R. Hakan Kirkoglu – Lunation Report for July 2019


Total Eclipse in Cancer: An eclipse of vulnerabilities

Here we are in an eclipse season again. After a restrictive and repressive eclipse in Capricorn, a North node total eclipse in Cancer seems to provide us with more internal support and care in the second half of the year. 

Eclipses in Cancer tend to produce more protective environment and opportunities to come together around certain feeling and shared vulnerabilities. These eclipses focus us to themes around emotions, domestic matters and our essential necessities. Cancer is also related to women and children, personal properties and need to save and secure our resources. However, during this period we also experience intense contcentration due to Saturn-south node conjunction in the opposite sign of Capricorn. Hence, while we are ready to mobilize ourselves for our basic needs and emotional security, the world at large is in the process of getting rid of old patterns and outmoded restrictions. There could be strong pull back or blocks preventing us to reach our wants which we mentioned above. 

In Europe, the Cancer-Capricorn axis appears over the horizon line putting Capricorn on the Asc, especially for Rome, Italy, and central European countries such as Slovenia, Austria, Warsaw, Poland and Vilnius, Lithuania. Bearing in mind the recent EU parliamentary elections, rising nationalism and far-right policies throughout the Europe,  this period is expected to bring more disputes, conservatism and notable opposition in European politics. (See the Solar eclipse chart for Rome, Italy, below)

The eclipse degree has Sun/Moon/Mercury=Pluto midpoint structure suggesting that certain ideas and speeches would create powerful repercussions and further polemics around internal politics. Also during this period, we might expect new inspirational talks and humanitarian visions but also “talk a lot, do nothing” attiude as Jupiter-Neptune square is closely linked to Mercury in Leo. Indeed, the recent ingress of Mars in Leo is expected to bring much more dramatic expression and contested themes around leadership in the political realm. 

Interestingly, this eclipse degree sharply falls on the MC of the UK 1801 national chart which apparently highlights the ongoing competition for the vacant position after the expected political demise of Theresa May as Prime Minister. The eclipse chart for London has Sag rising with Venus on the Dsc point in Gemini which draws our attention to UK’s ongoing Brexit negotiations with the EU and also far reaching new politics within international stance. (See the Solar eclipse chart for London, UK, below)

The Cancer eclipse chart for Washington, USA strongly highlights WhiteHouse’s occupation in the international arena which has been recently dominated by trade wars with China and rising tensions with Iran. Having Cancer/Capricorn axis in the 3rd/9th houses, along with Mars/Mercury conjunction in the 10th house Leo, there is a strong case making Donald Trump even more edgy and too much outspoken. Since Trump has Leo rising with Mars just on his Asc degree, upcoming period for him seems to be very assertive and resilient in his deeds. (See the Solar eclipse chart for Washington DC, below)

On the other hand, for Tehran, Iran, is a Pisces rising with Jupiter culminating while Neptune is also on the Ascendant. Jupiter-Neptune contact, in this context, would further stress ideological propaganda which, in turn, could result in public demonstrations at large. Jupiter, being the exaltation ruler of the 5th house, can be a sign for heightened national vulnerabilities observed in the international front. (See the Solar eclipse chart for Tehran, Iran, below)

In the East, the Cancer/Capricorn axis falls on to IC/MC in and around Delhi, India. This would be expected to create a new set of policies by the central government especially after the re-election of Modi as a prime minister, who holds now more power than any prime minister before him. Certain dissatisfaction and need for administrative changes might be on the horizon as Saturn/South node conjuncts with the MC along with new starts in the domestic arrangements and reforms towards land and security. (See the Solar eclipse chart for Delhi, India, below)

A Lunar eclipse in Capricorn with Pluto accentuated, Ouch !

On the 16th of July (GMT), there will be a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn which conjuncts with Pluto! Lunar eclipses are prone to bring much visibility to that which they touch upon. Voila! Here Pluto gets a higher presence in our consciousness which might be frightening as well as deeply transforming. However, in mundane terms, Pluto represents tumultuous times and certain discontent for people and public at large, especially when the Moon in her detriment. For the period between 16 July and 1 August, cataclysmic events would be very harmful and distressing. Evidently, this lunar eclipse also brings further emphasis to current Saturn/South node conjunction which necessitates purgation and release of the older and obsolote structures. In this regard, this period of time could be expected to be very cruel and repressive for certain leaders and administrative figures, stately matters and hierarchical institutions, and also businesses at large. 

For both Ankara and Istanbul, this lunar eclipse would be very critical for both public and administration as Pluto and Saturn conjuncts with MC, respectively. (See the lunar eclipse chart for Istanbul, below)

The chart suggests that the ongoing conditions in Istanbul and in Turkey would bring severe conditions or restrictions to administrial processes and dissatisfaction for people. On the other hand, while Uranus rising in Taurus, fragility in the economic prospects could be further highlighted and sudden financial shocks can be on the agenda. 

As the lunar eclipse chart shows a partile opposition and harm to Venus in Cancer, it is understood that things related to people’s happiness, issues related to women, home or security needs can also be undermined as both female figures, Moon and Venus are being seen in harmful conditions. 

Angularity of Saturn/Pluto could also be felt in Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, down to Egypt and Sudan. 

Furthermore, this lunar eclipse chart also gives same natal angle degrees of the USA Sibley chart, when erected for Washington, DC. While Jupiter rising in Sag, the lunar eclipse falls on to Mercury-Pluto opposition in the natal chart for USA. During this period of time, financial concerns and stressful conditions can have a triggering effect for American Corporations and for the entire economic performance in general. Indeed retrograde Mercury would entail a risk for things related to commerce and for over all transactions. Retrograde Mercury will also be hovering on USA’s natal Mercury in the end of July, 2019. (See the lunar eclipse chart for Washington DC, below)


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