R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2021


Much emphasis on diplomacy and vulnerabilities

The full moon in Cancer, 30 December 2020

The full moon in Cancer is expected to bring out our vulnerabilities and worries especially in relationships as the full moon degree occurs in a Venus ruled term degree, as well as Libra dwad of Cancer. The first two weeks of the new year emphasizes mutual expectations and new dreams or illusions after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The full moons are times of reaping results and observation in every sense. However, Venus in this period appears to be quite confused and hindred as she is conjunct with south node and receiving a square from Neptune. Indeed, the planetary picture of VE/NEP=JU might signify unreal or untrusthworthy attitudes although it indicates comforting or alluring results. When this report was being written, The UK’s Brexit trade deal with the EU members has been still hanged and postponned to another date. The Cancer full moon chart for London, (see below) UK reveals these surrounding conditions. 

Here we find the full moon occurring in the 3rd/9th houses indicating a necessity of arriving at a decision with neighboring countries which would also impact the UK’s international concerns. It is interesting to note that during this full moon, Mercury which is in conjunct with the Sun is also at the lowest declination, e.g. in out of bound. Furthermore, the Moon is at her maximum declination. This combination and the furthest south declination of the Mercury could imply certain deterioration and unsatisfied results of these negotiations. On the other hand, Scorpio ascendant and Uranus’ aspect with the full moon might accelerate this imminent divorce. 

Hence around this full moon, we are much aware of ongoing changes, alteration of existing structures, and need to speak out our differences in a more open and serious manner.

The full moon for Brasilia, Brazil also seems to be crucial as it is closely connected with the meridian line. (see the chart below) Culminating full moon can describe a potential situation in which people have a strong position to speak out their wants about goverment or certain administrative change which involves people’s conditions. Meanwhile, Libra ascendant and Venus in the 3rd house, might also indicate confusing relations with neighboring countries or blurred developments in the press, education, and general communications.  

The same full moon chart for Tehran, Iran brings Mars to an angular position. (See chart below) Meanwhile, the full moon also occurs around the horizon. While Capricorn rising (the 6th house in Iran’s national chart), the full moon itself happens to be in the 12th house in the national chart. The strong angularity of Mars, in the 4th house, can signify domestic safety concerns and hidden enmity, as well as underground operations as Pluto in the 1st house, is in close connection with Mars. Furthermore, Neptune in the 3rd house which is also at the nodal bendings might cast deceptive lines of communications with bordering countries as well as a hidden agenda on the international front. 

For Islamabad, Pakistan, the aspect between Mars and Pluto becomes much more prominent as Pluto happens to be on the Asc degree. At the same time, Mars rules the MC. (Scorpio)

Strikingly, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction falls on the midheaven at the full moon chart for Sydney, Australia. (See chart below) Meanwhile Mars on the Ascendant forms a paran relationship with this conjunction. The angularity of most of the planets indicates a quite busy period in terms of administration as well as public safety. The presence of Mars might signify many things, such as an acute problem or dangerous risk involving people, martial events concerning nature, such as fires or explosions, or maybe events that provide certain aggression in diplomacy. However, in the meantime, a new administrative policy or parliamentary act would be on the agenda.

Deep Capricorn New Moon, 13 January 2021

The new moon in Capricorn in 2021 has a strong focus on plutonic matters and contains plenty of dynamic aspects. In the middle of the winter in the Northern hemisphere, this could be a time of quite a deep introspection as well as embarking on challenging tasks. As new moons are seeds in time, new moon Pluto conjunction can bring single-minded actions, certain critical decisions as well do or die kind of situations. The term ruler of the new moon degree which is Saturn does not help either. A harsh atmosphere is felt everywhere and this new moon would bring heavy tasks, especially in the governmental issues and in politics and where structures are involved. 

During this course of time, Mars will have ingressed into Taurus after his long and tedious transit in Aries on the 7th of January. Venus too will be transiting Capricorn starting from the 8th. There is an apparent interest and effort in earthly matters whether they are financial or administrative/Corporate matters. Around the new moon, the Mars-Uranus combination is in a hard aspect with the triple conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This dynamic outlook represents an urgent take on new responsibilities which include fresh and exciting endeavors. However, Saturn’s superior square to Mars/Uranus combo might also add quite a limitation and frustration into the atmosphere. 

Indeed, newly elected President Joe Biden will have sworn under this tiresome Capricorn new moon. This new moon chart (see below) for Washington, DC shows Libra rising with a heavy preponderance of the 4th house Capricorn themes. The 4th house entails both endings and beginnings. The homeland, country and domestic affairs are in this domain. Hence, Capricorn new moon is supposed to bring a much more serious and responsible aura for the new American administration. In the meantime, the square aspects between the planets in the 5th and the 8th, certainly pose some other states of the necessity for financial markets as well as banks and the value of the US dollar. Please also note that this new moon which is fully loaded with Plutonic themes is quite close to natal Pluto in the US chart. I think we might say that this presidency is also the beginning of the Pluto return of the USA which will be effective in the next couple of years. 

Another configuration that needs to be explained in this lunation is Mars/Saturn=Neptune midpoint structure. Ebertin writes that this is a picture of weak vitality, waning powers, insufficiency and grave loss (a mysterious death). Such outlook and themes could come into play where these planets are more prominent in angular places in the world. It is interesting to note that Neptune is currently transiting Biden’s IC/MC axis which might indicate uncertainty, certain sacrifice, and confusion regarding one’s plans and direction in life. 

Capricorn new moon’s Plutonic undertone is also visible for Hong Kong, China where pro-democracy movements have been under heavy pressure. The new security laws bring tighter controls and the proximity of Mars/Uranus to the Asc might be a reflection of these prevailing unsettled conditions. (see chart below)

Lastly, Mars/Uranus conjunction falls around the IC for Izmir, Turkey which has been recently severely hit by a major earthquake in the Aegean sea. Let’s hope no more major seismic activity in this region. 


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