chart for Moscow, Russia brings Cancerian sensitivities to the fore as the new moon occurs just on the horizon. In Russia, public concerns and apprehensions would be much more visible due to economic reasons. Having Mars-Saturn opposition in the 2nd/8th houses, and Uranus in the 11th might indicate growing dissatisfaction and irritability. However, the administrative actions would be ignorant or pretty in illusion. (JU-MC-NE) The new moon chart for Moscow, Russia, see below.

Mercury which has been transiting Gemini for a long time due to its recent retrograde motion is seen on the ascendant for Tel Aviv, Israel. The axes of the new moon chart are in mutable signs which facilitates adaptation of new policies and much more flexible conditions. Jupiter close to the midheaven would be much more supporting internationally and could bring more popularity for the new president. However, Mars which is the year lord for the current period is also completing its own return, which could be provocative conditions with neighbors. Indeed, monthly profection Capricorn (in the 7th house of this solar revolution) in July, may indicate that government would be quite busy with opposing/external forces so, there would be a new agenda to renegotiate further peace conditions. The new moon chart for Tel Aviv, Israel, see below.


This text is completed on 15 June 2021.


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