R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for July 2020


A cardinal degree eclipse in Cancer, 21 June 2020

We are right in the middle of another eclipse season and on the date of 21st June 2020, an annular solar eclipse that belongs to Saros N4 (137) series occurred just on the cardinal degree of Cancer. It is expected that this eclipse would bring forward an increasing emphasis on national matters, higher protectionism, and certain defensiveness all over the globe. Bearing in mind that the most recent solar eclipse which occurred on the same degree (0 Cancer on 21st June 2001) was followed by the events of 9/11 in the US, which gave rise to series of military interventions against Al Qaida terrorist groups in Afghanistan and eventual invasion of Iraq by American military forces. This was a period of unprecedented mobilization and patriotic response. 

During this period, especially for the next 6 months, we can expect that national concerns and defensiveness might be once again on our global agenda. This could be well for the reasons for the spread of Coronavirus and due to fears of its likely second wave. Apart from that, many countries are now being pressed to implement more cautious and conservative national policies to each other. 

As it is seen in the figure below, the eclipse shadow crosses over the entire region from central Africa, culminating over India and China, and reaches to the Far East. We wrote earlier that the midpoint structures of this eclipse involve Venus’ relation to Jupiter and Pluton conjunction which eventually will have social and economic impacts. (See below the eclipse’s shadow path)

The solar eclipse chart cast for Washington, DC (see below) shows Jupiter and Pluto conjunction culminating around midheaven (in the 9th house) clearly demonstrating that an enormous show of force and power struggles would take place in the international arena, especially towards China. Indeed, local space lines of this eclipse indicate that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are seen directed to China as seen in the figure below. Moreover, the rising of Uranus on the ascendant for Washington can be a quite symbol of unrest and further unpredictability in many ways. The recent public demonstrations and uproar against racial inequality in the US have also brought rather a sharp reaction in the public consciousness. During this period, especially onwards to the elections in America, transiting Jupiter and Pluto will be in opposition to President Trump’s natal Saturn in Cancer which might be related to the obstacles during his election campaign.

Cardinal degree Cancer eclipse could have a potent effect on the national chart of United Kingdom (1801) as well. The eclipse chart (see below) highlights whole sign 10th/4th houses as well as natal Uranus at the very early degree in Libra. Moreover, The eclipse chart itself gives Leo rising which is closely opposed by Saturn in Aquarius. As the first house usually depicts the conditions of the people and certain fortune (good or bad) of the entire entity, the 12th house position of the lights and the harmful aspect from Saturn to the Asc degree do not bode well for the upcoming months. Saturn could imply the continuation of social restrictions on the public as well as increasing discontent and antagonism. 

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, 5 July 2020

The lunar eclipse on the 5th of July, being the last lunation of this eclipse season, reflects a summary of the changes in the upcoming months. Now Mars hopped in Aries, Saturn retrograded to Capricorn again, here we see an increasing concentration in cardinal signs. We might say that long staying Mars in Aries would represent our struggle to get rid of the imprisoning conditions which we have been living for a certain ti4me. Surely, this cannot be a smooth transition though, bearing in mind the approaching retro motion of Mars from September to November.

Full moons, especially lunar eclipses are considered to be highly emotional and tense harvest times which could result in the release of enormous tension with some conclusive remarks. Hence this Full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn might indicate serious and usually not very satisfactory results in terms of governmental practices, rules, and regulations. 

Around the times of this lunation, Jupiter and Pluton are once again in conjunction, both of them in retrograde motion. Additionally, the lunation happens to be in the term rulership of Jupiter. A marked degree of Jupiter in Capricorn would also indicate troubling realization of deficits and economic losses almost in every aspect of the global economy due to the Korona virus lockdown slump. Jupiter-Pluto conjunction also brings an increasing dose of power politics, rising international contradictions. But, as Uranus has  facilitating aspects with both lights, there could be new solutions and significant breakthroughs in dealing with our current problems.

Lunar Eclipse chart for Washington DC, USA gives great emphasis to urgent matters as Aries rises and the eclipse itself is quite close to the MC in the 10th house. Administrative matters, the issues related to public security are highlighted. The angularity of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn might also be related to the consequences or repercussions of mercilessly killing of George Floyd. (See below the lunation eclipse chart for Washington, DC)

This eclipse chart gives Cancer/Capricorn signs on the Asc/Dsc axis for Western European countries hence the Moon falls in the 7th house. This is especially exact for Madrid, Spain whereas Neptune is close to the Midheaven in Pisces. The angularity of the lights and Neptune might reflect uncertainty in government as well as the public display of discontentment and rising opposition. This may well be related to the new phase of opening up borders with other European countries after lockdown. (See below the lunation eclipse chart for Madrid, Spain)

A frustrating new moon in Cancer, 20 July 2020

This is rather an unfortunate new moon that has a double dose of Saturn in its content. While the Sun is having its yearly Saturn opposition, hence Saturn in retrograde, the new moon also occurs on a degree where Saturn is the term ruler. We may expect hindrances and delays during this period as well as discontent against rules and restrictions. Symbolically, the opposition between Cancer and Capricorn is something like a relationship between men and the gods and the ruling hierarchy. Moreover, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which was very at the center of the recent lunar eclipse in Capricorn, has still some shades over this period. The triple combination of Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn, as we remember from the early days of the year, was quite dark, demanding, and full of restriction and oppression. Unfortunately, the lack of supportive aspects from benefics, this new moon tends to bring vulnerabilities and suffering as well as a certain polarity in human affairs. 

For example, under this new moon, Greece could be under spartan conditions and could suffer in terms of diplomatic relations as Saturn and Pluto hovers on the ascendant degree. This could be due to depressive or restrictive conditions that involve public in general or probable international conflict (militarywise) around security and land as Mars (in the 4th house), the ruler of the MC, has a menacing square to Mercury in the 7th house. (See below Cancer new moon chart for Washington, DC)

The chart for Moscow, Russia as well reflects similar conditions and Pluto seems to be even more pronounced on the Asc. Political and administrative issues might cast a shadow over people’s wellbeing and happiness and certain oppressive conditions might be observed in the second half of July 2020.


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