R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2022


New Moon in Capricorn, 2 January 2022 GMT

Right from the start, the new year comes with a new moon which purports changes in big structures, high and governmental offices as it makes a waning trine aspect with Uranus. It is interesting to note that this lunation also highlights the degree of the last Saturn-Neptune conjunction which occurred three times in 1989 around 10-11 degrees of Capricorn. At that time, we had witnessed the dissolution of boundaries and big structures like the coming down of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Usually, the lunations in Capricorn might signify changes in authority figures, governments as well as large industries and monopolies.

In the first half of January, such changes could be quite unsettling and stressful as the new moon degree also combines with MA/UR and MA/SA midpoints. We can say that the repercussions of the third and the last square between Saturn and Uranus is still active as it is activated by Mars in the middle of Sagittarius. During this course of time, Mars also appears as a directive planet which is rising before the Sun, thus evoking his power enormously.

In addition that, now Jupiter ingressed into Pisces and forming a T-square with the lunar nodes which has been still in the Gemini-Sag axis until January 18, 2022. Jupiter at the South bending can indicate strong ups and downs and excitement in our mindset, mentalities, and philosophical, religious, or political outlook bringing some unsettling waves in social terms.

Throughout Europe, the sign of Leo is rising at the lunation hence bringing the lights into the 6th house of services, health, and employment. The spread of the new variant Omicron has already resulted in new measures and restrictions in many European countries. For London UK, Saturn (the ruler of this lunation) appears just on the Dsc point, and being the ruler of the 6th house it can signify further problems in public life. For Rome, Italy, Uranus is also seen around the midheaven which would indicate stressful and sudden developments in politics. The current Italian president Sergio Matarella is about the leave the office in February and there has been increasing uncertainty about who is going to replace his position. See the lunation chart for both London and Rome, below.

As for the rising tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine, the lunation for Kyiv shows Jupiter on the Dsc point at the Southern lunar bending. Jupiter also rules the 4th house of land and security but Mars also appears in that critical house which might symbolize further martial events and unsettling conditions which could trigger events in the international arena. The same configuration of Jupiter becomes even more angular for Moscow, Russia as the MC moves into the first degree of Gemini.

For New Delhi, India, Capricorn new moon emphasize certain events in domestic affairs, events relating to land and security. The MC in Cancer and the lunation in the 4th house might indicate problems of farmers due to the events of nature, increasing risk of Omicron spread as well as the use of religion in the politics. The lunar nodes in the 3rd/9th houses also form a square aspect with Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th house. See below the lunation chart for New Delhi, India.

Full Moon in Cancer, 17 January 2022 GMT

The full moon in Cancer on the 17th of January brings a great deal of sensitivity to the matters of national concerns, borders, defence and security issues as Pluto is directly involved with the lights. Venus is still retrograding in Capricorn until the 29th of January and Mars will be out of bounds up until the first week of February. When Venus does not function well and Mars becomes erratic and uncontrollable, things get more explosive and menacing. If you add Pluto into this picture, we might assume a greater propensity for conflicts and powerful adversaries. Such a lunation that has been afflicted by Pluto under these astrological indicators could give rise to disruptive results and atrocities or ignite security problems in the world.

Indeed, the lunation charts of this full moon for Washington, USA, Moscow, Russia strongly highlights Uranus and its stressful aspect with Saturn on the cardinal places. For Washington, DC Uranus hovers around the MC, and Saturn is closely situated on the Dsc along with retrograde Mercury in Aquarius. SU/MC midpoint (18 49 Pisces) for Washington DC is quite close to Neptune in the 8th house and it would indicate certain confusion amid outside influences due to planetary build-up in the 6th and the 7th houses. This period seems to present not easy conditions for the USA administration. Currently, the USA is under Scorpio/12th house monthly profection and natal Mars is in the 7th house whereas 2021-22 solar return chart of USA has Mars also in the 7th house which is opposed by Saturn. These astrological indicators create higher risks of conflict and disagreement. Moreover, the natal Pluto of the USA has also been activated at this full moon.

On the other hand, the full moon charts for Moscow and Kyiv, Ukraine has Scorpio rising and Uranus is just on the Dsc which could represent dangerous and unsettling conditions triggering crisis and instability. As the full moon occupies the 3rd and the 9th houses, the potential conflicts would indicate growing concerns in the area of shared borders and neighbors. For example, the full moon chart for Ankara carries similar conditions. See below the full moon charts for the USA and Russia.

On the other hand, the full moon charts for London and Paris are also quite striking as they happen closely around the IC/MC axis. Libra rising in these charts could reflect events relating to diplomacy, bargaining, conflicts, and land security as retrograding Venus is in the 4th house. The culminating Moon seems to be a fragile period for the public. See the full moon chart for London, UK.


This text is completed on 14 December 2021.


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